Wednesday, November 7, 2012

God, Bless America...

There is NO Amount of Etch-A-Sketches, Binders Full of Women, Definitions of Rape, Abortion Stopping, Contraception Ceasing, or Voter Suppression that can Neither Stop, Cease, Nor Desist History Striking Twice like Lightning in the Exact Same Spot!

The Incomparable Incumbent Mr. President Barack Obama has Done It! The VERY FIRST Two Term Bi-Racial or African American (Whichever You Prefer to Identify this Gentleman) President. Even more, the First Two Term Democratic President since "Slick Willy" Bill Clinton (Who By The Way, GREATLY Assisted Mr. President into and with his Second Run).

Many People OFTEN  Dreamed of an African American President, and DAMMIT, The People Got Their Wish!!

Our Ancestors are Rejoicing as We Speak. At that time, they were Uncertain of WHEN This Day was to Come; The Day that A VERY Unique and VERY Special Person would Rise Up with Ideals that Define what America Is AND Should Be, that CAN Lead this Country through the Many Faces of Adversity.

As I Type this, I am Humbly Honored and Privileged to Listen to Mr. President Barack Obama Deliver his Speech. Seeing Mr. President standing at the Presidential Podium TELLS ME that his First Win WAS NO FLUKE As Many People have claimed. And to Put the Icing on the Cake, Mr. President Looks like HE BELONGS THERE.

THIS IS FOR REAL: America DAMN WELL KNEW WHO They Were Voting for the First Go Round, and America did it One More Time!!!

No Gimmicks, No Tricks *INSIDER!!!*

Granted, this is a Short Blog, Because I am Sleepy as well as Listening to "Mr. Two Terms" Speak On The Next Four Years, I will Kindly Say This to his Opponent Governor Willard Mitt Romney:

Thank You for Giving and Showing Such a Spirited Personality in Regards to Showing All of Us Who and What You are All About during this Election Season. I Respect You as a Person and as a Human Being. Despite Your Writing Off 47% of the Country as well as Women, I understand that Your Vision of America will Resonate within You and those that are Behind You. Throughout your Gaffes as well as your Flubs in reference to a Myriad of Topics, I Admire how you Brought the Heat to this Election. I Will Not Forget You.

Mr. President Barack Obama, Thank You: For Everything.

Let's See You Do The Damn Thing for Four More Years!!!


~© 2012 Andrew Boyd~