Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Hiatus: Chapter 9

1. How are you feeling today?

Past Tense: Completed; Done; Effected

2. What did you do today?

Day 3 of US Census Training with a Final Exam at the End of Training to determine my Fate as an Enumerator. Headed Home and Had dinner with the family. Conversed with my Parents, Profoundly discussing Life. Watched TLC with Dad.

3. What are your Thoughts and Emotions today?
Mission: Impossible Theme (Short Version)

Granted, it should be called "Mission: Accomplished!!" to describe my day today!

Day 9 of Hiatus has given Birth and Blessings to the fact that The Final Day of US Census Training is over and I passed my Final Exam 85/100, only 3 questions wrong out of 20 worth 5 points each!!


But this Nerd is getting PAID!! See how important it is to keep your nose in the Books? You will eventually find Employment that'll pay your Worth! I will admit. There have been times that I nearly Gave Up as far as finding Good Work, yet I knew that thinking wasn't Right. I flipped it from "Give Up," to "NEVER Give Up." I Needed to Psychologically Energize myself to keep pushing in order to be rewarded for my Hard Work and Determination.

My Whole Deal is, if you are Hungry Enough to have a Better Situation for your Needs and Accomodations, you will push yourself to the Limit to have and Be the Absolute Best that you can be and know that you have the Heart, Fire, Determination, Ambition and Motivation within you to make it happen.

BUST YOUR ASS, PEOPLE!!! Doing that WILL Yield Rewards!!

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