Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Hiatus: Chapter 14

1. How are you feeling today?

Verb Past Tense: To be shocked; overwhelmed

2. What did you do today?

Went to my Daily Meeting with the Census and got a New Assignment. Came home and prepped for tomorrow by filling out my Time Sheet and reviewed my Assignment. Spoke with Dad about Family and Life. Spoke with friends that are going through a little rough patch.

3. What are your Thoughts and Emotions today?
Kanye West's "Stronger"

My Best Friend Ric CLEARLY STATED that this song here Defines My Being and Who I Am. Thank You.

People, I must say, I am Completely Stunned about how we as People put a Limitation on ourselves as far as Wanting, Needing, Having, Doing and Being Better in and for our Life.

This Conversation comes about under this roof almost every single day when Dad and I speak on this topic. I also spoke with many friends about this topic as well and got PLENTY of reactions that made me smile, honestly. It tells me that they have thought about it as well.

Let me dive right into this:

Let's take Men and Women who are Established and are making Waves in having the things necessary to keep their heads above water. We can all agree that we do in fact NEED something (SOMEONE, said the Signifying Monkey) to give us that extra Push to put our Best Foot Forward to attract a Better Quality of Person to enhance our Life.

My problem comes in where we lower our Standards to where we deal with Sub Par Individuals that have nothing going for them, OR they have something going for them and they are Selfish with theirs, not wanting to Assist and Aide their BF/GF/Husband/Wife to help them up and be on their Level.


Really, People? This is what we are teaching the Younger Generations, Namely our Children, Siblings and Young Realtives as well as Being a COMPLETE AND UTTER EMBARRASSMENT to those with whom had their hand in our upbringing? The WHOLE PURPOSE of our Upbringing was to Be, Do, Desire, Want, Need, Earn, Perform AND Have Better than our Parental Counterparts!!! Now, we have the majority of them hanging their heads in shame because the Majority of us are Not living up to OUR Expectations as far as doing better than them.

I got to go there and say this: Hooking up with the Knucklehead Man or Woman that does nothing but SHIT to and towards You is FUCKING TIRED!!!

I'm Single because:

1. I don't go out much. Ric and I agree on this.
2. Finding someone who is of great Quality is FEW AND FAR BETWEEN. I HONESTLY met those, that I can count on both hands, that Measure Up and are Worth My Time as far as Pursuing them to be a Part of My Life. The thing that I DO NOT GET IS...

Those people that I have and had an Interest in CONSTANTLY TELL ME "You are 'TOO GOOD' for Me."


So, you want the Fucked Up Dude to go with your Fucked Up Self. This is what I am to understand? You CANNOT sit there and tell me that you didn't mean it that way!

I will Allow myself to break it down very simple for you all, MEN AND WOMEN ALIKE. Someone says to you, "You Are 'TOO GOOD' For Me," IS FUCKING LYING!!! And those that know me LIKE THAT, KNOWS that I'll say it to their face and DARE THEM to tell me otherwise with a Straight Face on their person. Let me Translate this Quote for You:

What these individuals are REALLY SAYING is, "In order to be on YOUR Level, I have to Upgrade Myself in order to meet you Eye to Eye and be VIABLE. Yet in Reality, I am COMFORTABLE in the Position in which I am in, and Feel that I DO NOT as well as COMPLETELY REFUSE to Be Better in order to Have and Do Better."


Trust Me when I say, I RATHER HEAR THAT TRANSLATION AS OPPOSED TO THAT FUCKERY BULLSHIT WAY BEFORE You come out of your Mouth with "You are 'TOO GOOD' For Me." If you don't want to be with that person, Show some FUCKING Common Courtesy and Let them know that you have ZERO INTEREST in being with that person because you rather Whine, Bitch, Moan and ALL OUT Complain about your Life and Situation.

All in all, we'll just look at You and either Convince You that YOU ARE WORTH IT, or we go on to the Next Person and you miss out.

How does it feel to hold your Ball and not have a Partner to throw it to, and is Dependable AND Reliable to where they can lift you up from your Abyss?

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