Thursday, May 6, 2010

Hiatus: Chapter 3

1. How are you feeling Today?

Past Tense: depressed or discouraged by the failure of one's hopes or expectations

2. What did you do today?

Woke up at 8.45A, bought breakfast for my Dad and myself, actually just took it easy today, especially seeing that today is my Great Uncle's Birthday. Was here for him today, picked up his Medication and got him a Singing Hallmark Birthday Card. Mom ordered Ribs and Chicken for his Birthday Dinner. Calvin and I picked him up a Cake and Sherbet for his Birthday Dessert.

3. What are your Thoughts and Emotions today?
Busta Rhymes' "This Means War" With Lyrics

First and Foremost, Happy 70th Birthday to my Great Uncle Daniel!!!

Today was a pretty alright day for Day 3 of my Unplugging from the Internet, until I was listening to Patty Jackson's 411 on 105.3 WDAS FM this afternoon as I was washing the dishes. She reported that Lawrence Taylor, Football Great, Tax Evader, Drug User and Dancing with the Stars Contestant was arrested and charged with assaulting and raping a 15-year-old girl.

A 39 Year Difference.

Now, I am not worried about Lawrence Taylor the Footballer (Just like I don't care about Celebrities and their Status).

I want to Speak On Lawrence Taylor, the "Man."

We all have some kind of sense to where we know what is Right and Wrong, Good and Bad REGARDLESS of our Status in Life. So, you mean to tell me that Lawrence Taylor doesn't know better as far as beating down and raping a teenage girl only to get arrested for his actions because of a Cheap Thrill?!


This has me wondering ONCE AGAIN, if there is a Limit, a Line, SOMETHING for the People who have "Swag" or none at all that there are Consequences for their actions? People forget that NOONE is Above the Law, regardless of Status and Stature in Life. The disappointment that I have towards Mr. Taylor is Astounding, yet not surprising. If he is setting the bar as far as being a Role Model for his Community, then I MUST be missing the mark DRAMATICALLY for my own!!!

It also reminds me of how an Off Duty Philadelphia Police Officer shot and killed a man 2 days ago over a Fucking water fight in the young man's neighborhood. Are you FUCKING SERIOUS?! It's water!! It Dries! And it is helpful on 90-100 Degree Weather, especially if the water is cold! Now his Career is Dicked Over and Lives as well as Families have been destroyed because of his Adolescent and Disappointing Behavior!


Look, I only Respect my Parents and Elders, I am only mindful of those that are around me, Love and Embrace those that are close to me, do Positive things in my Life to Inspire others, and do everything imaginable to be a Better Quality of Person. Wow, Mr. Taylor, the "Man." Am I on the Opposite end of the Spectrum as far as being the Amazingly Fantastic Role Model in which you are perceiving yourself? I am SOOO Sorry for NOT meeting your expectations. What should be my Punishment?

I know!! Revoke My Man Card because I am such a FUCKING DISAPPOINTMENT IN YOUR EYES FOR NOT MEETING YOUR STANDARDS!!! *Handing my Man Card to Mr. Taylor for him to rip to shreds*

This Ignorant piece of "Man" is so sickening and Disappointing as a Man that he has me looking at myself and being Thankful for the way in which I was raised. I don't hit women, I hug them and kiss their cheek. I don't Rape women, I make Love to them (And I DO KNOW THE DIFFERENCE). And let's not forget that even though Mr. Taylor and I graduated H.S. and did College, our paths took different directions. I went on to be a Productive Person in my Life and an inspiration to many that have crossed my path, he went on to the NFL, movies, etc.

But Mr. Taylor as a Man? PLEASE!! I am a Better Man than him because I don't allow outside influences to cause me to be an Embarrassment and Disgrace in MY EYES before anyone else got the chance to see my actions before I. As far as I am concerned, I know who and what I am, and he doesn't have a clue as to who and what he perceives himself to be as a Man. As a Man, I know that there is a thin item on the ground that is called "The Line" which we DO NOT Cross under ANY Circumstances, regardless of the negative situation.

Mr. Lawrence Taylor, the "Man," I am Embarrassed to be a Man today because of your Fuck Up. There are days where I am looking at Deadbeat Dads, dudes that cheat on their lady and criminals as the Scum of the Earth. Once again, you have set a New Standard for Men all across America by Beating and Raping a Defenseless Child. You are no different from the Pretentious Cocksuckers that raped the 7-year-old in NJ last month.

I guess you were trying to show them how it is REALLY Done.

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