Friday, May 28, 2010

Hiatus: Chapter 22

1. How are you feeling today?

Adjective: Gloomy, depressing, or dismal

2. What did you do today?

Went over my Assignments for the Census for today. Cut up with Dad and my Great Uncle.

3. What are your Thoughts and Emotions today?
Just Blaze - Whatever It Takes

Just a somber mood today...

God Bless and God Rest Gary Coleman.

The first person who asks "Who is Gary Coleman?" to my face will get bent over and spanked.

The Young Generation doesn't have a clue as to what GOOD WHOLESOME TELEVISION is because they have been raped by the Mindless Bullshit that is "Reality TV" (The Hills, True Life, Teen Cribs, Brandy and Ray J, etc.).

Parents, PLEASE buy the "Diff'rent Strokes" Seasons or go onto On Demand and sit their tardy behinds down so they can be educated as to what REAL Television is all about. We know that there were always GREAT Episodes as far as "Diff'rent Strokes" was concerned...

"Diff'rent Strokes was also known for its many "very special episodes", most notably an anti-drug episode ("The Reporter", in Season 5) that featured then-First Lady Nancy Reagan, who promoted her "Just Say No" campaign, and an episode that guest starred Gordon Jump as a pedophile bicycle-shop owner, who attempted to sexually molest Arnold and Dudley.

Other episodes involved Arnold and Willis being rejected by Mr. Drummond's old prep school because they didn't meet the criteria of the entrance exam, a con artist (played by Whitman Mayo) posing as a relative of Arnold and Willis in an attempt to get access to the inheritance they were left by a former neighbor, and Kimberly's new love Roger (who turns out to be racist) not allowing his sister to go to their school's costume ball with Willis because of his race.

In another episode on the dangers of hitchhiking, Kimberly and Arnold were abducted by a deranged man (played by Woody Eney), who initially acted as a "Good Samaritan" and a very nice guy by giving the two of them a ride, and inviting them to his apartment. At the end of that episode, Conrad Bain spoke these words as a Public Service Announcement, "If you know of a case of sexual assault or an attempted sexual assault, please contact your local law enforcement agency or emergency medical facility."

In the final season (when the show moved from NBC to ABC), the one-hour season opener revolved around Sam being kidnapped by a bereaved father (played by Royce D. Applegate) to replace his own dead son. In yet another episode, the family discovered that Kimberly was suffering from bulimia after witnessing her devour an entire sheet cake, and then go to the bathroom to vomit.

Another very special episode dealt with Arnold and Sam meeting a street performer. After a performance, she has an epileptic seizure, and Sam is scared and thinks she is dying. The boys feel uncomfortable around Karen, the performer, and when they are making jokes about her seizures, they find out that housekeeper Pearl herself has epilepsy, but, unlike Karen, has control of her seizures by taking medications."

This may be from Wikipedia, but DAMMIT!!! They hit it on the head with these Special Episodes ALONE. From this show ALONE, I learned:

-Equal Rights and Opportunities for Everyone, REGARDLESS of Race, Color, Creed, Sexual Orientation, etc.
-NOT to do Drugs
-NOT accept rides from or talk to Strangers
-TELL an Adult if I was touched inappropriately
-If I or any Family or Friends were in ANY MEDICAL TROUBLE, seek help immediately, and
-Subjects in the Mirror of Life are not as close as they appear. Be mindful of those that are around and near you.

Now, let's compare these lessons to the lessons that "Reality Shows" are teaching us:

*Drawing a Blank*

Oh Right!!

-To be a Materialistic, Superficial, Goldigging Bastard with Control Issues and a serious case of the "I-WANT-THAT-RIGHT-NOW-itis" instead of having Morals or signs of having a Justifiably Decent Upbringing that would make us products of Society that'll have people take notice of who and what we are all about in a Positive Light to where we would be Coveted and looked upon as Role Models.

And let's take note that All of the "Reality Shows" do not involve Celebrities.

"Tough Love" and "Tool Academy" are just 2 examples of Complete and Purely Mind Wasting, Time Consuming, Utterly Embarrassing "Programs" in the form of FAILS of great magnitude that is lit up on the Shit Marquee of Life.

All the more reason why my Dad often asks the question, "Why do People go on these shows?!"

I'll end this Chapter with a "My Dad On..." Moment!!

My Dad On "Reality TV"...

*Watching Cheaters with Dad*

Me: "Are you nervous, Tommy Two Tone (His hair is 2 colors)?"
*Looking closer, and noticing his eyes shifting too much*
"Is he reading from a script?"

Dad: "He IS on National Television. I don't get why these people do this show!"

Me: "It's something to watch!"

Dad: "And to get embarrassed!
*Yelling at the TV*
"I told you that girl was a Ho! I did her!!"

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