Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Hiatus: Chapter 2

1. How are you feeling today?

Past Tense: To be disturbed greatly; made uneasy or anxious.

2. What did you do today?

Woke up at 7.15A, but got out of bed around 8A. Made an Emergency Appt. with my Primary Physician and was seen today. Talked with my brother before being seen by my doctor. Ran into a friend and her daughter in Center City. Made Dinner and was cutting up with the family. And texting fun with Lil Sis.

3. What are your Thoughts and Emotions today?

Just Close Your Eyes, With Lyrics by Story Of The Year

Well, I was perturbed today because of my Emergency Appt. with my Primary Physician Dr. Mignott. He had confirmed what I already knew; that I had an Ear Infection. He gave me Amoxicillin , which worked QUICKLY! THANK GOD for Docs, right? They give you the GOOD SHIT!!! We were happy to see each other and he was even happier to hear that I received my 2nd Kidney Transplant and doing very well. I find it odd that I get an Ear Infection right after Dr. Bloom, my Transplant Doc, pulled me off the Antiviral Meds 2 weeks ago...

Day 2 off the Internet was a very Interesting Day. It makes you recall conversations and discussions in which you had with friends. One conversation that stood out in my mind was one that I had with a Dear Friend about Labeling individuals in our Lives and why we do that. I heard and Listened to her Argument, which was Very Valid beyond a shadow of doubt. I have my Rebuttal ready, and may put this topic into perspective. Once again, I'll be as Philosophical as possible AND I'll equate everything to the one thing that my Best Friend/Brother says describes my Recalling Ability...


The way I see things in this World, Everything and everyone that we interact with I see are Spices. We can all agree that Variety is the Spice of Life, and we are the Main Course on our Menu. The Life we Live is our Spice Rack and it is stocked with the Spices we encounter every day. This includes, in where it is not limited:

Lovers, BF, GF, Husband, Wife
Former Friends, Exes, Lovers

These particular Spices can either make Us (the Main Course) better or worse, depending on their level of involvement.

I feel that Labels are necessary so we know who is who on our Spice Rack. We have the Good Spices, just like we have and/or had the Bad Spices. It is all of those Spices that help influence Us to be a Better Dish for when the time arises for us to be the Featured Dish on the Menu. Why Spoil your Quality with Bad Spices, where there are Perfectly Good Spices that are on our Spice Rack that are capable of making us all the more Appetizing to stimulated eyes? The 5-Star Restaurant in which we live on has nothing but the Absolute Best to offer as far as Main Courses.

This all ties to being a Better Quality of Person by having the right influences in our Lives. Some people feel that they need to have the Bad Influences in their Life (Exes, or in this particular scenario, "X" Spices[as in bad tasting as well as poisonous]) and the end result is said Main Course being perceived as a particular Label to many others (Weak, Sorry, Easy, Lame, Uninspired, etc.) which are all unfair to the masses in said Restaurant. And it'll be those masses that'll pass an unfair judgment on you without even attempting to get to know you as a Person, an individual with Phenomenal Quality and bursting with Potential (which will ALWAYS be Your Flavor).

We (Label, via Distinguishment) NEED Labels so that we (Label, via Distinguishment) can Distinguish those individuals (Label, via Distunguishment) and know who they (Label, via Distinguishment) are and what they (Label, via Distinguishment) do/did during their (Label, via Distinguishment) tenure in our (Label, via Distinguishment) Life. I (Label, via Self Identification) call my Dear Friend (Label, via Distinguishment) my Dear Friend because she (Label, via Sexual Orientation) is near and dear to my Heart and there is no wrong that she (Label, via Sexual Orientation) can do to, near, far and around me (Label, via Self Identification). My Best Friend (Label, via Distinguishment) is that because he (Label, via Sexual Orientation) is one of a Very Elite Few (Label, via Distinguishment) that has shown me (Label, via Self Identification) who he (You get my drift...) has proven himself to be time after time.

He is called my Best Friend because he is Consistent in being there for me when I Need him the most for Moral, Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Support. Just as I have Dear Friends, Close Friends and Good Friends, they are labeled as such for their own Special and Specific Reason. I label because I would like to know where everyone stands in my Life as well as their Status and Stature in said Life.

I would Love nothing more than to have My ABSOLUTE BEST Spices in the Spotlight, just as much as the Main Course.

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