Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Hiatus: Chapter 1

I'll be conducting a Three Question Interview with Myself during my Haitus from the Internet...

1. How are you feeling today?

Past Tense: To be removed from association or union with something

2. What did you do today?

Woke up around 6.30A, Shaved my head and face to make my beard presentable. I mailed a package, which is heading North. I did a little Banking, walked around in Center City and South Street and Light Shopping.

3. What are your Thoughts and Emotions today?

I feel that this song was and is Appropriate for today, due to my listening to it on repeat...



Read the words that are written in my face
Oh I believe them, I believe them
*Verse 1*
It's a shame that they lost their head
A careless man who could wind up dead
You wear your sin like it's some kind of prize
Too many lies, too many lies
These words are true and I'll make you believe
Yeah, you fight for air and struggle just to breathe
And you wear your cowardice well
And I will see you ride it straight to Hell
*Verse 2*
It's written in my face, the shadows of my eyes
When the devil comes a-calling, it breaks your earthly ties
The land will break and the seas will rise
The wind will rage as it burns up the sky
All your beliefs will be broken and fall
On your final day, cause I'll end it all

On this Day, my being detached from the Internet felt oddly Refreshing and Negative. It's a new feeling and experience. It will take some getting used to, and maybe my mood will change in time.

It seems that as much as I was Online, I forgot what the City looked like. It actually felt good to see The City and my fellow Philadelphians. As I walked through Rittenhouse Square, I saw a Terrier that had the shape of a Daschund. It was really cute, grey and black in color. Timid and Obedient with its Border Collie brother (or sister). The weather was Beautiful as I walked around the City, and took a few pics of Philly Fuckery (or Phuckery, dependent on your tolerance of Humor) on South Street and at One and Olney Plaza.

I also went in on a Blog written by a Very Dear Friend of mine. I was pretty Harsh and Extremely Honest with my feelings on the subject matter. I didn't mean to sound malicious or anything of the sort and if I did, I sincerely Apologize for my Emotions.

My baby brother came by to pick up his new phone today and tasted some of our mom's roasted veggie platter. It was really nice to see her cooking again, on the account of her Diabetes. It renewed Hope within me that there are STILL Sparks in her that shows her passion for the one thing that she loves: Cooking.

And Yes, there was a "My Dad On..." Moment! LOL!!

I am Very Thankful for your Understanding and Support during these next 27 Days of Trials, Tribulations and Trailblazing.

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