Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hiatus: Chapter 10

1. How are you feeling today?

Adjective: Strange; queer; odd

2. What did you do today?

Slept in after having 3 Great Days with US Census Training. Got my Laundry done as I spoke with friends about their goings on.

3. What are your Thoughts and Emotions today?

As Chapter 10 is being Birthed by and from my hands, I cannot help but feel peculiar about what I am doing.

REAL TALK. WHY am I doing Hiatus? What is the Purpose?

The reason Why I am Doing Hiatus is to see the forest for what it is. I Need to see clearly as far as what I am doing with and to myself. Plain and Simple.

The Purpose is for Self-Improvement and Enlightenment into my Character and Being. I can see the Code in my Hiatus Chapters taking form, where anyone who has been following it Faithfully, May or May not see what I am seeing as far as the hidden message.

At this point, I COULD End Hiatus and Decode, but there is so much more that MUST Be Learned about myself and my Mentality in order to obtain Complete and Total Enlightenment.

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