Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Who's Hungry, OR, Who Isn't Willing To Let It Go?

*It's Lunch Time at your Office! You look into your bag, only to realize that you do not care for your lunch. Someone approaches you, sees your lunch, and offers a trade. Looking at them, you politely decline. Although you do not want this lunch, you do not wish to let someone else have what is yours...*

You know what, Ladies and Gentlemen? This is an interesting scenario. You don't want the Lunch, yet you do not want anyone else to have it either. Can someone please explain to me EXACTLY what is going through your head when you travel this road and reach this destination?

Of course, what I wrote was a Metaphor; an interesting one to say the least. I am actually going to apply this line of thinking to Romantic Life.

Think about it:

Let's say that the Lunch is someone with whom you have NO Romantic Interest. You don't want that individual, YET at the same time, you do not want ANYONE ELSE to have that person. How is that possible? You are Single, and you feel that you want the Great Looking Guy/Gal that is not available. However, there is the Average Joe/Jane that is Single as well (all around Good Natured Soul) that sees you as the Sun and the Moon for quite some time now. You two converse often, share some laughs, and get along rather well. They approach you about a potential relationship with them, and you SHOOT THEM DOWN HARD, COLD, AND FAST ("You are a Good Guy/Gal, BUT..." is the Kiss of Death that you deal).

So, this person moves on without you. After "a while" (Read: The AWKWARDNESS of the Event's outcome), they start speaking with another person of interest. These two are getting along REALLY WELL, and it looks like it could turn into something Serious. You see this going on, and you run interference, in the name of preventing something of "Great Value" blossoming between those two parties.

So my question to you is this:

WHY are you running an Interference Audible with someone who ONCE looked at you in that Light, you said No for WHATEVER REASON you had at that point in time, only for you to execute the "I am SUDDENLY INTERESTED in you NOW!!!" play when they show interest in another person?

Oh!! I KNOW!!!

You're Selfish, and cannot stand to see someone else be happy! MAYBE, it is the fact that they are NO LONGER interested in you, for they do not see you in that light anymore, and you are trying to be relevant once more! Or is it that notion that you are THAT SMALL, that you desire everyone to wallow in your Self Pity.

I Could Be Wrong, AS USUAL...

Then again, my Personal Experiences and History as well as others' Personal Experiences and History has Proven Otherwise. I know several GREAT PEOPLE who have been dismissed by those that feel that their Shit DOES NOT Stink. I have seen those dismissed people land onto the Island of Misfit Toys feeling hurt, ashamed, and embarrassed. Yet, those dismissed people got back on the horse, and were discovered by someone that Genuinely desires them and wishes to be and build something with them as you look on in a Green-Eyed manner. And what is your response?

CERTAINLY NOT "I am happy that you and that person found each other, and I wish nothing but he Best for you all!" It is you approaching the Budding Bond, running an interference, and to add insult to injury, SPIT on the Lunch you did not want ANY DAMN WAY.

Smooth, and VERY Mature. *Side Eyeing*

My Bottom Line is this: Eat Your Lunch. If you do not want it, let it go. If someone is looking at that lunch and wants it, LET THEM HAVE IT. Move On, and go for something that compliments your stomach better. Spitting on it is only going to show your True Character, and have others look at you in the Light with which you have provided.

And if you do, Pack for a long stay on The Island of Misfit Toys.

~© 2011 Andrew Boyd~