Monday, July 15, 2013

Logical Component: Activated


This write reflects My Thoughts, Views, and Opinions as to the events that have recently occurred. I am on the side of Logic when it comes to certain subject matters. In said alignment with my Logical Component, it is and was necessary to shut down and shut off my Emotional Component in order to have a Clear Mind on said topics. It may or may not and/or will or will not be the Most Popular write that I will do, yet the two things we as People CANNOT argue are Facts, and Logic. If you feel that my write is complete hogwash, then feel free to turn your back on my write. If you feel that I may have some sort of Validity in my write, I Thank You for thinking that highly of my words. All I ask of you, is to turn off your Emotional Component, and activate your Logical Component.

My heart goes out to Trayvon Martin, his Family, and his Friends. I pray deeply as well as passionately for their healing to continue. I pray that they may find Peace and Understanding during this difficult time.

I too, pray for George Zimmerman, his Family, as well as his Friends. I pray deeply that despite his knowledge of being acquitted of his crimes, he is knowledgeable about his not being innocent. I also pray that he learns from this heinous act and all that came with said act.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I come to you today to say that the Case and Trial of George Zimmerman is about Right and Wrong.

Was race a factor in his actions as well as the case?

Perhaps, citing that his 9-1-1 call has recorded words that he used that COULD suggest that Mr. Zimmerman is racist ( On the recording, Zimmerman is heard saying, "these assholes, they always get away."; "these" and "they" could and most likely have racial undertones. "Fucking Coons..." in one other, or the same, 9-1-1 call could be heard if one listens carefully).

The thing that is intriguing to me about this case is, the number of people who have supported George Zimmerman without REALLY knowing who George Zimmerman is as a person in this Nation.

POSSIBLY, White Supremacy groups of all kinds are backing and singing the praises of a White Man who killed a Black Boy. Their hatred and disgust for the African American Community as a whole is not surprising as well as obvious. Will they change their tune when they hear, let alone RESEARCH, what I have researched and learned? Maybe, maybe not; it would be interesting to see how they would respond to what I and several others discovered about Mr. Zimmerman...

George Zimmerman is NOT All Caucasian. George Zimmerman is the child of a Jewish Man who happens to be a former magistrate (Robert J. Zimmerman served as a full-time magistrate from 2000-2006. Please be advised that in Virginia magistrates are judicial officers, but they are not considered "judges" and do not possess trial jurisdiction. Read more here: and a Peruvian Woman (the South American country of Peru). Surprisingly, he can PASS for Caucasian.

Think about it: How many other people of color do you know that can pass for another race?

George Zimmerman is MULTI-RACIAL, Brown in Blunt Terms (Mr. Zimmerman is Jewish, Peruvian, and his ancestry includes and shows that his great-grandfather is Afro-Peruvian). Mr. Zimmerman's bloodline is that of former slaves (Jewish side definitely, Peruvian POSSIBLY, provided how some may view how the Conquistadors took over Peru in December of 1532 and established viceroyalty in 1542 which ultimately led to rebellion and independence 1821).

Yeah, Yeah: George Zimmerman's skin color isn't like mine, my Family's skin color, many of my friend's skin color, and isn't subjected to "That Word" on a daily basis like our ancestors and those living in areas of the Nation that use that word freely.

I ask for one favor: Work with me, please; wade in this water a little more as I speak a bit more about this angle.

George Zimmerman (in the POSSIBLE language and mindset of those devout to the White Supremacy groups as well as its beliefs) is a Nigger who lessened the Nigger Population by one with what he did that night when he shot and killed Trayvon Martin. Mr. Zimmerman did their dirty work with his actions.

I apologize to anyone and everyone who I have offended by using the dreaded N-Word. I ONLY use that word when necessary (those CLOSEST to me knows that I use that word in Merriam Webster's 2nd definition of an ignorant person; NEVER as a "term of endearment" or fling it around freely in any other circumstance).

As I stated earlier, this is a case about Right and Wrong.

-Was George Zimmerman In The Right to use excessive force (as many feel and believe) in subduing and compromising the Life of Trayvon Martin?
-Was George Zimmerman justified in following a young African American teenager and "taking the Law into his own (and possibly incapable) hands"?

Let's take on the first question: Was George Zimmerman In The Right to use excessive force (as many feel and believe) in subduing and compromising the Life of Trayvon Martin?

From what we have gathered/was told by the media, the authorities, etc., Trayvon Martin had nothing more than a pack of Skittles candy, and a Watermelon Arizona drink in a can. At best, he has (in his possession) items that could be used as projectiles (both the candy and the drink) and a potential melee weapon IF the Arizona drink was unopened (weight of the can coupled with the strength and size of Trayvon Martin will dictate its effectiveness). Trayvon had no gun, no knife.

George Zimmerman had a gun and SUSPICION that Trayvon was a criminal.

To all of us on the outside looking in, George Zimmerman killed an unarmed minor child. The reason behind Zimmerman's attack/assault/self defense is feeling that he was threatened by Trayvon Martin. Let's not forget, George Zimmerman (in the view of many, and by a lot of public opinion) Wrongly AND Racially Profiled Trayvon Martin. George Zimmerman, according to what we were told as well as what we have heard in the 9-1-1 call, "Do Not Pursue" the young man was advised. George Zimmerman did the opposite; following the young man, questioned him FROM HIS VEHICLE, Stepped OUT of his vehicle, and then engaged him. In the engagement, Mr. Zimmerman was compelled to use his gun to fend off his attacker.

Based off of this scenario, George Zimmerman was LOOKING for a reason to look for a fight AND use his gun. People WILL argue that he had the right to stalk Trayvon Martin, and I have seen it unfold on several Facebook Pages. Needless to say, blood boiled within many people due to those siding with George Zimmerman. Regardless of skin color, people were ticked off for not siding with the "Right Side".

Of course, Devil's Advocate COULD view the events that Trayvon Martin used his purchased items to attack George Zimmerman AFTER he discovered Trayvon snooping around the gated community, using said items to do great harm to George Zimmerman, causing Mr. Zimmerman to use his gun.

At the end of the day, Trayvon Martin DID not have a deadly weapon whereas Mr. Zimmerman did. That fact cannot be denied. As far as excessive force being used, that is dependent with whom you are speaking about the topic. For me, Logically, George Zimmerman DID use excessive force, for the simple fact that George Zimmerman is mathematically bigger body wise, and was MORE than capable of pushing Trayvon Martin off of him, thrown a couple of punches and/or kicks to take him down, allowing the authorities to handle things from there once they have arrived.

Next, the second question: Was George Zimmerman justified in following a young African American teenager and "taking the Law into his own (and possibly incapable) hands"?

Simple answer (and MANY will not like his response):

In George Zimmerman's mind, Yes. He felt justified because he felt that Trayvon Martin did not belong in the community. George Zimmerman MORE THAN LIKELY did not know who he was, let alone engaged with Trayvon Martin prior to this situation so that he would have been familiarized with him.

If that is the case, why does his father live in this community, and his father KNEW where his son was going and EXPECTED him to return? I would like to believe that Trayvon Martin has a key to his father's housing unit so that he may have access to the home. As far as the public's opinion, some argued that Mr. Zimmerman was within his right to justifiably tail Trayvon Martin, and acted accordingly. Their opinion: I respect their opinion.

The remainder of the public argued that Mr. Zimmerman was NOT within his right to justifiably follow Trayvon Martin, thus causing a different outcome had he not followed. Their opinion: I respect their opinion as well.

At the end of that day, he was told by 9-1-1 dispatch NOT to pursue. He chose otherwise, and the end result occurred.

As far as the trial goes... People will argue that the Prosecution did a poor job, was ill prepared, did not ask (or lacked asking) the right questions, demand with great persistence that George Zimmerman take the witness stand (esp. seeing how he is the ONLY true witness to the crime), along with what ever else they would have loved to have seen during the trial.

People will argue that the defense was incompetent, George Zimmerman's story had more holes than Swiss Cheese, he is/was lying through his teeth about everything that occurred and knows the REAL Story.

There are even people (provided that they are still with me in this write, as well as those who know about this item already) that MAY BE thinking that his father, Robert Zimmerman used his influence to buy the jury so that his son would get off. If that is the case, then this will NOT be MORE than a Race Case; it will be about Who and What George Zimmerman knows as well as his magistrate daddy getting him out of trouble like he has done before:

-In 2005, at the age of 21, Zimmerman was charged with assaulting a police officer and resisting arrest, after shoving an officer while a friend of Zimmerman's was being questioned about underage drinking. The charges were reduced, then dropped when Zimmerman entered a pre-trial diversion program.
-In 2005, Zimmerman's ex-fiance filed a restraining order against him, alleging domestic violence. Zimmerman requested a reciprocal restraining order. Both orders were granted. The incidents were raised by prosecutors at Zimmerman's initial bond hearing. The judge described the incidents as "run of the mill" and "somewhat mild" and rejected the prosecution's claim that the incidents demonstrated that Zimmerman was violent or a threat to the community.

I would like someone to contest (Logically) that Life is NOT about Who you know (keep in mind that there are people in positions of employment, and said people are not qualified for those positions. They got the position due to KNOWING someone on the inside. Also include in your explanation how qualified people are shafted due to this situation [another blog for another day, I know....]).

At the end of the day, Saturday July 14 2013 around 10PM, the Scales of Justice tipped in favor of George Zimmerman and his Defense Team. It has been proven (dependent on your stance) that George Zimmerman DID NOT commit murder in the eyes of the State of Florida. And in this decision by the six women jury, it raises even more questions than giving answers to Trayvon Martin's family as well as the public who sided with the Martin Family.

I have a question for those who have sided with George Zimmerman.

Who are you cheering: The multi-racial vigilante who killed an unarmed African American teenager who was minding his business (according to those who ear witnessed the events), or the privileged son of a Virginia magistrate who may have received a POSSIBLE boost as well as judicial influence from his father and got off the hook because of who he knows and to whom he is related?

~© 2013 Andrew Boyd~