Monday, May 10, 2010

Hiatus: Chapter 7

1. How are you feeling today?

Adjective: That cannot be stopped or surpassed; unbeatable

2. What did you do today?

Woke Up SUPER Early, 6:20A to start my return to the Workforce. Completed Day One of the US Census Training, Ordered Dinner for the Family

3. What are your Thoughts and Emotions today?
MVPuppets: Unstoppable

You know what, Family? THIS Video Here?! *Pointing Upwards with Assertiveness*

THAT is what I am feeling today! UNSTOPPABLE!!!

My First Day BACK IN THE WORKFORCE!!! Granted, it is Temporary. I could CARE LESS at this point because it is getting my foot in the door for MANY MORE Opportunities. An Employer (The US Government NO LESS!!) sees The Big "P" Word within my being...


Which is why I am going to examine the Appealing Nature of a good number of people who would rather choose to be with someone who is Intellectually Inferior as oppose to someone who is an Equal to their Psyche and can Enhance that person to a whole new level. PLEASE NOTE that I said A GOOD NUMBER, not All People. Let me ask you, The People, some things...

What is SO Appealing about a person whose every other word is a four letter Expletive or Negative Words that are Derogatory towards a person's Creed or Character? What about the person who has Good Credit (Or is Able to Establish to a Line of Good Credit), can speak other languages (and not use the Cuss Words of the Foreign Language, but actually CAN Hold a Conversation in that other language), that has UNLIMITED Potential with the Common Sense and Book Smarts to match?

Are you telling me that You Yourself DO NOT Want to be a part of that until it suits your "Needs" which will be when that Bullshit gets Old? Honestly, it should have been Old from the jump, yet people "Want" the "Excitement" (Drama is the Most Appropriste Word) until they get shot up. I cannot say Physically and/or Emotionally Beat Down because those people STILL did not get the message when they have/had the Black Eye, the Broken Nose, Bones, Will And Heart.

I am just simply Speechless. At the Risk of Sounding Better than that kind of Thinking as well as a Self Righteous BASTARD (Because I have had that happen with me MANY TIMES BEFORE), People know better than to go for the Limited Individual as oppose to finding someone who will Actually be Good for them and their Life. I mean, WHY Set the Bar so Low for yourself by affiliating with someone that is Sub Par and has Zero Potential so you can feel like the Superior Participant in the Pairing?

No Bueno Senors, Senoras Y Senoritas. No Tan Bueno...

There, I said it.

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