Saturday, August 31, 2013

A Brief PSA for the Parents

If you tell someone the Truth, you expect a bit of resistance, then ultimately realization from said person (HOPEFULLY).


There WILL be Times (as you will find out, Moms and Dads), that the VERY THINGS that you taught your children (Tell the Truth and Defend Yourself) WILL be turned on You; most likely in the name of them making a Strong Point, NOT as a Sign of Disrespect (EVEN IF you feel and view it as such).

You will be faced with Two Choices:

-Stand and Face the Music, or
-You will Fight your Child.

My Question is a Simple One:

If you taught your child to Tell the Truth and to Stand Up and Defend their Ground, WHY would you get angry at the VERY THING that YOU YOURSELF taught them to do if the situation arises?

Is it that you Fear the Lessons Taught were going to be your bane? Or, do you Fear that you will no longer have a relationship with your child because they did this with/to you?

Honestly, that is the Risk that must be taken. How it is handled, is Completely Up To You.