Friday, July 23, 2010

Are You Socially Secure, Or Are You Having Social Insecurities? (Blog Challenge by Angela White, Chante Ramsey and Caprice Todmann) defines the word Security as:

Freedom from danger, risk, etc.; Safety.

I believe we all have asked ourselves this question at least once every two weeks:

“How SECURE are we, really?”

Security is what keeps our minds at ease. It is the Fabric Softener in our Life’s Laundry that prevents Static of all types from occurring. There are a myriad of topics in which to tackle, and I am going to do and be my Best to cover everything. Granted, I may miss a few (or a lot), but I am Secure in myself to know that I am Human; just like everyone else.

Let’s get Philosophical!

First in line: Getting Political with Social Security.

Social Security is defined (by popular belief and what we are told) as the following:

Social Security refers to the federal Old-Age, Survivors, and Disability Insurance (OASDI) program in the United States.
The original Social Security Act[1] (1935) and the current version of the Act, as amended[2] encompass several social welfare and social insurance programs. The larger and better known programs are:
• Federal Old-Age, Survivors, and Disability Insurance
• Unemployment benefits
• Temporary Assistance for Needy Families
• Health Insurance for Aged and Disabled (Medicare)
• Grants to States for Medical Assistance Programs (Medicaid)
• State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP)
• Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

A WHOLE LOT more can be read here:

Seeing how I have been a part of this process since the age of 8 (citing that my Illness is recognized as a Disability by our Government), this is a HUGE part of how those who are limited in their capabilities are able to sustain a somewhat reasonably decent lifestyle.
Yet, there are those who find a way to totally bypass the “Red Tape” and use this benefit to their Advantage as well as for their Misdeeds.

Social Security (Often times referred to as “Welfare” and/or “Public Assistance”) was put into place for the above to protect those individuals for a good number of items, namely assistance for the Elderly and the Chronically Ill. My problem comes in where the Security of this item is being violated by those who want to take advantage of this Benefit. Section 8, Social Security and Public Assistance (I would guess) were put in place to secure the lives and livelihood of those that have been affected in such a way where these particular “Fail Safes” can and will come into play to make life a bit more comfortable for those individuals. To see those that have used and abused this benefit, only gives me a bad chill going up and down my spine because there are many that NEED this benefit in order to cover their bills, medicine, etc. so they can avoid Debt and the Debt Collectors (As well as the occasional 6’10” angry man named “Bones” showing up at the door ready to break a few) as best as possible, but are unable to receive it because of those other individuals sucking the Life out of it.

Bottom Line (and I am playing a Broken Record but hey, I tend to repeat. Sue Me), Social Security is for the ones that are physically and/or mentally unable to perform daily tasks due to old age and/or LEGITIMATE Physical and Mental Handicaps. For someone to take advantage of this benefit because they refuse to Be Better by Doing Better in order to Have Better is just plain L-A-Z-Y (not to mention 2 more words: Welfare Fraud).

So, the Security in Social Security is not all that secure, is it?

How about Homeland Security, Also Known As National Security? How Secure is that? That would be Military, Intelligence, and all things relatable in regards to our Government and how they watch over us all and protecting us from all threats; Foreign and Domestic.

“Big Brother,” as they are affectionately called (Rolling my eyes), is ALWAYS watching us; From keystrokes on our computer to what we watch on Television, even down to the type of Tampons, Pads and Condoms that we all use. Hell, after going to the store for a 10lb bag of Sugar, the Government more than likely knows that I like to use Domino Sugar for my Coffee, Tea and Cereal (Folgers, Lipton, and Unfrosted Shredded Wheat).

I Honestly feel that “Big Brother,” who will more than likely read this when I post it on my Blog Page, is more about Mental Control over the Populace in order to Keep Order. If that is the case, who WAS watching the Gate when the Terrorists attacked and who in the Hell left it open?! How’s that for National Security, Hmmm??

This will tie as well as coincide into my Next Point: The Security of our Privacy.

This, OF ALL THINGS, we should have an Abundance of. The reality of it is, No we do not. Think about it; Hackers, Dishonest Employers and Employees, FAMILY MEMBERS. I could pick these apart individually, yet that would mean more reading for you all. So I’ll keep it simple.

Our information, as we all know, is NEVER really safe. Our Social Security Number, Date of Birth, Home Address, Phone Number(s), is “Private Knowledge” that is needed to open up accounts, apply for loans, jobs, websites, etc., as well as our Parcels which are at risk also. People with the ingenuity and know-how who are very capable of tapping into mainframes and/or able to dig deeply into paperwork can not only take this information for themselves, they can also make this information Public. Why do you think we are always looking over our shoulders? With Technology up and running smoothly nowadays (only to run smoother later down the line), it is as simple as taking a picture on a camera phone; Taking snapshots of your Credit Card(s) and State ID (Saw this on the news a few years ago) and your Identity is stolen while your credit score is taking a dive.

This Security is compromised because of sneaky and cynical people that have nothing better to do than to ride the coattails of those that work hard to keep their information safe as well as secret and their Money where it belongs.

This can also be applied to Home Security.

Let me ask you something: Do you long to undress after you close the door to your home, DIRECTLY at the front door with no worry of anyone walking by seeing you in all of your glory, or looking through a window? How about not worrying about someone who is not welcome in your home, being in your home?

~Mid pleasures and palaces though we may roam,
Be it ever so humble, there's no place like home~

We know this line from the famous song, “Home, Sweet Home,” which has been sung for over 150 Years. Lyricized by John Howard Payne, this famous line embodies what we feel about our Home when we are away from it. It’s one of those feel good songs that you sing when you are on the Road, Hospitalized or just plain away from home.

*Puzzled Look*

Yet, seeing how the World is nowadays, can we REALLY sing these lyrics? I say it is possible, but are we willing to make the moves to where these lines are singable? There are Burgulars, Peeping Toms and anything else we can think of that would violate the idea of what “Home” is.

Look: I can honestly say that WE ALL are trying to be naked in our own place, and we want to walk around where we don’t need to worry about some pervert looking at us outside our window(s) thinking God knows what about us. We could close the blinds, drapes, etc., but it still doesn’t erase the idea that SOMEONE is possibly looking at me or yourself for that matter in the way in which they are looking at you. This can also be applied to Family Security. As far as Family Security, there are too many dangers to list, but even we have to ask ourselves if their Security is at its maximum with all that is going on outside our own Front Door (Nevermind OUTSIDE the city!). Let’s also include those intimate moments with family and friends with prying eyes LITERALLY on the outside looking in.

Home Security? Compromised, but based on how Air Tight you make your home in regards to regulation of your own privacy. Even in the regulation of your home, you shouldn’t have to because you SHOULD feel Secure in it. I don’t know…

Let’s examine Sexual and Relationship Security.

I have a feeling a few people were waiting on this one. I will go in, and see where it’ll take us…

Once upon a time, there was a Special Lesson that we were all taught at one point in our Lives. It is the SINGLE MOST important Lesson that we all were taught. Very few STILL maintain the lesson that was instilled within us.

That lesson is “A Person’s Word is their Bond,” better known by its Common Name, “Face Value.”

Our Word was all we had when we did things and participated in activities that required this. It was the one thing that we were taught and was instilled within us to have and Respect within ourselves, as well as each other. To take something at Face Value is to say, “I Believe you and I Trust what you are saying.” Now that we are in the Time Frame in which we are in, “Face Value” is virtually NONEXISTENT. Nowadays, it is the manipulative mentality that seems to work in Relationships. And in those manipulations, there is no “My Word is My Bond”; it is all about “Game Playing” and the mass hurting of feelings which more than likely damaged or even obliterated that receiving party’s Emotional and Mental Stability. This also affected their Self Security on this topic. This in turn, causes SOME PEOPLE to turn around and do the same damage to others with which was done unto them by that/those person(s) who were the originators of harming the person’s Self (Mental, Emotional and Physical) Security initially.

Simply put: To harm an Innocent Party’s Security because yours was damaged by someone that you initially “entrusted” your Security with, you are NOT Justified in damaging the Innocent Party’s Security. No amount of Justification can smooth, gloss or glaze over the fact that those people that did it to you were trifling and you are carrying THEIR TORCH(ES) by being trifling yourself by way of mimicking their behavior on those that did not have anything to do with what happened to you in your past.

Then there are those that manipulated themselves into a relationship so well, that they keep milking their manipulative skills and taking it one step further after another. The end result eventually transforms itself into the form of being Unfaithful (Majority of the time). And you all know what I mean by that.

It’s not only the Mental and Emotional Security that is at risk, it is also the Physical Security that is on the line.

When people asked their partner with whom they chose to walk Life’s Path, “Are You happy where we are? Do you Love Me? Are you being Faithful?” The recipient of the Question SHOULD be and IS able to give the Questioner the decency and Courtesy of giving their Word and assure them of their Virtuosity in the Relationship (and STAND BY IT in every sense of its meanings). In MOST cases, they should have enough respect for the person with whom is questioning, to be Honesty with them to say “No” so that way, they can make the necessary changes and alterations in order to preserve as well as secure their Life.

Sadly, I know a few people that have been deceived by another’s manipulation (regardless of their relationship status) and have things in their life that CANNOT be erased and/or removed, and are living with something that they did not bargain for and are forced to grow up faster and live even harder, despite their wanting to Quit or Submit, based on their Life Situation(s) (I don’t need to spell it out; The company in which I keep {Which is You All} is a VERY Bright Bunch and knows what I am saying. If not, my phone number is 267.972.7530 and I’ll Spell it out for you then, alright?).

In reference and regards to a Potentially Long Term Relationship and Sexual Relationship’s Security? Compromised, due to a lack of a Person’s Word and their Face Value being Worthless because their Value is tainted because of what they experienced as well as witnessed during their upbringing as well as their lack of Maturity and Maturation. Then passing that “Virus” on to others and infecting the population because they believed somewhere in their mind that “Returning the Favor” on the Innocent is the Best Course of Action at that point in time (My Opinion and Educated Guess, of course).

So, it seems to me that Security COULD be garbage based on the Observations that I and others made as well as experiences in which I was a part of as well as others. To ask the Question “How SECURE are we, really?,” it makes one raise their eyebrow and rethink their position and stance as far as this topic. I know I am walking around with my wallet closer to my body, mindful of what I write (Well, not really. First Amendment is Still Secure. I checked), and read people a lot better than before.

Hopefully, I didn’t scare you with all of what I said and felt while you are double checking the Locks on the doors and windows while drawing the blinds and drapes to a close…

On a Personal Note:

I Honestly had a lot of fun doing this one; These ladies pushed my limits as a Blogger. Doing a good amount of homework, stretching my mind and looking at things with my head cocked to the side is Always Fun for me. And for that my Dear Ladies, I Sincerely Thank You.

~© 2010 Andrew Boyd~