Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Poetik Enterkourse (An Andrew Boyd and Rashan Hairston Collaboration)

Let me Stroke those walls gently,
As you massage me with sensual vigor.
Stimulate my mind as I taste what you have to offer.
Show me what you have in store for me,
And I'll sniff out your deepest potential.
I wish and desire to listen to your pleasure
As you speak the words with which I seek.
I await your tongue to grace me with your linguistics,
So I may enjoy and indulge and get swept away in you...

With your sexy bare nakedness
Solid is your chest that is rock hard
A warm chest from where I felt your heartbeat,
Nipples erect, stiff and stout
All of which caused my panties to get moist
Beckoning is my navel to sensual serenity
The perfect center piece of my naked body symmetry
That is located right above the vulva, which is the remedy
Of calming the urge manifested in your center most extremity
Pre-cum juices giving the head of your shaft a sheen
Secreted upon visual stimulus, I made you cream
Then penetrating my centermost cavity, my vaginal source
Such is the start of our poetik enterkourse...

Words painting a Pretty and Delicate work of art
As you get a grip on the easel and brush being used.
Your body's response is priceless,
Like the greatest masterpieces of our time.
Your Creative juices flowing from every open orifice
As it pours out in ways that are favorably desirable
To my mind; nourishing my body as well as my soul.
Mentally Erect and Physically at my peak,
The slickness is felt in many ways.
The grip that you possess is of great strength and control.
Harmony is on the rise between us.
Inside ourselves, the Fires of Passion are just beginning...

Experiencing what I believe to be a sexual renaissance
With every thrust, bump and grind, I move in response
Delicious is the feel of my feminine rose
As we make love and recite to each other sensual prose
In comparison to the movement and feel, there was nothing else
The love faces I made alone, is as much of a turn on as the act itself
Seemingly choreographed...yet unrehearsed
As you make love to my body, I make love to your soul with each poetic verse
The lights down low, with a dimness to surround us
I held on, putting my arms and legs around you
Time passed, we both look down, to the goings on about
In my receptacle, you are churning in and out
To explain the feeling with words...I'm at a loss
As we both watch your shaft dip my pussy, like a lobster tail dipped in butter sauce
Tantalizing my pussy with a quiet fury and force
Tasty is the feel of our poetik enterkourse

Causing poetry to gush with an erotic clamor you held me all night,
A hold from which we wouldn't divorce and verbalized verses of rhyme,
Capping off our Poetik Enterkourse!

~© 2011 Andrew Boyd~
~© 2011 Rashan Hairston~