Sunday, December 30, 2012

My 2012 in Review


2012 has had MANY Ups, Downs, Twists AND Turns, huh? Let's NOT Waste any time, and Let's Jump into this Review!!


The End of The World AKA The Apocalypse was nothing more than the Twinkies Apocalypse, and the Dawn of the Age of Aquarius. The Meteors, Secret Planets, and Natural Disasters were all averted thanks to the Great Timing of Mother Nature, and Mr. and Mrs. Universe!


The Mayan Calendar DID End, yet it simply and merely exhibited the End of a Cycle; the Age of Pisces. Seeing that the Age of Aquarius is upon us, who knows what this age will yield. Good and Bad, of course, as does every Age and Year has previously shown. We shall all see what will be in store for as these days progress.


MANY Highlights this Year!!!

Learning and Growing is ALWAYS A Positive! I learned more about myself in regards to Life as well as my Personality: I am a Stubborn Ass who Cares about people. I Give A LOT of F's, vs. those that have Zero F's to Give. Call me Human; aren't we all? I guess a number of us tend to care a bit more about others than most, and that is what makes us Stronger and Wiser later down the line. And to that, I am DAMN PROUD to be in the "I Give an F" Populous.

I left my Comfort Zone a bit more this year; letting my guard down has given me much more Perspective as to My Personality and how I conduct myself in My Social Life as well as in Public. In doing so, I did a little Travel, hung out with and met Good People, did a Photo Shoot, and enjoyed the Company of others overall. To those people, I Thank You for having me! I look forward to being around You All in 2013!!

I have also been on a Writing Tear lately, and I am VERY CLOSE to Publishing my First Poetry Book! I have enough poems for TWO Poetry Books, and My Erotic Thriller Novel! 2013 WILL BE The Year of Andrew Boyd; Put Your Money on That!! Many Thanks to my Friends and Family who have been behind me and have Supported and is still Supporting me during this Exciting Time! 2013 WILL see this Happen!

Those that know me, know that My Days have been a Lot More Sunnier, and I am VERY Humbled, Blessed, and Honored to have this occurring at this point in my Life! I cannot wait to see what My Sunnier Days have in Store for me!

Also, I have a NEW Brother-In-Law AND Nephew!! My first Nephew Noah is a Big Brother now to Aiden, as my Sister Latoya got Married in April of this Year to Mr. Marvin Richardson! I have had the Honor and Privilege to witness their Beautiful Day and write a Special Poem for the Newlyweds and their budding Family! She now has her hands full with 3 Men! God Bless each and every one of them and their Growing Family!!

The BIGGEST National Highlight of 2012 is the Re-Election of Mr. President Barack Obama! His 2008 Victory was NO FLUKE, due to the Amazing Election of 2012.

Anti-Christ? Communist? Dictator?

Do those people, the ones that have called The President these words, KNOW the TRUE Definition of said Words?


Then they Need to Shut Up: Bottom Line.

If they can do a Better Job of being President, WHY DID THEY NOT RUN FOR OFFICE?

Mr. President Barack Obama: Thank You. I am Honored to have Witnessed You Make History; Not only because You are the VERY FIRST Two Term African American President, You are the First Two Term Democratic President that a Large Number of Americans Believe in since Bill Clinton. And IF people continue to Blame You for things that are going wrong in this Nation, then they need to look in the Mirror and ask themselves, "What Good have I Done today AND lately, so that My Nation is Successful and Thriving?"

I'm being Honest; those that know me, KNOWS.

As with every Highlight, there are Low Lights.

The biggest Loss and Low Light for me was the Termination of several Friendships that I BELIEVED were going to remain Strong. Those that you believed to be confidants turn out to be something that you do not expect.

Ever had someone laugh in a sinister manner behind your back WHILE they are hugging you because "They Know Something that You Do Not" UNTIL it was Too Late?? YEAH: THOSE TYPES.

Unfortunately there are those in Life that claim to be on your side, only to Disappoint you in the end and show their True Colors and Motives. What do we do in these instances? Learn and Grow; the SINGLE GREATEST Lesson in Life is to NOT Repeat History; if it is indeed repeated, then there is/was no Lesson Learned, and those that failed to grasp the lesson(s) ARE AND WILL Be Doomed to Repeat their previous indiscretions.

What Have I Learned in the year Two Thousand and Twelve?

I learned a lot, namely Patience.

Granted, I am a VERY Patient Guy already, yet I needed to Fine Tune My Patience so that I may reap the rewards of this year. As I said earlier, I stepped out of my Comfort Zone; dated a bit, learned what and who I need in My Life, and my doing so has paid dividends in ways that I NEVER would have imagined. To that, I say "YAY!!!" *INSIDER*

Patience is So Very Key in One's Growth and Forward Progression; you can stop and smell the roses while things play out, enjoy the scenery as you walk about daily. Of course there will be bumps in the road as you make your way from Point "A" to Point "B". What would a Tough and Lesson filled Road be without a few bumps, right? Those Bumps are the Lessons; we can choose to take the Lessons so we may Grow and Evolve, or we Curl Up, Succumb, and Submit to them and not Move Forward. I know WAY TOO many people that buckled under the pressure of Learning, and they have paid dearly and severely for it.

All I am saying is simple: Learn from the things that are going on in your Life, and You WILL benefit from said Learning.

I also Learned about Loyalty.

As I have touched on earlier, there was a Mass Termination of Friendships that was necessary for My Growth. It is a Sad Day where there are people that chose to traverse a road that should have never been traversed, yet they do it because they feel that they are Above others and can get away with things.

Shame on Them.

Life Lesson for everyone: You ARE Worth the Effort, Time, Patience, and Trouble.


I see Why people Jump through Hoops to be friends with others: this World is Shady as Hell, to a point where Loyalty is Valued as well as Trusted in ways that was NEVER Anticipated!! Having people Jump through Hoops all in the Name of knowing Who is Who in Your Life IS Necessary in order to know and understand Who AND What You have going on in your circle. Always be aware of Who is in Your Life who will either Help or Harm You; Life is NOT That Complicated. Life IS Black and White: Thing is, Variables make things Complicated (Emotions are the Largest Factors), and mainly causes Gray Areas.

All I ask of everyone is easy: Be Wary of the Company with which You Keep. Sure it sounds like those that are around you are Questionable, yet it is always best to Err on the Side of Caution. My Circle is Small and Tight, mainly because I Value those within said Circle; and I am confident that they Value me just as much as I Value each and every single one of them.

I am looking forward to 2013! There is a lot to experience with the upcoming Year, and I cannot wait to see how things pan out!! How I left 2011, will be the same way that I will leave 2012:

Thank You All for Reading My Ramblings, Liking My Posts, Links, and Randomness (Esp. the Deep And Crazy Ones!). I Love Each and Every One of my Friends, Acquaintances, Allies, and those that Taught me to Know Better (And I DAMN SURE WILL!) in The Facebook Nation, The Twitter Universe, Blogger's Blogosphere, and ALL OVER The Social Media as a Whole.

Thank You All, I Love You All, and See You All in 2013!!!


~© 2012 Andrew Boyd~