Friday, December 31, 2010

My 2010 in Review (Closing Out The First Decade Of The New Millennium)

2010 was a year that went fairly expeditiously. There was a lot that happened, so let's get into it!

Highlights for 2010 is headlined with my meeting my nephew Noah for the very first time at his Christening, for I was invited by my Little Sister Latoya and her Fiancée Marvin. When I held his little body, I was HUMBLED!! Looking at him and feeling him breathe, seeing him smile and hear him cry makes me feel the Paternal Instincts kick into Overdrive. I look forward to seeing more of him!

Another Highlight Includes the Following People:


Without these above Friends, my Full Potential would have NEVER been realized if I didn't take that fateful trip to NY the weekend of March 19, 2010. Hearing Joy do her poetry at the Erotic Poetry Night, and at The Shrine where I met Synchronized Rhythm and sat with Kali as we all enjoyed the show, caused me to write my Signature Poem, "Transforming Us" in a record 30 minutes!! I also had the pleasure of tasting Danielle's baked goods, which caused me to hug her at the end of that particular night. She sure knows her sweets!! I have been to NY almost every month during the Summer, to see my friends and enjoy the shows that Chante and Caprice of Synchronized Rhythm had put together. And I Thank Caprice and Chante both for blessing me with the opportunity to open N'Tirzah's Performance Night with "Liquid Lyricals" at The Shrine; My very first poetic performance in 13 years! This happened during my trip in June after an infection that nearly stopped me from making the trip. I got reacquainted with Dennis, with whom I have met briefly in March, where he told me about his Poetic Group, Area 25. I was accepted quickly and warmly into the group. The Challenges that were placed in front of Area 25 pushed my Poetic Limits the likes I have NEVER had them pushed before, and rebirthed the Inspiration and Drive that was buried many years ago.


AND, as an Added Bonus, I have started a Series entitled "Red Heels Recess," inspired by a Fetish Challenge in the Area 25 Group. And seeing how it was so well received by not only the Group, but by the People of FaceBook as well, Caprice had one request:

"Keep Writing!"

I am already formulating MANY more Chapters as we speak (Thank you for closing out Chapter 5 for me, Whimsy!)

Low Lights of this year were very rough...:

The Deaths of My Cousin, My Grandmother and My Great Great Aunt; August, September and October, respectively. I can only pray that they are doing fine Spiritually, and are guiding the Younger Generations into our Futures.

Another Low for me this year was my Hospitalization in June, the same week that I was to go to NY in support of my friends. I felt that I nearly let everyone down by catching a Common Infection (NO ONE can tell me otherwise, and attempting to convince me of the opposite would be unwise; Taking Ownership for my discretions is how I see this, as well as helping in my Self Growth). I knew to be careful, but wasn't, and I paid for it as well as took responsibility.

Thankfully, I am wiser and stronger because of this.

What did I learn this year? Travelling IS FUN!!! NYC did wonders for my Complexion, as did my Kidney Transplant. To get out of Philly and have fun was the Best thing I have ever done! I learned that there is more to this Country than my own city. When I had the Meet and Greet this year, I was hoping that a few people would have caught on to that.

2 did. And DAMN Thankful!!

If you didn't like my saying that, Tough. Deal with it.

I also learned that there are VERY FEW people deserving of a Second Chance, especially after saying some fucked up shit in the Past. I learned that Forgiveness MUST be sought within yourself. For me personally, I NEVER Forget, esp. when someone says something so Horrid, that it scars your Spirit. There are about 6 people that did that. Certain ones got a pass by way of Atonement and Redemption.

My Advice for those few that received a Second Chance: DO NOT Fail Yourself on this Second Chance that you were fortunate to receive from me. You will not get a third.

While I was speaking with my Dad as I was doing dishes while listening to WDAS with Patty Jackson, I came to the realization that we are closing out a Decade.

Yet, this isn't just Another Decade: This is the First Decade of the New Millennium.

The first 10 Years of the 2000 Series was one where I learned a lot:

Love and Loss
Loss and Pain
Friends and Family
Motives, Inspirations, and Opportunities

I can go all day with this, but I'll keep it short.

Basically, what I have learned during these First Ten is this: Adversity doesn't build Character. It SHOWS your Character. And from all the Adversity that I have experienced as well as others Adversities that I have witnessed in the past 10 years, tells me that the people that are in My Life currently, ARE the ones I wish to have for the next 10 years.

Those that have stood by my side as I have stood by theirs from 2000-2010, I am VERY ecstatic to have you, no matter the tenure and/or the Circumstances. I could have been 2 years, it could have predated the New Millennium. Whether for a "Reason," or a "Season," you served a purpose in my Personal Growth. Whatever the case may be as it pertains to you individually, I have two words:

Thank You.

Thank You for being strong. Thank You for being who you are to Me AND Yourself. Thank You for being Consistent. Thank You for teaching me so much during the First Ten of the New Millennium. And Thank You for accepting me in Your Life.

In closing, I am going to share a quote that I came up with earlier this year. And seeing that you, The People, are a Sharp Bunch, you will understand what I am saying:

"Those That Fear Success, Fail. Those That Fear Failure, Succeed."

Happy New Year, and I Love You All!!!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

5 Secrets To Making Him Love You, By Jerusha Stewart

Before I went to bed last night, I checked my email, just to make sure that I didn't miss any bonuses from the games that I play on FaceBook. After I did that, I looked at the Yahoo Main Page, and there was an article was the Center Piece at the time. So I clicked the link, and it took me to Yahoo's Relationships Section; " on Yahoo." So I read the article, and slept on what I Wanted to Say AND Needed to Say.

So when I woke up and took my 100 Degree Shower this morning, I was writing the blog while the water was tapping on my head (Liquid Lyricals).

So, what I am going to do, is Copy the Blog/Article, and I'll give my response at the end.

5 Secrets To Making Him Love You

By Jerusha Stewart

Know a woman who always seems to be in perfect sync with the guy she is dating — they laugh at each other’s jokes, are considerate of one another’s feelings, and are devotedly in love (and best friends to boot)? Well, the reason this gal’s so lucky in love is pretty simple: It’s because she treats her guy right, and he can’t get enough of her company. Now, when I say she “treats her guy right,” what do I mean? She treats him like a friend, giving him the same five-star support, understanding, and (yes) slack we automatically extend to our girlfriends. If you want to reap the same benefits in your own love life, try some of these tips, and, trust me, you’ll notice a difference.

1. Share an activity
For women, it’s second nature to invite their girlfriends along for a shopping spree, yoga class, spa day, you name it. But activity-based bonding shouldn’t be relegated to females only. Guys love jawing over a shared pursuit, and while he might not be up for a mani/pedi (nor you for a day spent watching basketball), there are plenty of other options. Becoming gym buddies is a no-brainer (and can serve as that extra kick-in-the-butt you need to go more often!), or if you two usually dine out on a Saturday night, consider delving into a cook book and taking a crack at a recipe that’s a bit of a challenge, like duck terrine with glazed shallots. Whether it turns out terrific or so odd that you end up ordering takeout, the fact that you’ve worked toward a common goal together builds team spirit. And by investing in a history of shared experiences with your partner in crime, you’ll increase the things you have in common and experience a deeper bond.

2. Cheer him on
Women take great pains to make their girlfriends feel great about themselves, showering them with ego-boosters like, “You look amazing; that is the best color on you” or “Of course, you should email that guy — he’d be lucky to have you!” And while we might think the world of the men we date and even brag about them to our friends and family members, telling him these things doesn’t always occur to us. Maybe it’s because we assume guys possess impenetrable egos — but the truth is, they can be just as insecure as your female friends and would probably appreciate a compliment now and then. So, if he just got a promotion at work, toast him at dinner and tell him exactly why he deserved it. Or try a simple off-the-cuff statement, such as: “You look so good in that shirt — it really brings out the color in your eyes.” Don’t be surprised if he suddenly seems to be around a whole lot more often, basking in your presence.

3. Let him be himself
Most women find it hard to love guys just the way they are. We want to change their hair, their clothes, their job, and sometimes even their friends to fit our ideal. With our own pals, we’re more accepting of their differences; we can actually be proud to have a technology nerd, yoga snob or fashion slave as part of our collection of confidantes. Ruthanna Hall, a sales associate in New York, has learned to relax and appreciate distinctly male behaviors (with great results) in her own relationship. “When we go out, I might feel more like a cool lounge uptown, but then all he’ll want is a round of darts at the neighborhood dive,” she explains. Rather than sulk all evening about his lack of class, she’ll focus in on the funny conversation they’re having. “Sure, most guys do things that cause girls to go ‘uggghhh!’ But that’s just the way they are,” she says. “Why not get on with it and have fun?”

4. Tell him what you think
We don’t expect our best friends to always know what we’re thinking. In fact, we actually enjoy swapping our thoughts, hopes, and fears — that’s most of the fun! But why, then, are we so disappointed when our boyfriends don’t exhibit mind-reading tendencies 24/7? We’ve all been guilty of harboring romantic notions like, “If he’s been listening to me, he’ll know exactly where to take me for dinner on Valentine’s Day” or “If he were truly paying attention right now, he’d know I’m freaking out about this virus on my computer and offer to come over and help.” But trust me, you’ll save yourself a lot of disappointment by just telling him where you want to dine out on Valentine’s Day, or by asking him to come over with his anti-virus software. After all, it’s common knowledge that two heads are better than one, so just because you’ve decided he’s The One, don’t go mum and add major guesswork to your communications.

5. Give him his space
Sometimes, girlfriends just go MIA for awhile. They get so busy at work that they don’t return your emails. Do we give them flack for it? Nothing serious. But for some reason, the rules change for guys: We rail on them for not promptly returning phone calls, take offense if they want a guy’s night out. But remember, achieving a balance between “me” time and “we” time will make the time you do spend together even better. Bridget Cunningham found her relationship got so much mellower once she stopped stressing about where her boyfriend was every hour. “I don’t hold it against him when he wants to have his own time,” she says. “You don’t cut your friends off when they do things with other people, so why shouldn’t it be the same with the person you love? Meanwhile I’m free to go running off with my girlfriend and blab about girl stuff. We meet afterwards for coffee, and we’re both feeling refreshed and fulfilled by spending time apart…and that much happier to be spending time together again.”

Jerusha Stewart, a.k.a. The Last Single Girl in the World, reveals how to be singularly sensational in her book, The Single Girl’s Manifesta.

Article courtesy of Happen magazine,


What I'm going to do as I do this, is go through each point, and give my opinion on it. TRUST ME: Hearing it from a Man WILL Drive this Home for a Good Number of You All.

Point #1: "Share An Activity"

This here, is the ABSOLUTE BEST thing that ANY Young Woman could do for a Guy. The last I checked, if a Relationship is one sided, it is GUARANTEED to Fail, unless one party is comfortable being a Door Mat and Submissive (That shit DOES NOT Fly with me. I have the NEED to Butt Heads in a Relationship!). Do something that HE WANTS TO DO. Believe me, it's like Green Eggs and Ham; Try It, you might like, or dare I say, Love It. He'll even look at you in a Light unlike no other; seeing that you took an interest in an activity that he wants to partake, has "I Love You" written ALL OVER IT!

*On a Personal Note: I play "Yu-Gi-Oh!". There were only 2 people in my Life that actually learned the game, JUST to be closer to me. They both got a Passing Grade in "Andrew Economics" for doing that one "Small Thing" to them, that turned into the Biggest Deal for me. And I am Eternally Thankful for their doing so.*

Point #2: "Cheer Him On"

I LOVE Ms. Stewart for Telling this one!! Simply put: We Men DO have Egoes. But if we do not have it refilled from time to time like a Gas Tank in a Hummer, we do get emotionally depleted, lose ourselves, and we wind up doing DUMB SHIT.

Translation: Build Him Up, NOT Tear Him Down.

If I need to paint the picture for you some more, call my Cell Phone 267.972.7530

Point #3: "Let Him Be Himself"

Question: WHY are you trying to change us into what you WANT us to be? Even Better Question: Why turn us into something that we are not? And when you do, you only wind up discarding us because we are NOT the same person that you were attracted to initially!

This is where A LOT OF WOMEN get it FUCKED UP!!!

We are, WHO WE ARE! My Dad and I have this talk at least 3 times a week: When a person reaches 25, they are considered the "Finished Product"; What you see, is what you get UNLESS a Major Traumatic Event occurs, and creates a change in personality and persona. I consider Point #3 an Issue that you CAN work with, provided that you are WILLING to work with it (Scary Concept, huh? :-/ ).

Simply put: If you don't like how your guy reads the Newspaper while being upside down and dangling in the hallway and drinking tea while saying each and every word aloud, look at it from his Point of View. It may very well be calming and soothing for him. It is the little quirks in a relationship that keeps it going!


Point #4: "Tell Him What You Think"

I have been waiting for this point THE WHOLE WRITE!!!

This one holds so much Sentimental Value because I have been telling this to EVERY WOMAN I KNOW. And I said it in the simplest form:

"Asking us to Read Your Mind is like us Asking You to Fly. It IS Impossible!!"

Look, Ladies: For us Men, Nothing, AND DREW MEANS NOTHING!! is More Sexier than a woman that can tell us ANYTHING. I have a few female friends that tell me things that I do not care to hear, but I LOVE THEM for saying it. It is the Simple Fact that they are Comfortable in themselves and their being that they can open their mouths and say what needs to be said to keep the day and conversation going, AS WELL AS get their point across. It also Eliminates A LOT of Guess Work for us Guys. I'm going to go there and say that a few female friends of mine tell me that they are eating AND they talk while in between bites!

I LOVE THAT!!! Smacking and All!

What may be unrefined to many, is a Turn On for me!

Listen well, ladies. For me PERSONALLY, Point #4 is what I love to call "The Direct Approach" Technique.

Layman's Terms: TELL ME!!!

The SEXIEST THING a Young Lady can do for me is answer one 6-worded Question:

"What do you think of me?"

EASIEST QUESTION IN THE WORLD!! Sadly, the Easiest question in the World, tends to become the most complicated because people don't care to answer it for whatever reason they have (Expectation of us to know what is on your Mind is the Header).

"Game Playing" is reserved for those that are ready to play with a PlayStation, XBOX, PSP, Nintendo DSi, Nintendo Wii, FaceBook Games, etc. If you want to try to game me and say, "You know how I feel about you," I am OUT!!! I don't have time for that shit.

Really Real, Ladies? You WILL lose the Guy that you have had your eye on Faster than he started showing interest you if you cannot (REFUSE, is more like it) answer that EASY QUESTION.

"What Do You Think Of Me?" IS Answerable. Just ANSWER IT!! You'll be surprised, even if it is an answer that will hurt us, we WILL Respect You.

Honestly, I Respect women that are 100% with me; For your Mental Well-Being, Don't toy, let alone, mess over a Guy that is worth the time and effort to get to know, which could translate into being by YOUR SIDE for a Very Long Time.

Point #5: "Give Him His Space"

Once again, I LOVE Ms. Stewart for saying this!!

Ladies, We LOVE being around you, and NOT Just for the Sex. We love your scent, your eyes, your hair, the way you snort when you laugh, the tapping you do with you nails on our arm, ALL OF THAT!! There are some times and days that we want to be left alone, especially us Black Men.

It is called "Black Man Thinking Time" for a reason; it is a Requirement, MANDATED even, that we get this important time so we can Decompress and Evaluate. If my GF or Wife that can do that for me, I will clip her nails, file them down, clean the dirt from under them AND Paint them for a month!! I just ask that you PLEASE, Leave Me Alone with my thoughts and let me do something by myself. Nothing More, Nothing Less.

And when I say that, it doesn't mean that I am Cheating or doing something that I am not supposed to be doing. I just need some space, so I can Gather my Mind and enjoy you that much more when I do see you again.

And the Old Adage that has been preached for years, DOES Apply here: "Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder." Try It and TRUST ME.

I enjoyed this Blog/Article, and this young lady knew what she was talking about. It doesn't hurt to learn something about us Men, and this young lady figured out (or was told) a few parts to the Man Code that we ARE Willing to Share. Heed her Words and mine, and your Relationship with your Significant Other WILL Flourish!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

U.S. Pays For Kidney, Not for Upkeep: Policy Saves Life, Then Risks It (Written October 14, 2009)

This is an article my dad read this past Sunday in the Inquirer. He showed it to me and made me get into the writing mood. Please read the article, and I will write my opinion and thoughts afterwards.

Posted on Sun, Oct. 4, 2009

Policy Saves Life, Then Risks It

By Monica Yant Kinney, Inquirer Columnist

In 2003, Leonard Porter received a kidney transplant. After he recovered, he felt so good he resumed a grueling job in construction.

"With a healthy kidney," recalled Porter, 40, of West Philadelphia, "I got my life back."

But maintaining that quality of life hinged on taking medication that tricks Porter's body into thinking his brother's kidney is his own. Those two antirejection drugs can run $3,000 a month.

Medicare picked up 80 percent of the cost, but only for three years.

Porter swallowed his last pill in June, wept, and waited. Last weekend, feeling fatigued and bloated, the once-robust bricklayer checked into a hospital.

Porter's perfect kidney was failing, thanks to a health-care system that conspired against him.

"I can't believe they'd give me a kidney and not help me keep it," he said, angrily. "What's the point?"

Porter's doctor asks the same question every day, especially as politicians rail against a public health-care option.

"When you transplant a patient, you adopt them," explained Serban Constantinescu, a nephrologist at Temple University Hospital. "When you adopt someone, don't you have a moral obligation to cover their medication?"

Institutionalized idiocy
The government got into the kidney business in the 1970s after Congress decided that Medicare would cover end-stage renal disease regardless of age or income.

"We have this funny version of national health insurance - if you have this one condition," said Robert Field, a Drexel University professor of law and public health.

But what's funny about a system that forks over $100,000 for a kidney transplant, then sticks recipients with a $36,000 annual prescription bill? When the organ fails because a patient stops taking medication he can't afford, Medicare happily picks up the $71,000-a-year cost of dialysis - for life.

Cost-cutting that leads to double the spending hardly makes sense, Field noted, "but I don't think anyone sat down and said, 'Let's make an idiotic decision.' "

Yet the idiocy ensnares patients like Porter all the time.

He earned too much for Medicaid, but isn't married and didn't have workplace insurance. For a while, Porter spent half his paycheck on private secondary coverage.

"I dropped the policy when I could no longer afford it," he admitted. "But then I couldn't find another insurance company to take me."

A health-care quagmire
The better Porter felt after his kidney transplant, the more he realized his life depended on medication beyond his reach. Eventually, the father of three was reduced to begging for drug samples.

"We see this Catch-22 all the time," said Jacqueline Silver, a Temple transplant social worker. "If your kidneys are working fine, you're not sick anymore. But they're only working fine because of the medicine."

Porter was encouraged to go on welfare so he could get the pills he needed for free. He refused out of pride and principle.

"Welfare might pay for my medication, but it's not going to pay my rent," he said. "I'm a single parent. I'm a taxpayer. I need to work, and I need to keep this kidney."

"I'll pay for the pills," he pleaded. "I just can't pay for all of it."

In June, Porter lost his job and apartment. He rationed his medicine until it was gone.

"At that moment," Constantinescu said, "the battle to save the transplant is lost." Porter's body began fighting the foreign kidney, though it took weeks for him to notice.

"I knew the kidney was damaged," the shamed man said, "but I thought maybe they could save it."

Constantinescu assured Porter he was not to blame and vowed to put him back on the transplant list.

Porter is scared and skeptical.

"I would love to get another kidney," he said, "but only if I can get help with the medication."

He already had his heart broken once. Another failure may kill him.

Now, this article got me to thinking about his situation. I am so deeply saddened that this happened to Mr. Porter. Anyone with the heart, drive and determination to want to pursue a Second Chance at Life, or Life for that matter, is COMMENDABLE. This gentleman, let alone anyone with any type of illness, did not ask for this to happen to them. This happened by Chance and Genetics. When Mr. Porter received his Transplant, he like many others felt amazing! Trust me, I know (My Hand over the Young Lady).

With Mr. Porter's situation, it is unfortunate and painful that his employer did not offer Health Insurance. Had they offered this critical item, he would be living his Life and Enjoying it. he may not have been informed that there was insurance help for Transplant Medication. There may have been a chance that the Social Worker he had did not inform him of the options available to him. For those who have Chronic Kidney Failure, there is the Chronic Renal Disease Program (CRDP). This organization is specifically designed to assist Kidney patients with medication cost for the medication associated with Kidney failure and dialysis. I sincerely hope that someone informs him of this, and I am confident that Mr. Porter will be better educated about his options. I pray that he receives another kidney. He, along with many others, is deserving.

Now. On to Medicare.

I have Medicare A, B and D. That is Hospital, Medical, and Prescription respectively. They are my Primary Insurance. When I return to work, I will have access to the employer's Health Insurance. According to the Article, Medicare will cover my meds for the next 3 years (By the date of our 2nd Kidney Transplant, that will be up to Sept. 29, 2012). After that, "I am on my own." Thankfully, I have CDRP, AARP Rx, and Blue Cross Rx. Meaning, my meds ARE covered for as long as there is breath in my lungs. I am disappointed in Medicare for stiffing us Transplant recipients of Life Saving and Life Sustaining medication, 3 YEARS after the transplant.

Let me get this right:
$3000/month x 12 months equals to $36,000/year for Transplant medication. Medicare covers 80%, or $28,800, leaving $7,200 for us to flip. $7,200/year in monthly patient responsibility equates to $600/month. Now, Dialysis is a $71,000/ year therapy and BUSINESS. By my math, Medicare CAN save $42,200/year, just by paying the Annual 80% for Transplant Meds.

I talked to my dad about this article. He agreed with me that Medicare would save money just by paying for the 80% every year. We also agreed that there is MORE money in being sick. By this logic, Medicare would rather pay for the $71,000/year Dialysis therapy rather than sustaining a newly revitalized Life via a Transplant, which only costs a mere, meager $28,800/year. He also mentioned that we have been in this postion for 23 years. Which means we have much more knowledge and experience with this battle in regards to having access to information necessary to keep my Life intact and going strong.

I hope that the Heads of Medicare can live with themselves for robbing innocent people of their Lives.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

RE-POST: Misogyny, Misogynism And Misogynists: Women’s ULTIMATE Nightmare

DISCLAIMER: These are my Thoughts, Views and Opinions on this Subject Matter. When I am given a Spark, I WILL Write Fire. I may lose you as a follower and/or as a friend. If you are offended by what I have to say, you are more than welcome to stop reading this Note, and hit the "X" on the upper right corner of the screen.

*This Blog is dedicated to EVERY Woman and Young Lady that I came across and did not come across. This goes out as a Warning to young women that Yes, there are Men in the World that are like this. I also write this for those Men and Young Men as a Wake Up Call that IT IS NOT THE FAULT OF THOSE WOMEN YOU DECIDE TO BE WITH that the circumstances of your upbringing were not the best.* Defines Misogyny and Misogynism as the following:

Noun: The hatred, dislike, or mistrust of women. Defines Misogynist as the following:

Noun: One who hates women.
Adjective: Of or characterized by a hatred of women.

This is a Hot Topic with 2 good female friends of mine, with whom their Thought Processes are VERY similar on this subject matter. Their views in certain areas mirrored PERFECTLY. As I was speaking with them both, we learned that many young women who are reaching or reached the Dating Age were NEVER TOLD about the different types of Men in the World. The general consensus of the women that I spoke with was, “Men are only looking for one thing, and you SHOULD NOT give it up to them Quickly and Early!!”

No argument there. Not one argument from me on this front (Just saying, I am more interested in getting the Mind, NOT the Panties).

But what about describing to your daughter(s) about the TYPE of men that are out there?

The Good Guys (Raising my Hand).
The Ones who WILL work hard to provide for their potential family (Raising my Hand).
The Men who do things because they are Sincere and Genuine (Raising my Hand).
The Men who will Step Up to the Plate and take on the responsibility of another man who was either unable to due to fatal circumstances, or the Screw up lied to you about the “Happily Ever After” (Do I even need to put my hand up? And Yes, I will even go there and say SIGNIFYING MONKEY!!).

But you know, not all men are like this. Let’s venture to the other end of the Spectrum:

The Abusers.
The Materialistics (YES!! SOME MEN ARE!!!!) who have Narcissistic Tendencies
The Men that aren’t about anything but what is on the corner, and REFUSE to Be Better by Doing Better in order to Have Better.

And then we have…

The Misogynists; the Chauvinistic Pigs of the Earth. “God’s Gift to Women” because what they say is the Gospel and EVERY MAN, WOMAN AND CHILD SHOULD BOW DOWN TO THEIR GREATNESS.


These are the types of ASSHOLES that make us Good, Hardworking Men look Bad. And yet, these are the guys who screw you over day in and day out about “How much of a Man they are by doing NOTHING to Contribute to the Household or Relationship.” Also, they look at your children from the previous relationship(s) you had and will look down on you because they have it in their FUCKED UP MIND that you couldn’t hold on to the man you had before him. The last guy who got you pregnant (Let’s make this PERFECTLY CLEAR, from my Point of View) is One Part Coward (for not stepping up and doing the RIGHT THING in putting a cap on it {CONSIDERATION OF AND FOR YOUR WELL BEING}), One Part Punk Ass because he ran when it came time to take on Responsibility, and a Whole Lot of Immaturity for not growing up and handling his business as well as the lack of Effort for not helping to make the relationship work.


I will say this ONE TIME…


I CANNOT Stress that enough. His upbringing is reflective of the person that he is today!!

And apparently, the way he was raised Was and STILL IS the Problem! Misogyny’s definition states the hatred, dislike or mistrust of women.

Let’s go in deep, Ladies and Gentlemen!! LET’S GO THERE!!!

If Misogynists are having such a HUGE Issue with women, let’s start with the one they REALLY Dislike, Mistrust and Hate.


*Please Re-Read my Disclaimer at the beginning of this Blog to clarify the following items in which I will be speaking on…*

Somewhere in their upbringing, their mother did some less than savory actions with one or more Less than Reputable people which caused in the process Physical, Mental and/or Emotional Harm to that young man. That young man looks at their mother and wonders Why they are hurting them so, and not Protecting them from harm. This, in the young man’s mind, will translate as well as transform into despising, loathing, disgust, distrust and all around HATRED towards their mother. This in turn trickles down to other female family members (IF they didn’t have their hand in the creation of this “Monster”) and potential future relationships with other women that had NOT A DAMN THING to do with those past actions.

We can also include the Fathers in this Misogynist Equation. By a show of hands, who is familiar with the phrase, “Monkey See, Monkey Do”? Yes!! Young Men do Emulate the acts and actions of the father that is present in their Life. Just like you have Good Fathers that can create Good Sons by acts and actions, there are Bad Fathers who Strike, Abuse, Belittle, Berate, Degrade and all out Decimate their lady. In this young man’s mind, he can gather that “If Daddy is doing this to mommy, then it must be the right way to act around and with ALL Women!”

Now in the same breath, there are VERY FEW MEN that have been through the same situation and have dodged that bullet COMPLETELY, resulting into their being better men and realizing that the Young Lady they have a relationship with IS NOT THE BLAME for their pain and disgust towards their Mother, and even Father’s actions towards their Mother (I know of a few Men that fits this statement, and I am VERY PROUD of them for recognizing and realizing this fact).

Now, the 2 young ladies with whom I had this discussion recently, both brought up some bullet points that mirrored each other, and caused me to write this piece.

Let’s examine and get to it!

• Lack of Socialization Skills
• Lack of Friends
• Potential Homosexuality
• Sense of Entitlement to Berate and Degrade ALL Women as well as Backing Down from the REAL MEN who Challenge their Thinking

First up on this short list is the Lack of Socialization Skills.

The one young lady with whom I had a very nice outing with recently said to me that while she was working with a former employer, several men who worked alongside her felt that they were entitled to being treated like Royalty because they are “Worth It.”

Translation (from the both of us), as far as those men feeling this way, “I am too lazy and cheap to actually put in the Effort and Work to make a Positive Impact in the young lady with which I have some Interest in. She should be GRATEFUL for the Opportunity to even be in my presence.”

Really, Cyrano? It’s like that? You mean to tell me the way to a Woman’s Heart is to be a Chauvinistic Pig, and have these young ladies wipe my ass after I take a truck-sized dump all over them about how they should be Grateful and Thankful for being in the same room with me as well as breathing the same air that I breathe? Is that the Grand Cycle and Great Plan of Man’s Life?

GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!!! No wonder you are Single! Your Dick grew inside of your head instead of a fucking brain!! Sit your Dumb Ass Down somewhere and Masturbate with your Punk Ass!!!

Next on the List is the Lack of Friends.

Now, we all know that friends are the Cornerstone of Fine Tuning your Socialization Skills as well as Overall Interaction with others. According to the 2 young ladies with whom I had this conversation with, they both agreed and taught me that the Misogynist Man either has no friends at all, or keep the company of others with whom they recognize as a “Mental Equal” to their Beliefs as far as the mistreatment and degradation of women.

These dudes must have a Club where they meet once a month without the Wife or Girlfriend (PROVIDED that they have one), and do what they do (I’ll speak on that in a minute) when they all congregate in a Motel Room. To have them in Public and Spout this Fuckery around the REAL MEN of these United States, they would be laying in a pile of their own feces after the REAL MEN teach them a thing or two about how to be a Provider, Protector, Up Lifter and Chivalrous to and for their Lady. The company you keep is a Direct Reflection of Who you Associate yourself with as well as being in Agreement regarding to the views and deductions of Logic in which they are Accustomed.

For the Slow Misogynists, I’ll say it like this:

You are sucking the sacks of the other guys that feel as you feel about mistreating the Ladies in the Lack of YOUR LIFE. Easy Solution: Get away from that thinking, and BE A FUCKING MAN!!!

Now for the next point: Potential Homosexuality

I have no Quirks, Qualms or Squeamishness towards Homosexuality. To each its own, you know what I mean? My 2 Young Lady Friends have brought this one up, and their eyes lit up from where I was sitting (Maybe they knew something I knew or didn’t know?) When these young ladies approached their mate (at that point in time) about why they were being treated the way that they were being treated, they did IN FACT ask their mate about their Sexual Orientation. Of course for me and the REAL MEN, we would flat out, I Repeat, FLAT OUT, Deny those Allegations! I LOVE Women, and those that know me know this Fun Fact!! I won’t go into details, but let’s just say that they will not have a hard time getting me to a location to spend coveted “Quality Time” with them.


It seems from their experiences with their Former Mates, they gave Wishy-Washy responses to those allegations. In their Opinion as well as my own, Yeah, you are Undercover. If you hate women that much boys, WHY TRY TO GET WITH THEM?! You are more Comfortable being around the guys who think and feel as you do, ere go the Meeting once a Month in a Motel Room (HMMM. Makes me wonder what they are doing in those said Rooms…)

Come on, Misogynists!! We won’t judge you! You like Boys!! It’ll help explain a lot about why you hate women so damn much!

LET’S BE PERFECTLY CLEAR! I am in NO WAY, SHAPE OR FORM Attacking the Homosexual Community. I am talking about the Men who are Misogynists; the Assholes that feel that they have a…

Sense of Entitlement to Berate and Degrade ALL Women as well as Backing Down from the REAL MEN who Challenge their Thinking

I have a few people that I can throw under the bus with this point. But, I only have one person that I will use as My Example: James H.

Let’s examine James H., a man who does Video Blogs in our dear FaceBook Universe. My female friend suggested that I listen to 2 Video Blogs that this man posted. The first one wasn’t too bad. I actually agreed with his points. She gave me a second link to watch. Something inside of me wanted to NOT watch it. Reluctantly and Hesitantly, I clicked the link and started watching his second Video.

I was NOT pleased. First off, this Video Blog was entitled “Warnings Make Women’s Panties Wet,” declaring from his trash talking mouth and in his WARPED MIND that, and I Quote (TO THE BEST OF MY MEMORY), “When a woman expresses interest in a man and chooses to be with him, from that day forward, what ever happens in that relationship between those two IS THE WOMAN’S FAULT!”

*Insert Disgust for this Statement Here. *I DAMN SURE DID!!*

Here is what he said (to the best of my knowledge) about Khloe Khardasian, her “Love Interest” and their son:

“Khloe Khardasian chose to be with this Asshole man and she winds up pregnant with his child, which was born a boy. This means that there will be another Motherfucker who will grow up to be just like him…”

After that remark, I stopped the video blog and started my Debate with him about his choice words for that situation. The following is what was said between us:

February 28, 2010

Andrew Boyd
From 0:55-1:41...
I have to argue that time frame when you referred to the child that was birthed.

Seeing that I am a Product of a "PURE D ASSHOLE," I am nothing like him. I actually was fortunate enough to be raised by Good Parents and not become his Doppleganger. Basically, ASSHOLE Sperm Donor VS. Dad who is not my blood and treats me as if I was a product of his own body.

I cannot stand Khardasian Fuckery, but I hope Khloe K. can find a good example for her child in a father figure (who is WILLING {OPERATIVE WORD}) to step up and take on this Responsibility and teach the little boy who was NOT ASKED to be born, mind you, to be a Fully Functioning and Respectful Human Being as he grows up and matures.

After thinking a little more as I calmed down:

March 2, 2010

Andrew Boyd
P.S.: To call their Newborn Baby a "Muthaphucka" when the child did not ASK to be conceived, birthed and born is Out of Line.

Keep in mind, we all WERE NOT asked to be conceived, birthed or born. Someone could have called you that. And if you have children, how would you feel if someone called them that? You'll be ready to F@ck them up.

James H.’s Response? It is as follows:

March 2, 2010

James H.
Andrew, quit being Captain Sensitive.

FaceBook Universe…


Those that TRULY KNOW ME, knows for a FACT that I could have went into Assault Mode on this dude and Verbally Fucked Him 5000 ways to Sunday for that BULLSHIT he said to me!! I came at him intelligently those days and I struck a Chord within him that warranted his reaction in this fashion. This NIGGER (’s 2nd Definition Describes the word Nigger as Slang: Extremely Disparaging and Offensive. A person of any race or origin regarded as contemptible [Deserving of or held in contempt; Obsolete], inferior, ignorant, etc. {The RIGHT terminology as well as Spelling with the context in which I am using this word}) DID NOT know who the FUCK he was talking to IN THIS MANNER!!!

I calmed down, within 60 seconds (LITERALLY) I responded:

March 2, 2010

Andrew Boyd
Correction. Captain Considerate.

March 2, 2010

James H.
Whatever, bro.

I can tell you right now, I smelled Misogynist on this dude like a VERY RIPE Diaper. I told this story to a number of people (My one good female friend with whom experienced and was subjected to this trash, my parents as well as the young lady who watched this video), and they all saw the same thing that I saw and exposed within him:

He IS a Misogynist who COULD NOT back up his own BULLSHIT! That conversation that I put up there actually happened! I called him on his Bullshit, and he couldn’t argue it!! The reason is very obvious and a very simple one. He NEVER went up against a REAL MAN who could successfully challenge him on his words (Especially seeing that I come from Both Sides of the Spectrum). My dad said it best:

“If you believe in your Heart of Hearts that your words are the Truth, you will defend them Tooth and Nail to the Bitter End.”

Remember that Status I posted that morning of March 2, 2010?

“I LOVE IT When I Make Strong Points, And People Cannot Challenge Me On Those Points. I Am A Debater By Nature; Taught By The Best, And By The Experiences In Which I Was A Part Of...”

I WAS TALKING ABOUT THIS NUT!!! This is the IDIOT Misogynist I was referring to as far as this Quote!! Sharon, Rhonda, Lamont, Lisa and Lykena ALL Agreed with that Status! Hell, Lamont Called Me “Senator” And “Counselor” Boyd!

I am just a man who saw an Opportunity to Debate a piece of wording that James H. used as HIS example of how women make Bad Decisions about the man they chose at that point in time that felt right to them, and he got PUNKED BY ME!!! He didn’t have a leg to stand on, as he tucked his little tail between his legs and ran like a SCALDED DOG that was beaten like a GOVERNMENT MULE!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen of FaceBook Universe, I wrote this Blog because this NEEDS to be Exposed and Said As a Public Service Announcement. Parents of Young Men and Women that are on the Precipice of Dating (which is where this Actually Starts):

PLEASE sit your child(ren) down and have this discussion!! There are Good People in the World, and they can find them. Educate them on the Warning Signs of Misogynists Beforehand. If they discover that they are with a Misogynist, I sincerely hope that your teachings will help them make the Right Choice.

My Name Is Andrew Boyd, And I Approve This Message!!

~© 2010 Andrew Boyd~

Monday, November 22, 2010

Coming To A Crossroad...

I had this conversation with 2 people, was and still is weighing on my mind, and I just feel the need to write something about this.

Last night's conversation with a good friend of mine had me thinking a lot when my head hit the pillow. I feel that I am coming within extreme proximity of a Crossroad in my Life. I need to make some choices that will be frowned upon by several people (Which I REALLY Don't Give a Fuck, because this is MY LIFE and MY CHOICE). And with those Choices, my Happiness is at stake.

I'm Frustrated with what is going on as far as certain Aspects of my Life. I'm Frustrated with doing a lot, and not seeing any progression in what I have done.

I am SIMPLY, Frustrated.

Yeah, I can Kick, Scream, Yell, Beat someone down. Yet, all of that doesn't fix anything or move anything forward for me. I have done much, and more. And although many things were from the Goodness of my Heart, it's just a waste in my God Honest Opinion. I know for a fact that I can do ONE THING, and all of this Frustration will go away.

Yet, at what Cost?

My Integrity? My Stances on Life? The way that I look at myself?

*Frustrated SIGH*


Real Talk? I don't care who reads this. I REALLY don't. Those that spoke to me about this topic, knows what I am feeling; God Willing, Understands my Frustrations and Thoughts. My Dad and I speak on this Daily, and although it relieves the feeling for a while, it doesn't really do anything as far as getting what Needs to be Done DONE. Venting helps, but the same End Result occurs.

I'm REALLY not letting anyone in as far as this matter; I don't need a lot of people in my Business giving me Shitty, Sad, Embarrassing, Non Productive, Ear Bleeding, Vomit Inducing, Bowel Releasing, Vein Popping, Brain Exploding, Armageddon Bringing, Death Harbingering, End Of The World FUCKED UP Advice. This Vent is all I am giving. Beyond that...

Figure It Out.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

FullMental Alchemist (Alchemy Pertaining To Self And Life)

Saturday Nights, while I am FaceBooking or on IMVU, I turn to the Adult Swim programming on Cartoon Network Around 11PM. Around the 12AM time slot, it is straight Japanese Anime until 6AM or so. During that time frame, a show entitled "FullMetal Alchemist" comes on. To tell the Truth, I tend to become entranced by the show; Action, Comedy, Romance, Science (In EVERY Aspect, which I will touch on in this writing) and best of all, POLITICAL.

Here is the "FullMetal Alchemist" Opening Theme Song. Yes, seeing that it is Anime, the song will be in Japanese:

As written in the second definition found on

Alchemy: any magical power or process of transmuting a common substance, usually of little value, into a substance of great value.

The premise of the show, is a relatively simple one:

The above pictured Protagonists, Ed (the Blonde) and his little brother Alphonse (who became Living Armor with a Soul), are looking for the Philosopher's Stone; to return Alphonse to his Human Form and to resurrect their deceased Mother as they uphold the Integrity and Values of being State Alchemists (A State Alchemist is an alchemist employed by the Amestrian State Military as part of an elite government mandated program; Simply put, the boys are Military Men).

*More on Who and What a State Alchemist is as well as their Duties, please click here: State Alchemist

The show has explained Alchemy, as well as the Law of Equivalent Exchange:

"People cannot gain anything without sacrificing something. You must present something of equal value in order to gain something. That is the principle of equivalent exchange in alchemy."

Very true; when was the last time ANYONE saw something created out of thin air, WITH THEIR OWN EYES?

When we think about it, Simple Alchemy happens every day. It does happen all around us:

-Simple food Ingredients to create a Meal
-Vocal and Visual Stimuli to create Thought, which then transitions from Multiple Thoughts to Ideas and Actions
-Leaves on a tree changing colors (we already know that it is chlorophyll and the lack of that due to the lack of Daily Sunshine causes the change, but stay with me)

Sadly there is a bit of Alchemy that we, or they (The Show), has not yet figured out: Re-birthing the Deceased, which is the plan of our above pictured Heroes. The show begged one more question, and I am sure that once you read it, you will think about it as well:

"The Cost of Re-Birthing the Dead; What are you willing to Sacrifice to bring back the Loved One that is Deceased?"

Anyhow, that is the show that I watch and enjoy. Check it out, if you Like! You just might like it as well.

*I'm going to find and Buy That Pocket Watch!!* LOL!!

Alright; right to the meat of my Blog. I chose to speak on Alchemy because there is a question that is swirling in my mind that I also had the pleasure of speaking with 2 young women with whom I have ALWAYS had great conversations:

"If I were to be in a situation that would benefit my Future, what would I wind up Sacrificing in order to attain that Future Situation?"

I'll speak in Layman's Terms: If I were to be in a Relationship, what will I give up in exchange for that?

When I had this initial thought, A few Sacrifices would be obvious:

-Single Life
-Not Answering to Anyone
-No Arguments (If any were to arise, yet we ARE speaking on Relationships)
-No Breakups (HUGE Selling Point)

Then I thought and dug a bit more into the question. I soon realized that there is ONE Item that I know, if I were in a Relationship being all "Lovey Dovey" and Incredibly Happy, would suffer the Hardest and Greatest and makes me Who I Am:

My Ability to Write.

Before anyone says that I am Delusional for thinking that, let me give a little History:

I was with my Ex from January 2002 up to the last day in May 2007; DID NOT Write a thing. First time I wrote was AFTER we Broke Up.

The young woman I was with from May 2008 up to Election Day 2008; Wrote ONE TIME about her and I being together DURING the time. Wrote for the first time around January 2009 (and I REALLY did not want to write about that break up, yet NEEDED to). I am still getting the residual out.

My writing has suffered greatly in relationships because my brain was STUCK ON STUPID. I don't know what happened at those times.

Maybe touching It caused a Brain Freeze, then a Coma. I don't know...

I know that whenever I got into a relationship, or something CLOSELY resembling a relationship, I go blank mentally. I am so swept up in the pageantry of the situation, that I forget my Individuality (which, HONESTLY, is what a majority of people have an issue with, and I DARE ANYONE to tell me otherwise). Something about a Relationship causes me to lose the Ability to write. Maybe a Shift in Priorities? A Renewed Focus? I'm not really sure...

At the same time, if I am not in a relationship, my Ability is intact, yet I run the risk of being alone for a very long time. As we already know (DESPITE what Others may Think or Believe), we are meant to be paired and mated in order to live as Full a Life as possible.

My Belief; you don't like it? Stop Reading, and Move On.

For those that have stuck around, please continue reading.

I spoke with a friend of mine last night about this writing, where it was suggested to me that I can write about "Happy Things" that are going on with me in the relationship.


Sorry, my dear; that's a No-Go. Because for myself, writing about "Happy Things" going on in a Relationship is the Proverbial "Kiss Of Death." That was what happened with the 2ND relationship (IF, you count 6 months a Relationship). Yet at the same time, I do Thank You for your suggestion. It's just not my Style to put that aspect of my Life on Display, and now I see why.

So, the Immortal Question which a lot of people should ask is: Are you willing to Risk losing something that makes You who you are, in exchange for something that could make you That Much Greater in your own Eyes down the Road?

All in all, I MUST look at the Basic Fundamentals of Alchemy: "Take something of Little Value (in this case, my being Single), and making it into something of Great Value (a Relationship, and possibly more, if Time, Effort and other variables permit)." I am Comfortable with myself to say that my being Single is of Little Value, and could CARE LESS if someone says otherwise; "In One Ear, Out The Other." Plain and Simple.

For myself to acknowledge things within me that I know Full Well Needs Improving and Improvement, I'll call MYSELF on it. And when I do that, I have the Power to write it, and not care about who thinks what about that item. I Write And Post For Me.

P.S.: If you didn't notice, I was speaking on the Human Mental Science; the Science I referred to at the beginning of this Blog.

~©2010 Andrew Boyd~

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Laughing My Ass Off At The LMAO Show Premiere

*Out of All of the Promos, this one gets me every single time because of its Controversy (HINT HINT). Raul is Bishop Eddie Long:*

On November 10, 2010, I had the pleasure of being in attendance of and for "THE LMAO SHOW" Premiere at the Millcreek Tavern on the second floor at 42ND and Chester Avenue in Philadelphia, PA. It was cold outside that night, and despite my GPS acting like an derelict degenerate (Thanks, Sprint Navigation! :-/ ), I was relieved and extremely happy when I got inside the bar to warm up.

I was one of the first to arrive, and was greeted warmly by the Cast that has put their Hearts and Souls into this night that they have been promoting for 9 months. My old friend Raul Johnstone and I discussed how nervous and deeply vested that his friends, family and supporters were and are in the success of their show (Even if there were comical Threats of Divorce from their respective spouses). I was soon introduced to Kenyatta Carter, the man that played the Honorable Elijah Muhammad in the "Malcolm X" Promo, who is also the other half of the Brain Child that they brought to Life. I shook his hand as he thanked me for coming out and he passed a DVD to me after I paid my entrance fee.

*Here is the Promo of Kenyatta playing the Honorable Elijah Muhammad*

As I received the DVD, I was grinning like a little boy with his favorite candy; I can have laughs whenever I wanted and it was in my possession!! As time went on, I saw a few classmates from H.S. that wished me well with my Health and Life Goals. I thanked them and wished nothing but the same for them as well. They played the Special Features of the DVD which contained 5 of their Promotional Skits that are featured on The LMAO Show page on FaceBook. They had a bartender as well as wings, chicken tenders along with macaroni salad for their buffet. I'm pretty picky with macaroni salad (WHO ISN'T?), yet it was pretty alright. I swore I smelled fish, but it was the chicken I was smelling. *Insert Sad Face*

It's alright; I'm having Fish tonight! HA!!!!

Around 10:30PM, there was a pretty good turnout when Raul introduced himself and his cast mates along with other crew members, and the show was shown on 3 Flat Screen Televisions in the upstairs bar.

While watching the show, and sitting next to a group of young ladies, I was grinning because the Show's vision came to Life on those television screens. The crew, in their very first DVD, did a pretty good job! With occasional glances at the camera, and moments of covering up their laughter from their own Comedy, their show was funny and good for their first time out. As the show went on, I was laughing hard and I heard a good amount of laughter from the crowd as all 8 skits played out. On occasion, one young lady would tap me and ask what they said and what they meant by something that was said. I explained the joke(s), and she was satisfied with my response and kept watching. Despite the Sound System being a bit loud, we were able to hear the show as the laughs kept coming with every sick joke that they threw at us. My face was hurting while I was watching and I LOVED IT!!! And those that REALLY know me, knows that it takes a special kind of Humor to make my face hurt like that.

After the show was over, Raul and his crew were greeted with handshakes, hugs and smiles for their very hard work. I shook hands with the crew and spoke with both Kenyatta and Raul, where they both agreed that the show is a work in progress and will only get better in the months and years to come. I was even asked how I honestly felt about the show and what could they do to make it better. I told them that I enjoyed it, and they potentially found the formula for making people laugh.

I truly believe that as time goes forward with the LMAO Show and the men and women that worked so hard on it, the Work in Progress will become a Work of Art.

~© 2010 Andrew Boyd~

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

It Is Only Your After Life...

I told my parents that a Viking Funeral would be great for me. Put me on a Beautiful Boat, push me out into the Atlantic Ocean and when my body gets to a decent distance, have an Archer shoot a Flaming Arrow at my body to set me aflame. And to Accelerate my body's burning, dip my underwear in Gasoline. Afterwards, have a BBQ.

We all had a great laugh out of it, as they know that although Spectacular and somewhat Morbid and Disturbing, I don't want to go out that way.

That, and the fact that the Catholic Faith Frowns upon this Idea (WILL NOT stop me from REALLY considering this as a means of going out in this world), based on this practice being a Pagan Ritual, along with other facts which could be found here:

Seeing how my family is burying my Great Great Aunt this Friday, I have been doing a lot of thinking pertaining to my Final Arrangements when my time to leave this Plain arrives. Life Insurance is a must for me, for with my Medical Condition, my Life isn't guaranteed.

I already know that I am trying to live My Life to the fullest, with travelling to see friends and interact with them as much as possible, interacting with Family as I receive Pearls of Wisdom from the Elders, and patiently seeking for a young lady with whom I would Love to be in a Relationship. Sadly, seeing how Many of my Family Members are passing on (Majority of them: SINGLE AND BROKE), few had Life Insurance to cover their Final Expenses. This worries me, because my parents seem to be the ones who not only handle the Final Arrangements (I am watching, listening and learning so when my time comes to bury my parents, I'll know what to do), they at times, are coming out of their pockets as well as other extended Family Members to cover those expenses due to the deceased not taking the initiative in handling their business which would have made those Arrangements a bit more easier.

I am looking into at least 3 Life Insurance Companies with whom I would like to have my Life Insurance handled. Life Insurance is very Vital as well as Essential to the amount of coverage with which I need to cover all Funeral Expenses when it is my Time. Seeing how my Kidney Transplant is over a year old, I should receive a pretty decent quote as I compare prices with them, and see with whom I will most benefit.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Life Insurance is very critical and a very important item to possess in our Life. Our Life isn't guaranteed tomorrow, or today for that matter. Any and Every Thing can happen, and the one thing that we should be mindful of is making certain that when the Bill for out Final Arrangements comes across our Family's Table, we are able to cover the Tab.

Here are a few Life Insurance Websites that may interest those that need to look into this topic:

For My More Seasoned and Mature Readers:

Please. Obtain Life Insurance Coverage, if you do not have Coverage already.

~© 2010 Andrew Boyd~

Friday, October 22, 2010

Against All Odds...

Let me pitch an Alternate Reality that has been bouncing around in my head, despite how it sounds:

If it weren't for one person being color blind, one party would have been Married to someone else. The other party might have married another, or stayed single. One party would have been called by another familiar name. A party would not have been born, while one would have been an only child (POSSIBLY).

Thankfully, with the way that Life works, this is not the case.

I have witnessed a lot of things in my 32 years on this Blue Marble; Good, Bad and Otherwise. But, especially in this Day and Age, I am a witness to what is happening at this time:

Everlasting, True and Unconditional Love.

My parents are celebrating their 27th Wedding Anniversary on this date, October 22 (36, if we count the 9 years that they got to know one another), and I cannot help but feel Reflective of their Success. They are still so very much In Love since the day that they declared their Love for each other, for I am witnessing it every day.

They had their Good Days, and they had their Bad Days: For Better, and for Worse.

They were sick separately, as well as together: In Sickness, and in Health.

They both worked at the same time AND worked side by side. At times, one worked and the other supported: For Richer, and for Poorer

As with many Marriages and Relationships, not all days are Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows. They debate, discuss, and argue like anyone and everyone else. Yet at the end of the day (Several at times), they Reconcile, Resolve and Resolute and are able to keep going forward: Together.

I sit in Awe and Amazement of their Love and Devotion to one another. They took their time getting to know one another, and when they knew that they were ready for the next level, they took a Leap of Faith...

And they Flew. For 27 Years.

I LOVE how they showed myself and my brother what True and Real Love looks like. Despite everything they have gone through, Against All Odds, they are still together.

All I can hope for myself and the one I am with is simply: That my Bride and I have something that is Special in its own right, with a Love that is Everlasting, True and Unconditional.

Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad!! Calvin and I Love You very much, and we Stand and Applaud to your Beauty!

~© 2010 Andrew Boyd~

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Individual Results May Vary....

I enjoy Rorschach Paintings; it gives me some kind of insight as to my thinking and thought process.

Actually, the best part of these types of paintings is the simple fact that I can interpret it in one way, whereas others can interpret it in another fashion.

That is the ONLY Best Part of this.

To be perfectly Honest and Blunt, there are a few people out there that Want... No. DEMAND that you fall into their line of thinking and see what they see. VERY RARELY do you find individuals that will not discredit what you see and interpret in these pictures. Your interpretation is your OWN interpretation of the picture that is in front of you.

Just like with what I see in the above pictures, in my mind, what I see is Just and Valid. It shouldn't be discredited, shunned, casted aside or anything of the sort, JUST BECAUSE I see something differently from another person. Instead, try learning something from someone's individual interpretation of what they see. You may be surprised with yourself as well as that person.

Like how we define and interpret things in our every day Life; the way the day is going, how we are feeling, as well as with whom we interact in said Life. To Reference Hiatus: Chapter 2...

"The way I see things in this World, Everything and everyone that we interact with I see are Spices. We can all agree that Variety is the Spice of Life, and we are the Main Course on our Menu. The Life we Live is our Spice Rack and it is stocked with the Spices we encounter every day. This includes, in where it is not limited:

Lovers, BF, GF, Husband, Wife
Former Friends, Exes, Lovers

These particular Spices can either make Us (the Main Course) better or worse, depending on their level of involvement.

I feel that Labels are necessary so we know who is who on our Spice Rack. We have the Good Spices, just like we have and/or had the Bad Spices. It is all of those Spices that help influence Us to be a Better Dish for when the time arises for us to be the Featured Dish on the Menu. Why Spoil your Quality with Bad Spices, where there are Perfectly Good Spices that are on our Spice Rack that are capable of making us all the more Appetizing to stimulated eyes? The 5-Star Restaurant in which we live on has nothing but the Absolute Best to offer as far as Main Courses."

We discussed labeling in that Blog, so that will not be revisited. My thing is the above extraction; how I viewed the World and my Life, which was another aspect that I touched on at that time. With my seeing Life in this fashion, it shouldn't make it any less valid in the eyes of others; no matter who is viewing said Life through the Looking Glass.

My qualm comes in when someone comes along and says, "That is a bad interpretation of how you look at Life and it isn't the proper way to look at Your Life."

Mind You: this is how I look at MY Life. Not how I look at yours, or the other person's. I associated My Life in this fashion, and it is comfortable to me because a lot of things in My Life are Metaphorical as well as Philosophical. Another's Life could be a Limerick. The next person's Life could be a Riddle. It is how we look at things and how we look at Life, that makes us unique and special.

Just because one doesn't agree with how we see one thing, doesn't make it any less valid, significant, sentimental or right to the person that is seeing that item in front of them.

~© 2010 Andrew Boyd~

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Not-Too-Retro Blog: Ready For Round 2!!

Well Ladies and Gentlemen, I think the computer will hold long enough for me to be able to document the exciting climax that was Last Tuesday's Kidney Transplant at the University of Pennsylvania Hospital. And not a moment too soon, either! I know you all have been waiting for this, and I appreciate your patience. Let's not delay any longer.

The Gift of Life occurred on Sept. 29, but it all kicked off on Sept. 28...

At 11P, I was sitting on the couch watching WWE Monday Night Raw's Main Event. John Cena in a Gauntlet Match against Chris Jericho, The Big Show and Randy Orton. As I watched the then WWE Champion get his ass handed to him, a "Blocked Call" shows up on my phone. At first, I thought it was a friend calling from a blocked number, but then it all became clear as the conversation went like this:

Me: "Hello?"

Caller: "Hello! May I speak to Andrew Boyd, please?"

Me: “Yes?”

Caller: “Hi Andrew! This is Nicole with PENN Transplant. How are you tonight?”

Me: “I am doing fine. PLEASE tell me you are going to tell me what you are about to tell me.”

Nicole: “Well Andrew, we have a Potential Match for you! Meaning the Blood type is a Perfect match!”

Me: (Running upstairs to continue the call with my grandmother present) “Oh my God! Are you serious? A Potential Match?!”

Nicole: “Yes! At this time, we are going to do a tissue typing to see if your tissue type and the donor’s type are compatible. This usually takes 8-10 hours.”

Me: “So, we are looking between 7-9AM tomorrow, right?”

Nicole: “That’s right. No matter the results, I will call you personally to tell you those results. Try to get some sleep, and I will talk to you tomorrow morning!”

Me: “Nicole, I am not going to be able to!”

Nicole: “Yeah, Exciting Time! Have a Good Night, Andrew!”

Me: “Thank You! You do, too!”

I hugged my grandmother, who was just as excited to hear the news. I chose not to call any family at that time because, What If it did not pan out? So, from 11.30P on, I was jumping out of my skin! I was restless, nervous, excited, and anxious. Hell, All of the above at this point. I couldn’t sleep one bit. I even called my friends Tanya and Joy before they went to sleep, like I do most nights. I then gave myself busy work by packing an overnight bag for the possible hospital stay. I also updated my Contact list on my cell phone so if The Call DID come, I had everyone’s number. After I got all of my busy work done, I remembered not to eat or drink anything after that phone call. The last thing I had was a cup of coffee at 10P. So, for the next 9 hours, I was wired from the caffeine, and wired from the possibility of being a Two-Time Kidney Transplant Recipient. I tried to get some sleep, but wound up staying awake the whole night. I was on FaceBook, getting my Mafia Affairs in order. Afterwards, I played a few games on my phone. When 6A rolled around, I took a shower and got dressed. I went downstairs and sat on the Love Seat and watched the news with my grandmother and 2-year-old cousin. I was feeling tired, so I decided to lay down on the Love Seat at 7.55A. At 8A exactly, “Blocked Call” appears on my phone.

Me: “Alright Grandma, this is it! (Picking up the phone) Hello?”

Caller: “Good Morning Andrew! This is Nicole. How are you feeling this morning?”

Me: “I am nervous as Hell, and waiting on the Verdict.”

(At this time, my little cousin is babbling because I was on the phone. I moved away from him to hear Nicole’s response.)

Nicole: “You are waiting on the verdict? Your donor is compatible with you!”

(A 10 second pause)

Nicole: “Are you doing a dance?”

Me: “No. Trying not to pass out! How soon do you all need me there?”

Nicole: “We will be looking for you around 10-10.30A. Can you make it in by then?”

Me: “I am not too sure. 11A seems to be a more realistic to me, but we will push for that time. Reason I say 11A is because I will have a Battalion with me. But we will aim for your time. I have many calls to make and we will see you soon!”

Nicole: “Alright Andrew, we will see you here!”

I hugged my grandmother and nearly broke down in tears. I kept my focus, and started making my calls.

You know what people? I was HEATED!!! I am here calling you all and NO ONE was picking up their phones! Never dawned on me that hey, People are POSSIBLY at work, dropping off their kids or their phones were on vibrate. So I am here getting mad over your daily routines, and I apologize for that.

I got in touch with my cousin Bill, who in turn called my brother’s job to let them know to have him call me ASAP. I called my mom’s job and left an Urgent message with them. I called my sister and her mom and left messages with them. So around 8.30A, mom called my grandmother’s phone. My grandmother and I are bombarding her with the news, and mom wanted to hear from one of us at a time. I let my grandmother take the call and my mom told her that she and my dad are on their way to pick me up. This is what my grandmother told me:

“They will meet you at the hospital.”

Hearing this, I grab my bag, and get on the El train at Frankford Terminal. At the Tioga stop, my phone rings where my mom tells me that she did not say they were heading to the hospital. They were coming to pick me up! So I get off the train, and made more calls to family and friends. So after a few minutes, I see my parents and I get into their SUV. We were on the same page and en route to the Hospital of University of Pennsylvania, the Battle Ground for Our Second Kidney Transplant.

Before I continue, I want to inform everyone the EXACT length of time we waited on this call. We had our first Transplant Evaluation March 2005, and the Official Call came in Sept. 29, 2009. This will be a wait time of 4.5 years. For my Blood Type (which very few of you know), the average Transplant wait time is 4-5 years. I know a number of people who came into contact with me recently assumed that the wait time was drastically lower. I wish that was the case, everyone. The first transplant on December 9, 1993 was an 8 month wait. This one, with all of the Medical Advances and Blood Type Breakdown, there was a longer wait time.

Along the way, I made many phone calls to family and friends informing them of the incredible news. My family and I received many well wishes as we made our way through I-95 traffic to the hospital. Just before we were out front of the hospital, I updated my FaceBook to inform everyone of what was going on. We arrived at U of Penn at 9.20A, and we were in Admissions until 9.40A. After getting admitted, my mother and I traveled to the 11th floor of the hospital, where we were greeted warmly by the staff. After getting my Vitals checked and gowned up, I was seen by the Surgical Team and was given an I.V. We were in the room from 10A until around 6P while they prepped the OR and the new gift. During that time, I had a Chest X-Ray and other tests ran to insure that my body was ready for the surgery. We were informed of the donor and how this day came to pass. My donor was a 43-year-old woman with no medical history. No diseases, no illness of any kind. There was, however, an issue with the Gift I was about to receive. There was a small lump about the size of ½ of your Pinky fingernail. They performed a biopsy on the lump, and saw that it was a benign tumor. I was approached by the Surgical Rep and was told this. Their concern was that if they gave me the Gift, the tumor could have become cancerous and they would have to go back in and remove my new Gift. At the same time, it could have been just a benign tumor and nothing else. The call was mine to make. I knew my mom wanted to do it, but she knew this was up to me. I told him that, “We waited too long to turn our backs now. We are going for it.”

Was it reckless? Maybe. But for us, this day was long awaited and well deserved. The Rewards were greater than the Risks. We finally departed for the OR waiting area around 6P, and arriving there shortly thereafter. We talked to Anesthesia beforehand, where I taught them a thing or two about their methods. Not my first picnic, people…

Our time came at 7P. I hugged my mom and said the Perfect Prayer to her. I kissed her and said “I Love you.” “I Love you, too. That’s why I am here,” was her response. I was wheeled back to the OR, then we were Red Lighted. My surgeon, Dr. Ali Naji did not like the idea of giving me a kidney with a benign tumor. He had me go back to the waiting area as he fought to give me the OTHER kidney, where there was no presence of a tumor. He was successful in his fight on my behalf. I was wheeled back into the OR around 7.45P, where I finally met Dr. Naji. I thanked him immensely for fighting for the other Gift and told him he will dance at my Wedding. I was told that this surgeon has done MANY transplants. He has performed transplants since the 1970’s and is highly regarded. He is also the same surgeon who trained my first U of Penn Surgeon, Dr. Heidi Yeh.

What I am about to tell you all, simply put, blew my mind. And I can assure you it will do the same to you. Before I was under anesthesia, I observed my surroundings. I saw 2 surgeons working in a silver pan. I look over, and there she was: the Young Lady that was going inside of me. I saw my new kidney!! Never have I seen a sight as amazing and humbling as this! It looked like a chicken breast. I am here thinking, “They are going to put chicken inside of me?” Yeah, I know…

So I am transferred from the gurney to the OR table. They put on a Blood Pressure cuff, attached heart rate measurers and put on leg cuffs to help with my leg circulation. After asking about my name and date of birth, they started the Pure Oxygen, and had me take deep breaths. After a few minutes, the Anesthesia began. I asked for the time (for blogging purposes) as the first injection went into my I.V. Burned a bit, but nothing uncommon. The time was 7.55P when this all started. When the second injection went in, I felt really good! I said out loud, “Alright everyone, Good Night!!” They got a good laugh out of it as the last injection went in.

The surgeons worked on my left abdomen as they gave me our Life Saving Gift. I was told that the surgery was a success as I was wheeled into Recovery at 2.15A. Now, at 2.15A, this was the EXACT time I was wheeled into recovery for our first Kidney Transplant. I found that very sentimental. I was wheeled into my room at 4A. Still out of it from anesthesia, the nursing staff asked if I was alright.

“I need to pee.”

“Alright, you have a Foley catheter that will catch everything, Mr. Boyd.”

“I understand, but I feel I need to push it out.”

“Mr. Boyd, you have a Foley catheter. There is no need to worry.”

I was then shifted to my bed as I slept off the remaining anesthesia. I was assessed vitally through the night and the morning. When 9A rolled around, I was visited by Physical Therapy who wanted me to start walking!! WHAT?! Already!! I was instructed on how to get out of bed. I followed directions, and was on my feet in a matter of seconds! I felt a little light headed, but was ready to take my first steps.

Surprisingly, I was moving like our Transplant never happened, minus the searing pain where they cut me open and closed me up. I did my lap around the 4th floor with the therapist. As we returned to my room, I stopped, looked at her and shook my head No. I did two more laps around the floor, and astounded as well as impressed the staff there. I was even told that I was moving around like someone who did not have surgery. After I did my laps, I was visited by my mom, little brother, and his GF. Shortly after their arrival, my best friend Ric Brazela showed up. He drove all the way from Baltimore after being in court to visit me in the hospital.

I knew there was reason why he has been my best friend of nearly 20 years.

They all stuck around, reminiscing of the first Transplant and talking about the medical advances of this Transplant. They departed after a couple of hours and I was then visited by Baeednah Anderson. After Bae visited me, I was then visited by my aunt Mattie. I was a bit out of it from all the excitement of my visitors. I talked to other friends and family on the phone, and I got a chance to talk to my little sister Latoya Felder who was saddened that she did not get the chance to come to the hospital to see me. I told her it was alright and as long as she got the news of our Transplant, that made me happy. We talked for about an hour and a half that night. After hanging up with her, I went to sleep.

The next day, Ric came in early to visit with me. Such a Great Friend!! After he left, I was given the option of eating food. Those that know me know I jumped at the opportunity. That morning, I received Communion. After Communion I was visited by Tanya Cassup, then had to go down to Dialysis because my Young Lady did not fully awaken just yet and Dialysis was going to be needed until she does. Afterwards, I received calls from family and friends and updated everyone on FaceBook of my progress.

Friday Morning, I was awakened by the Transplant team around 6A. I was told I was going home that day!! When you are half asleep you hear things, but not too sure of what you heard. At 7A, my transplant coordinator came in and reviewed my new medication with me, while I was half asleep. Those that know me know NEVER to wake me up unless someone is dead, dying or the place is on fire. I am looking at her with a fierce Grizzly look as she told me what each medication was and what it did. She told me she would return in a couple of hours to review the medication again. At 9A, she returns. She asked about my meds and what I remembered. I rattled off EVERY medication and told her word for word what they did. She was impressed! Around 1P, I went to Dialysis for 2 hours. After dialysis, I had my I.V.s removed and I took a nice long shower. When I got out, my parents were in my room and ready to take me home with them for Recovery Road. My paperwork was reviewed and signed and I was discharged afterwards. I walked out of the hospital under my own power, showing that I was strong willed and determined.

As of this time, it will be 2 weeks since I have been home. The Love and Support from everyone who has followed me has been very overwhelming and so appreciated. I am seeing my Transplant Team every Monday Morning at U of Penn for blood work and medication review. It will be only a matter of time before my Young Lady becomes aware and functions at full capacity.

Thank You All! I Love You All, And Appreciate Your Support During This Fantastic Series Of Events!!

~© 2010 Andrew Boyd~

Sunday, September 26, 2010

I Write And Post For Me

I enjoy writing and seek a personal pleasure in the satisfaction of stringing words, sentences, and paragraphs together into something that is eye pleasing. If someone chooses to read what I wrote, it is their choice and I respect their choice. I do not write to "Fill the Status Quo of the Month," or to write "Just to Write." I do it because it is my Therapy.

Why do I need Therapy? Who knows, and who cares. As long as it is coming out in scribes as opposed to me being a pure DICK (Chauvinistic behavior, Beating people, robbing people, killing people; Anything that can put me in front of a Judge in a Courtroom to where I have a bulbous and muscular roommate named "Big Jim" who likes "Purty Mouths" and tight assholes), I am satisfied with what I can express in simple wording.

Subliminal messages are a perk as well (Personally, they are the sweet and creamy confection that I can REALLY sink my teeth into and indulge in with no guilt of any kind), because certain people don't have or cannot get a clue, and I Love it that way.


I write for me, and not for the "Satisfaction of Others."

Is it Selfish? Maybe, for some.

Is it Arrogant? No.

How about Egotistical or Narcissistic Behavior? No, and obviously, you delayed looking deep within yourself because you are too busy sucking your own dick to acknowledge that, let alone care, because the World should “Bow Down” to your fucked up self.


Don't you care about those who you are hurting with your words?

... ... ...

In all honesty, I say No I don't because of a simple question:

Did those people care about the feelings that they have hurt as they used others as Stepping Stones to reach upper echelons? Obviously not, or they would have acted accordingly. I think it is called CONSIDERATION or your fellow Man and/or Woman.

I don't know. I could be wrong...

I am writing for me, plain and simple. I really don't have to speak on this, but hey, this is my time. Here are some Words to live by, Boys and Girls (esp. for me): It’s good to be Selfish, sometimes.

If someone finds my writing for me offensive, there is more than likely an issue of inadequacy within themselves where they cannot fathom how I am able to execute that which I am comfortable doing. For those individuals, I say…

I don’t feel sorry for you.

~© 2010 Andrew Boyd~

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Another Public Service Announcement...

I'll be brief.

"To Know Me, Is To Love Me."

Apparently, there are people who feel that they can tell me about myself, for they have interacted with me for just a few minutes.

*Blank Stare*

If you are such an "Expert" on the topic of Me, tell me one thing about myself I that have not told Anyone (Blood, Friends, Other).

... ... ...

I Thought so.

Lesson? A Simple One.

If I tell you about myself (by your request) and I tell you about myself and you decide to go forward in your interaction with me, you are NOT an Expert on the topic of Me UNLESS you have extensive knowledge on said topic based on taking the time in actually getting to know the topic.

Thank You.

~© 2010 Andrew Boyd~

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

To Our Grandma Ruby

*My Grandmother has passed away and her Funeral will be this Saturday, September 18, 2010. I was requested to write a poem, and this is what I wrote*

To our Grandma Ruby
With your Heart and Smile.
It is your grace that has humbled us
While we were amazed by your style.
We are feeling all of the Love that you have given us.
As we kept growing older and wiser, your presence was a must.
We took the lessons that we learned from you and are using them wisely today
For it is the path that you laid for us, we will never be led astray.
Your Legacy will live on through us with each passing day
Where you affected us all beautifully, showing us Love in the greatest of ways.
God has called you Home, so you can watch us from above
We can sense you all around us, continuing to shower us with your Love.

We Love You and Miss You

Andrew, Calvin and Renata

~© 2010 Andrew Boyd~

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Public Service Announcement...

Good Day.

My Public Service Announcement is as follows:

“If you cannot accept me at my Worst, what makes you believe that you are entitled to be around in my Life when I am at my Best?”

Oh. I answered my own question; a Sense of Entitlement.

My fellow Bloggers and Followers, has this ever happened to you? You know, where the more that we try to get ahead and do better for ourselves, the more the Stragglers want to come in and try to reap in the rewards in which we worked so hard for? Why do they feel that they are entitled to ride those coattails that we kept clean (or as clean as possible) as we struggled to capture and maintain possession of the Brass Ring in which we are/were attempting to attain? Are they REALLY Entitled to ride with us into the sunset after all of the effort in which we put forth? I am sure that we all have seen this at one point in our Lives. For some, more times than others. I have seen family and some people with whom I once called Friends do just that.

I am a HUGE Believer of the credo, “If I am Successful, then we all are Successful.” Let’s be mindful, there are those that DO fit in that credo’s category, and I am not jabbing them at all. As far as the Stragglers are concerned, I must honestly say, I have seen some of the most obvious Coattail Riders in my Life.

Perfect Example.

Someone with whom I have had a brief relationship with couldn’t handle my illness and couldn’t work up the nerve, let alone the Respect, to acknowledge that fact within them self and inform me of that fact. After my health took a turn for the Greater, they decided that I was “Good Enough” to return to their circle, as if they were doing me a Favor.

*Insert Blank Stare Here, followed by o_O*

Yeah. I hear you Loud and Clear, everyone.

The way that I handled it was a little conventional, and a little factual. Needless to say, that person ceased their communication with me. And I couldn’t be happier.

I just wish that the other ones got a clue with their individual circumstance that somehow caused them to feel Entitled to being in my Life when they certainly are not…

Thank You.

~© 2010 Andrew Boyd~

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Controversy CAN Be Beautiful!!

*Looking up at the Award*


I never knew that there are Awards for being a Beautiful Blogger! I would like to Thank the Academy for bestowing this High Honor unto me.


I know my stuff is off the wall and off the hook at times (HA!!), but to see that a young lady, Kali M., thought enough of me to present this Amazing Award has humbled me to the tenth degree!

*Super BIG HUGS and KISSES for Kali*

Thank you!

I have also been instructed to write 7 Random Facts about myself. This, I can do:

-Although I am very active and vocal on FaceBook and other sites, face-to-face, I am LEGITIMATELY SHY. Those that are REALLY Close to me, know this Fun Fact. So now, you all know!

-I love a Good Debate. It is a sure fire way for me to stretch my mind as well as look into the inner workings of others and see their True Character and vice versa.

-I haven't had my First Date until I was 20. I was so engrossed into my studies that young women were not a Priority to me. Education First, and seeing how I can write a resume as well as fill out a Job Application now, I believe I did something right.

-I picked the name "Mr. Controversy" to compliment my Thought Provoking side. Many questions that I ask are interesting and tend to get me into trouble.

-Every time that I finish a blog, I play this song because it has a somewhat sweet melody (If you consider Death Metal a "Sweet Melody"), and seeing that I am a Pisces, I feel it deeply:

-I love to prove people wrong but secretly yearn to hear, "Andrew, you are Wrong." I go against the grain because my personality is that way and I subliminally pick arguments JUST for the thrill of Debate.

-Every night before I go to bed, I play "Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Reverse of Arcadia World Championship 2010." Don't ask me why. I just do. It's like asking why do Dogs bury Bones...

And now, I'll Award 5 Blog Masters that are ALWAYS doing their thing. Congrats to:

Kali AKA "Kween Butterfly" AKA "Kiwi" (All Blogs; Da Kween's Kaleidoscope, Passion Fruit, Words on Wings, and Da Kween Can Burn!)

Joy AKA "Almond Joy" AKA "Be Confessions" AKA "Bumble BE" (Both Blogs; Change One Thing, Change Everything, and Almond Joy's Sweetness...)

Caprice AKA "StarBrite" AKA "Preese" AKA "Preesy" AKA "Whimsy" (Both Blogs; Starr's Sanctuary, and Delectable Verbiage)

Angela AKA "Angie" AKA "LykeBudda" (Still Spillin' The Budda)

Chante (VySyn Photography)

~© 2010 Andrew Boyd~

Monday, August 23, 2010

What Do You Believe: Darwinism or Adam And Eve?

*In Memory of the Late and Great George Carlin, I’ll open this blog with his Routine discussing the Ten Commandments*

Charles Darwin. The Holy Bible.

Darwinism Versus Adam And Eve.

*We can read more on Charles Darwin on this site: *
*We can read more on Adam and Eve on this site: *

I know that my Religious Friends and Family are going to come after me in ways that I didn’t bargain for. Keep in mind, Ladies and Gentlemen, when I write my Controversial Blogs, I make certain that I come prepared and have a case to present when the naysayers come through to dispute MY Thoughts and MY Logic. As the Late George Carlin has said, and I QUOTE:

“LOGIC is something that Religion IS Uncomfortable with.”

So please, for my Religious Family and Friends:

1. I am Catholic. So if ANYONE comes out of their mouth with the word “Atheist,” or any combination of words or wording depicting me as such, have VERY GOOD evidence to support your claims. I Welcome it.

2. No matter how uncomfortable the subject matter, we as People SHOULD keep an open mind and try to learn something about the World in which we live in.

For my Faithful Readers, you know what to expect of me: Thought Provocation and infinite discussions for the Dinner Table.

Let’s Begin!

(Mind You: I am not the only one who is writing about this topic, and I will NOT be the last. Many others WILL Question all things Religious AND Evolutionary, yet we wonder who will be prepared to answer those people and their questions when their time comes.)

Adam and Eve are, according to the Book of Genesis of the Bible and the Qur’an, the first man and woman created by God.

I would like to examine the Book of Genesis, Chapter 2 Verses 5-7, as well as Verses 20-24:

5 and every plant of the field before it was in the earth, and every herb of the field before it grew: for the LORD God had not caused it to rain upon the earth, and there was not a man to till the ground.
6 But there went up a mist from the earth, and watered the whole face of the ground.
7 And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.

20 And Adam gave names to all cattle, and to the fowl of the air, and to every beast of the field; but for Adam there was not found a help meet for him.
21 And the LORD God caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam, and he slept; and he took one of his ribs, and closed up the flesh instead thereof.
22 And the rib, which the LORD God had taken from man, made he a woman, and brought her unto the man.
23 And Adam said, This is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh: she shall be called Woman, 1 because she was taken out of Man.

24 Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.

So, the original Man (Adam) was made “of the Dust of the Ground”? How can he be a “Dust Man” with a complex Internal Circulatory System, amongst other things? That raises a few questions within me: With no water in his body, for Adam would have deteriorated or would have been blown apart by the wind as he moved about (unless “there went up a mist from the earth, and watered the whole face of the ground” was a part of the process), how did he get water in his body as he was created? And if he did have water as he was made of dust, wouldn’t that make him a Mud Man with NO Internal Organs? Also, who is to say that the “Breath of Life,” was a simple breeze that awakened him from a slumber? And how did Adam acquire a Soul from a Simple Breeze, provided that it was just that? I was always under the belief that the body had a Soul once it was in the process of Creation.

I’m just asking.

Now as far as Eve’s Creation goes, the way that verses 20-24 explains, I’ll use Layman’s Terms:

Adam Asexually Reproduced, with an assist from God (Adam’s Rib + God’s Hand = Eve). And the Bible itself documents the VERY FIRST Successful Surgery and Experiment of our World’s existence: Cloning.

I can go one better: Seeing that Eve came from Adam’s Rib, wouldn’t that make Eve a Sibling or a child of Adam? That tells me that when Adam and Eve reproduced, they committed Incest as they were populating the World; Cain and Abel (along with more children) were the end result of their incestuous acts.

Family Tree Wise, and by MY Logic (Let’s all remember that it is MY LOGIC), let’s put it together like this:

Adam and Eve (By way of Cloning via God’s Hand) are Brother and Sister OR Father and Daughter as well as “Man and Wife.” If we go by this logic, wouldn’t that make Cain and Abel not only their children, but their Nephews, Cousins AND Grandchildren? Also, seeing how Cain slained Abel, and Cain had a wife when he was banished from the Garden of Eden, where did this woman come from and who either created or bore her (From extensive research, in the Bible as well as Reliable Sources Online, Cain’s Wife is an Unknown; No name, no origin, NOTHING)? I find it interesting that no Religious Official can neither name nor tell me anything about the parenthesized item to clarify this finding...


I’m sorry. I answered my own question earlier when I said that Cain and Abel along with other siblings were products of incest. Cain’s Wife had to be either his sister, niece, cousin or grandchild (Many years has brought about many children, remember?).

Once again, I am just asking.

Let’s discuss Charles Darwin.

This gentleman has provided us with a lot to think about in the realms of Evolution and how we came to be. He claims that we have come from a specific point of origin (“a warm little pond, with all sorts of ammonia and phosphoric salts, lights, heat, electricity, etc. present, so that the protein compound was chemically formed ready to undergo still more complex changes” AKA The Primordial Soup) where we, Homo Sapiens along with other organisms, have evolved over the millions of years of Existence. He came to the realization that we originated from monkeys, who evolved into Neanderthals and eventually into Humans, our current state for MANY years. And my guess would be, that seeing how History and Darwin’s Evolution theory has shown us a lot, we are still Evolving into our next form in about a million years or more.

By a show of hands, does anyone know why the Coccyx is called the "Tail Bone"? At one time in our millions of years on this Planet, our very first ancestors (The Originators) had a tail. As they evolved, they lost their tail and that stub is what is left of what they had long ago.

In Darwin’s book, “The Descent of Man and Selection in Relation to Sex,” Darwin’s findings suggest that, “It is notorious that man is constructed on the same general type or model with other mammals. All the bones in his skeleton can be compared with corresponding bones in a monkey, bat, or seal. So it is with his muscles, nerves, blood-vessels and internal viscera. The brain, the most important of all the organs, follows the same law, as shown by Huxley and other anatomists.”

Most of us have had Biology Class and Labs, I’m sure. Let me ask you all this:

Have you REALLY paid attention to how the anatomy of animals is SIMILAR to our own? Bone Structure, Organ Placement, etc.? Their brain is ALSO in their head and not anywhere else! Stand ANY Mammal (cat, dog, horse, monkey, etc.) on their hind legs and see what you get; Human-similar structure that don’t necessarily mirror our own, yet the way that they are standing, their organs and bones are placed in the same areas as our own bones and organs.

I can go one better.

According to the article in this link from Technology Review ( ), the title of the piece suggests that Pig-to-Human Transplants is a REAL possibility.

How can that be? Although Animals have their own genetic make up and blood typing, Science IS constantly Evolving and getting stronger as well as smarter to where we can decode the DNA Code in order to live longer from the organs of the VERY SAME Animals that are not only similarly structured as we are, but many of those same animals we consume for sustenance regularly!

Talk about Irony; We Are What We Eat. In every sense of the phrase…

And it was also proven that The Tyrannosaurus Rex has very close relative ties to something that we ALL enjoy on our dinner table: the Chicken.

In essence, T-Rex is Still walking around; Just a little more feathery and much easier to handle, due to Evolving (De-Evolving, dependent on who you speak with about this finding).

Now, those who have come this far into the blog are wondering where I stand on this topic. It is as follows:

I believe in Evolution because Science is Logical. I feel that the Adam and Eve angle is flawed for the one simple fact that God AKA “The Perfect Being” deemed Incest Acceptable when Adam and Eve were birthing children, then later decided that Incest is unacceptable later down the line. So in truth, it was a Circumstantial and Justifiable Act in order to populate the World at one point in time (Which is still being practiced by those who follow Adam and Eve).

Also, Evolution can be put into the same boat as well. In that “Primordial Soup,” How many organisms shared the same Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) Code that we all have today and in the future? Mind you, there are 2 sexes on the Planet (Male and Female); they too Procreated and in turn committed Incest as well, provided that they all came from the same "Primordial Soup" with the same DNA Coding at that specific location and, in theory, there were no other spouts of "Primordial Soup" existing on the Planet (Which raises even more questions and delves into Human and Genetic Imperfections due to said Incest that populated our World today and into the future).

After speaking with the family (Mom, Dad, and Great Uncle), we came to the thought provoking and interesting conclusion that our existence came to be by way of Incest, whether it be that we believe in Adam and Eve OR we came to be through Darwinism.

As the titular question asks as a whole, “What do you Believe?”

~© 2010 Andrew Boyd~