Monday, June 13, 2011

Truth and Honesty

"Do You Swear to Tell the Truth, the Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth, So Help You?"

I Do; And I'll be Honest with it as well.

You know Ladies and Gentlemen, I am Truthful and Honesty for the simple fact that I can put my head on the pillow at night because I got what I needed to get off of my chest. Granted, there were a few times that I "Cushion the Blow" to accommodate Sensitive Hearts and Minds. Yet in Reality as well as Hindsight being 20/20, I should have been Truthful and Honest with those people as well; it would have done a World of Good for them to know that someone Cares That Much or Cares Enough to be that way with them.

Then, there are those that want you to fall in line, and not be Truthful and Honest with them; all in the name of Keeping the Status Quo, Stabilizing the Natural Order, and Going Along to Get Along.


As I have gotten Older, I learned how to harness the Ability of Honesty ('s second definition of Honesty is described as: truthfulness, sincerity, or frankness). I know that when I am Honest, it comes out as if I am Smug, Arrogant, and acting like an Asshole. I have been called Asshole Often because I was TOO Honest at times. Yet, those that I was Honest with, Respected what I had to say, and Respect Me for being that way. They may not like me afterwards, but that is their decision and their feeling towards that situation.

Of course, Honesty and Truth has Side Effects:

-Others have Resentment towards You.
-Disassociation due to others not being able to Handle your Honest Nature.
-Profanity laced tirades that are NOT because of your Being Honest, but rather the recipient CANNOT Accept or Handle the Honesty that was told to them.

And to Be Honest, the Rewards for being Honest are Greater than the Risks in my personal opinion. When I am Honest with people, I feel great because I told that person/those persons how I felt and feel about the question/situation that they have CHOSE to speak with me About (Life is Partly About the Choices We Make, Right?). Also, the air is clear and all of the cards are on the table for everyone to see and know what is being said and what it means.

My Question is Why are People getting upset over Honesty and Truth when they are seeking it?

I Honestly do not know why that is (And I HIGHLY DOUBT that they know either), yet I know that there is an Old saying:

"Never Ask Questions That You Do Not Want To Know The Answers To."

If I want to know the answer as to why "A" and "B" are not equaling "C," and what is it that is going wrong AND what I am doing wrong (Accountability), Best Believe I NEED that Answered. I will Respect someone more if they are Honest AND Truthful with me, as opposed to poo-pooing, hand holding and coddling of any kind. I am not a Baby, and the Majority of those that are reading this are not Babies either.

At least, Physically we are not Babies; Some people that I know need their Binkie and Blankie because of how they handle Adversities.

Yeah, that sounded Asshole-esque. And you know what? If you call me an Asshole, I Greatly Appreciate Your Honesty.

~© 2011 Andrew Boyd~