Sunday, December 30, 2012

My 2012 in Review


2012 has had MANY Ups, Downs, Twists AND Turns, huh? Let's NOT Waste any time, and Let's Jump into this Review!!


The End of The World AKA The Apocalypse was nothing more than the Twinkies Apocalypse, and the Dawn of the Age of Aquarius. The Meteors, Secret Planets, and Natural Disasters were all averted thanks to the Great Timing of Mother Nature, and Mr. and Mrs. Universe!


The Mayan Calendar DID End, yet it simply and merely exhibited the End of a Cycle; the Age of Pisces. Seeing that the Age of Aquarius is upon us, who knows what this age will yield. Good and Bad, of course, as does every Age and Year has previously shown. We shall all see what will be in store for as these days progress.


MANY Highlights this Year!!!

Learning and Growing is ALWAYS A Positive! I learned more about myself in regards to Life as well as my Personality: I am a Stubborn Ass who Cares about people. I Give A LOT of F's, vs. those that have Zero F's to Give. Call me Human; aren't we all? I guess a number of us tend to care a bit more about others than most, and that is what makes us Stronger and Wiser later down the line. And to that, I am DAMN PROUD to be in the "I Give an F" Populous.

I left my Comfort Zone a bit more this year; letting my guard down has given me much more Perspective as to My Personality and how I conduct myself in My Social Life as well as in Public. In doing so, I did a little Travel, hung out with and met Good People, did a Photo Shoot, and enjoyed the Company of others overall. To those people, I Thank You for having me! I look forward to being around You All in 2013!!

I have also been on a Writing Tear lately, and I am VERY CLOSE to Publishing my First Poetry Book! I have enough poems for TWO Poetry Books, and My Erotic Thriller Novel! 2013 WILL BE The Year of Andrew Boyd; Put Your Money on That!! Many Thanks to my Friends and Family who have been behind me and have Supported and is still Supporting me during this Exciting Time! 2013 WILL see this Happen!

Those that know me, know that My Days have been a Lot More Sunnier, and I am VERY Humbled, Blessed, and Honored to have this occurring at this point in my Life! I cannot wait to see what My Sunnier Days have in Store for me!

Also, I have a NEW Brother-In-Law AND Nephew!! My first Nephew Noah is a Big Brother now to Aiden, as my Sister Latoya got Married in April of this Year to Mr. Marvin Richardson! I have had the Honor and Privilege to witness their Beautiful Day and write a Special Poem for the Newlyweds and their budding Family! She now has her hands full with 3 Men! God Bless each and every one of them and their Growing Family!!

The BIGGEST National Highlight of 2012 is the Re-Election of Mr. President Barack Obama! His 2008 Victory was NO FLUKE, due to the Amazing Election of 2012.

Anti-Christ? Communist? Dictator?

Do those people, the ones that have called The President these words, KNOW the TRUE Definition of said Words?


Then they Need to Shut Up: Bottom Line.

If they can do a Better Job of being President, WHY DID THEY NOT RUN FOR OFFICE?

Mr. President Barack Obama: Thank You. I am Honored to have Witnessed You Make History; Not only because You are the VERY FIRST Two Term African American President, You are the First Two Term Democratic President that a Large Number of Americans Believe in since Bill Clinton. And IF people continue to Blame You for things that are going wrong in this Nation, then they need to look in the Mirror and ask themselves, "What Good have I Done today AND lately, so that My Nation is Successful and Thriving?"

I'm being Honest; those that know me, KNOWS.

As with every Highlight, there are Low Lights.

The biggest Loss and Low Light for me was the Termination of several Friendships that I BELIEVED were going to remain Strong. Those that you believed to be confidants turn out to be something that you do not expect.

Ever had someone laugh in a sinister manner behind your back WHILE they are hugging you because "They Know Something that You Do Not" UNTIL it was Too Late?? YEAH: THOSE TYPES.

Unfortunately there are those in Life that claim to be on your side, only to Disappoint you in the end and show their True Colors and Motives. What do we do in these instances? Learn and Grow; the SINGLE GREATEST Lesson in Life is to NOT Repeat History; if it is indeed repeated, then there is/was no Lesson Learned, and those that failed to grasp the lesson(s) ARE AND WILL Be Doomed to Repeat their previous indiscretions.

What Have I Learned in the year Two Thousand and Twelve?

I learned a lot, namely Patience.

Granted, I am a VERY Patient Guy already, yet I needed to Fine Tune My Patience so that I may reap the rewards of this year. As I said earlier, I stepped out of my Comfort Zone; dated a bit, learned what and who I need in My Life, and my doing so has paid dividends in ways that I NEVER would have imagined. To that, I say "YAY!!!" *INSIDER*

Patience is So Very Key in One's Growth and Forward Progression; you can stop and smell the roses while things play out, enjoy the scenery as you walk about daily. Of course there will be bumps in the road as you make your way from Point "A" to Point "B". What would a Tough and Lesson filled Road be without a few bumps, right? Those Bumps are the Lessons; we can choose to take the Lessons so we may Grow and Evolve, or we Curl Up, Succumb, and Submit to them and not Move Forward. I know WAY TOO many people that buckled under the pressure of Learning, and they have paid dearly and severely for it.

All I am saying is simple: Learn from the things that are going on in your Life, and You WILL benefit from said Learning.

I also Learned about Loyalty.

As I have touched on earlier, there was a Mass Termination of Friendships that was necessary for My Growth. It is a Sad Day where there are people that chose to traverse a road that should have never been traversed, yet they do it because they feel that they are Above others and can get away with things.

Shame on Them.

Life Lesson for everyone: You ARE Worth the Effort, Time, Patience, and Trouble.


I see Why people Jump through Hoops to be friends with others: this World is Shady as Hell, to a point where Loyalty is Valued as well as Trusted in ways that was NEVER Anticipated!! Having people Jump through Hoops all in the Name of knowing Who is Who in Your Life IS Necessary in order to know and understand Who AND What You have going on in your circle. Always be aware of Who is in Your Life who will either Help or Harm You; Life is NOT That Complicated. Life IS Black and White: Thing is, Variables make things Complicated (Emotions are the Largest Factors), and mainly causes Gray Areas.

All I ask of everyone is easy: Be Wary of the Company with which You Keep. Sure it sounds like those that are around you are Questionable, yet it is always best to Err on the Side of Caution. My Circle is Small and Tight, mainly because I Value those within said Circle; and I am confident that they Value me just as much as I Value each and every single one of them.

I am looking forward to 2013! There is a lot to experience with the upcoming Year, and I cannot wait to see how things pan out!! How I left 2011, will be the same way that I will leave 2012:

Thank You All for Reading My Ramblings, Liking My Posts, Links, and Randomness (Esp. the Deep And Crazy Ones!). I Love Each and Every One of my Friends, Acquaintances, Allies, and those that Taught me to Know Better (And I DAMN SURE WILL!) in The Facebook Nation, The Twitter Universe, Blogger's Blogosphere, and ALL OVER The Social Media as a Whole.

Thank You All, I Love You All, and See You All in 2013!!!


~© 2012 Andrew Boyd~

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

God, Bless America...

There is NO Amount of Etch-A-Sketches, Binders Full of Women, Definitions of Rape, Abortion Stopping, Contraception Ceasing, or Voter Suppression that can Neither Stop, Cease, Nor Desist History Striking Twice like Lightning in the Exact Same Spot!

The Incomparable Incumbent Mr. President Barack Obama has Done It! The VERY FIRST Two Term Bi-Racial or African American (Whichever You Prefer to Identify this Gentleman) President. Even more, the First Two Term Democratic President since "Slick Willy" Bill Clinton (Who By The Way, GREATLY Assisted Mr. President into and with his Second Run).

Many People OFTEN  Dreamed of an African American President, and DAMMIT, The People Got Their Wish!!

Our Ancestors are Rejoicing as We Speak. At that time, they were Uncertain of WHEN This Day was to Come; The Day that A VERY Unique and VERY Special Person would Rise Up with Ideals that Define what America Is AND Should Be, that CAN Lead this Country through the Many Faces of Adversity.

As I Type this, I am Humbly Honored and Privileged to Listen to Mr. President Barack Obama Deliver his Speech. Seeing Mr. President standing at the Presidential Podium TELLS ME that his First Win WAS NO FLUKE As Many People have claimed. And to Put the Icing on the Cake, Mr. President Looks like HE BELONGS THERE.

THIS IS FOR REAL: America DAMN WELL KNEW WHO They Were Voting for the First Go Round, and America did it One More Time!!!

No Gimmicks, No Tricks *INSIDER!!!*

Granted, this is a Short Blog, Because I am Sleepy as well as Listening to "Mr. Two Terms" Speak On The Next Four Years, I will Kindly Say This to his Opponent Governor Willard Mitt Romney:

Thank You for Giving and Showing Such a Spirited Personality in Regards to Showing All of Us Who and What You are All About during this Election Season. I Respect You as a Person and as a Human Being. Despite Your Writing Off 47% of the Country as well as Women, I understand that Your Vision of America will Resonate within You and those that are Behind You. Throughout your Gaffes as well as your Flubs in reference to a Myriad of Topics, I Admire how you Brought the Heat to this Election. I Will Not Forget You.

Mr. President Barack Obama, Thank You: For Everything.

Let's See You Do The Damn Thing for Four More Years!!!


~© 2012 Andrew Boyd~

Friday, October 26, 2012

Rape Skiews (Skewed Views)

Good Day, Ladies and Gentlemen.

I come to You All today about the Firestorm Topic of Rape.

Rape, as Defined by the Good People at, is the following:

Seeing that we HOPEFULLY have a Decent Definition of this Horrid Word, there happens to be Political Figures as well as Average People that are saying that there is a Such Thing as "Different Forms of Rape."

Please Forgive the Size; it will not adjust to the size where you can read it, yet you can find it on my Facebook Page.

The Politicians that come to mind on this EXTREMELY Touchy and Dangerous Topic are Todd Akin, Roger Rivard, and Richard Mourdock.

One man says that "Some Girls Rape Easy", another man says that "Legitimate Rape Rarely Causes Pregnancy", and the third man says "Pregnancy From Rape is a Gift From God".

WOW. Just... WOW.

Do You All know what word comes to mind when I hear these thing? I Truly Believe that a Good Number of You All are Thinking the same word (namely Definition #2):

I COULD BE WRONG; It has Happened Before...

Ladies and Gentlemen, Allow Me to Raise the Stakes, and start Painting this Crazy Picture:

There are people out there who Support these Rape Theories; we all see and have seen it in Print, and hear as well as heard it in Sound Bites: Reprehensible in My Book.

Add in a Heaping Amount of Paul Ryan, a Catholic who is So Against Abortion, he would Sign Off on the OUTLAWING of Abortion. He ALSO is against Contraception AKA Birth Control!!

NOW, Add into all of this (The "Good Rape" Quoters and Paul Ryan) The KEY and Secret Ingredient:

Governor Willard Mitt Romney: The Staunch Pro-Lifer and Mormon, where some Branches of Mormonism supports Polygamy.

Let me Paint the FULL Portrait (In My Eyes) for You All. From what I am Seeing, Hearing, AS WELL AS Observing:

Rape (TO AN EXTENT) would be Legal and NOT Punishable, Abortion would be Illegal, and Multiple Wives would be Gravy, while looking at the child(ren) that women (Single, Married, Otherwise) were FORCED To Carry due to the "Legitimacy" of Rape who are CONSTANTLY Reminded of the Horrible and Horrifying Act that created the Innocent Life looking up at those Ladies.


Sure, I found this Funny (Funny Fucked Up, NOT Funny HA HA; let that be ABSOLUTELY CLEAR). This Line of Thinking from me Personally (Esp. knowing a few friends that have been Raped AND a Family Member of mine that was VERY NEARLY Raped until she Stabbed the Dude AND Got his Punk Ass Arrested) is Insane: TRUE.

However, if you step back and take a "Reflecting on Your Life" Walk through your City, you can see what I am seeing as well as thinking.

... ... ...

Scary, isn't it?


Something Piqued My Curiosity!! Tingled My Spider Sense, Know What I Mean?

I have a Couple of Questions for Everyone; DAMN GOOD Ones, Too!!

WHAT IF these SAME PEOPLE (the ones that are Spewing this Venom) as well as the Ones that have NO QUALMS Voting for this Crazy Were Raped, or have a Loved One or a Friend that was Raped? What do they do then?

Do they Condemn the person that was Raped, Do they Seek a Back Alley Abortion to be rid of the "Innocent Life of this Horrid Act" as one of the Politicos has SO Eloquently Worded, or do they Invite the Rapist to their Dinner Table and Break Bread WITHOUT Breaking their Ass?

Can You IMAGINE How Quickly they would Reopen Planned Parenthood, hand out Birth Control, AND Contraception? They wouldn't be able to Mass Produce those items fast enough!! And the Majority of Us are WELL AWARE that this goes WAY BEYOND the Scope of Creating and Birthing Children; STDs, VDs, HIV and AIDS (Redundancy, Yes. I DO NOT CARE) are RAMPANT!!!

What do they say then? THEIR Family Member(s) and/or Friend(s) are Raped, Impregnated, AND Catch/Caught an STD. "This was God's Will; Thy Will Be Done?" "This is a Blessing from God, DESPITE the Act?"

WHO can Fix Their Face AND Mouth to Say this Garbage?


From the Devil's Advocate's Point of View (NOT MINE, yet I can Put Money on the Notion that SOMEONE Already Sees it this way), It MAY BE God's Will IF the Young Lady gets Impregnated due to the Rape; how many Sterile/Vasectomied Rapists are Patrolling out there these days anyway who CANNOT Impregnate a Young Lady? Also, It MAY BE God's Will that you get a Rapist that is CONSIDERATE ENOUGH to put on that Condom so that the Young Lady DOES NOT catch an STD. Who REALLY Knows?

I Write this in Conjunction to My #Vote Blog. There are Some Things in Life that MUST Be Considered as well as Thought Through VERY THOROUGHLY as we Go to the Polls; Early, or On That Day. It Pains Me that there are Misguided Souls trying to Pass these Skiews as Acceptable for the Fragile State that Our Nation is Currently Feeling and Witnessing (I WOULD Say Sick Pups, yet I am Much Better than that).

I Have Just One More Question:

Citing what I have Spoken, as well as Reading the Articles that I have Linked throughout this Blog, are YOU Comfortable Voting for those that are Against Women? NOT JUST ANY WOMAN:

-Your Mother
-Your Wife
-Your Sister(s)
-Your Aunt(s)
-Your Niece(s)
-Your Grandmother(s)
-Your Girlfriend
-Your Love Interest BEFORE you two get into a Relationship
-Your Girl Friend(s)

For Me, The Answer and Choice is CRYSTAL CLEAR.


~© 2012 Andrew Boyd~

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


*Tapping The Microphone and Lightly Clearing My Throat*

Good Day, Ladies and Gentlemen. I come to You All with one of The Most Passionate Blogs I will ever Write.

Very Rarely do I get Political in the Social Media Realm (Please Ignore the Posts about Mitt Romney's "Binders Full of Women" on my Facebook Wall, which I STILL Find Hilarious; DESPITE My Knowledge of what Governor Romney Truly Meant and what he Truly Meant to Say), yet I feel that there are a few things that I MUST Say during the last few short weeks before The 2012 Election between Governor Mitt Romney , and The Former Senator from Illinois/Current President Barack Obama .

*Please Note: I will be As Fair and Impartial As Possible*

Both of these men have Debated and are Debating Feverishly and Passionately in regards to their stance on a multitude of topics, BOTH Foreign and Domestic. Education, Women's Rights and Health, The Economy, Employment, Foreign Affairs, and War to name a few. They both Believe what they are Selling to the American People as far as their Policies and Ideas for a Stronger, Brighter, and More Powerful United States of America. I listened carefully and intently to their words and emotions as they attempt to convince We, The People. I watched their body language as they Differed in Opinions in regards to what the other was speaking. The tension between these two men was SO THICK, I Thought that I was about to cut into the Most Prime Cut of Porterhouse Steak (With A-1 Steak Sauce, a Baked Sweet Potato with Sugar and Butter, and Broccoli Medley)! I got excited when I heard Words of Encouragement Spoken, and I became confused when Questions were dodged like Bullets in the First Installment of "The Matrix".

On A Personal Note, Thank You Governor Mitt Romney and Mr. President Barack Obama for Showing Me Who You Are and What You Are All About. My Choice is Crystal Clear, and I Know Now Where My Loyalties Lie in This Crucial Election.


There is A LOT on the Line; More than what ANY OF US Could Ever Fathom. The VERY FATE of Our Nation (Which is, In ALL Actuality, The Native Americans' Nation; TANGENT, My Apologies...) Hangs in the Balance. The Extreme and Risky Views of One, going up against The Passionate and Compassionate Views of Another. Many will say that a Vote for Mitt Romney is a Vote Against Women. Many will say that A Vote for President Barack Obama is a Vote Against America. Our Nation is Divided even more than before! We, The People...

No. We, THE UNITED STATES FAMILY Must Choose Who WE Feel, Trust, AND Believe is Best Qualified, is Best Equipped, AND is Best Suited For The Position of Being The President of the United States of America, The Commander-In-Chief, The Head Honcho, etc.

I am not the first person to express How Important this Election is, (Just like The Elections of Old), and I WILL NOT Be The Last; I Can AND Will Guarantee You All that!

My Message is Clear, and My Message is Simple:

No matter who you Stand With, Go Out and Vote.

No matter the Color of the Skin of the Person, Go Out and Vote.

Even if you DO NOT Agree with Either Gentleman's Policies, Trust Your Gut, and Go Out and Vote.

NO MATTER WHAT, Go Out and Vote.

The Issue of Voter Fraud/Voter Intimidation/Voter Suppression is sickening to the point to where Words CANNOT Describe the Disgusting Deeds. With this going on, Certain Groups (*COUGH COUGH!!* GOP *COUGH COUGH!!*) would Love NOTHING MORE than to Keep Honest AND Registered Voters Away from the Polls.

Seriously? REALLY? Come On, Man!!! You Guys are WAY Better than That (GOD WILLING), and Do NOT get me Started on these Rape Snippets from The Delusionals... *SMDH*

To that I say, Go Out and Vote. Show those Bastards that You ARE NEVER Scared to Exercise Your Right, Your Privilege, YOUR FREEDOM To Vote!!!

For the Ones that are Choosing NOT To Vote this Cycle, THEN Complain about How the Country is going due to the person that is in Office, I have this Message for All of You:

#RealTalk and #RealShit. Know Your Role, and VOTE!!!

Bottom Line, Ladies and Gentlemen...

My Name is Andrew Boyd. I Wrote AND I Approve This Message!!


~© 2012 Andrew Boyd~

Sunday, August 26, 2012

A Few Words On The Art of Complimenting

*This Write is RAW Emotion: I am feeling what I am feeling and just simply putting it down. It is My Therapy, Bottom Line.*

"May You Live Forever..."

There is something about the above remark that tickles me to the core. The Delivery, The Sentimental Value, The Sentiment as a Whole.

In the Movie "300," Good Ol' King Leonidas (Played by Gerard Butler, pictured above) spoke these words to the Traitorous Ephialtes before His Highness and the Spartan Warriors met their demise at the hands of the Self Proclaimed God King Xerxes and the Persian Army with which Xerxes commanded (If you have not seen the movie, I sincerely apologize for the spoiler).

To say "May You Live Forever" to a Spartan, is to Curse them, for the Ultimate Goal of a Spartan Warrior is to Die during the Glory of Battle. To speak these words to a Spartan is not just only a Curse, it is also an insult. If a Spartan was to speak these words to another Spartan, it is to wish them to Live Forever with the Guilt AND Shame of Betraying the Spartans that they swore to fight alongside.

I am certain that a few people have misinterpreted those words when they were said in the movie; I know that I have. When I discovered the TRUE MEANING when I purchased the Limited Edition Collector's DVD Box Set with the Sweet Extras, I became enlightened and I learned a new type of Compliment:

The Backhanded Compliment.

A backhanded compliment is considered a genteel or polite way of expressing disdain. More commonly, it is an Insult DISGUISED as a Compliment.

Another Perfect Example is seen in the 2009 Version of "Star Trek", where Spock showed disdain towards the Vulcan Council President after he was told of his "Disadvantage"; his being Half-Human due to being born to a human mother. Due to his hearing this from the Vulcan Council President, Spock said with a tinge of "Go-To-Hell-Itis" in his tone: "Live Long and Prosper!"

Now, Why am I speaking about Backhanded Compliments?

The Simple Reason would be that I have heard plenty of them, and those words spoken has, have, and had been misconstrued and misinterpreted by many people that did not catch them (Myself Included).

The Truth of my writing on this topic is, there are a Select Set of People that are MORE than Deserving of catching a series of Backhanded Compliments from me.
Due to specific and recent events that have correlation to myself and those that are close to me, said Set of People believe that they are "Alphas of an Elite Group of People" that, in truth, have Nothing going for them in their Lives and they thrive on nothing but Gossip and Nonsense. To see these venomous individuals act and speak in the manner with which they are, from what I am observing as their speaking in this manner is recognized amongst them as "Accustomed to" (READ: They do not much care for Sympathy let alone Compassion for their fellow Man AND Woman), I find it very intriguing as to how they are able as well as capable of living with themselves in doing the things that they are doing.

Seems like there is a such thing as "Soullessness"...

I can go the usual way and say that Karma will bend them over and Fuck them for a Month of Sundays with No Lube, No Kissing, No Hugging, No Dinner Date and Drinks afterwards.

I will leave that up to Karma to handle; that would be best and it would please me.

Instead, my dear Readers, to those So-Called Acquaintances, I say the following:

-May they Live Forever,
-May they all Live Long and Prosper,
-May their Lives offer them Smooth Sailing during their Travels and Journeys,
-I Wish them Nothing Short of the Best,
-I Greatly Appreciate Who AND What they are and were to and for Me,
-Luck WILL be on their Side during many of their Difficult Times,
-I am truly Happy to see them in the Light with which they bathe themselves, and
-Best of Luck to each and every one of them.

Thank You Alphas: Your Generous and often available Insight will always be a Constant Reminder of what we shared during many ocassions. It will serve me very well as the days roll onward and continue to shape and mold me into the person that I am today.

~© 2012 Andrew Boyd~

Friday, August 3, 2012

I See Six Things, And Can Translate Them in Two Ways

Hey, what's going on everyone? Hope that everything in your Life is Coming Up Roses!

If not, I got some seeds for you! ;-D

You know what I find interesting, Ladies and Gentlemen? The above picture depicts some SERIOUS Truths; Symbolic in ways that only the Astute are able to figure out in less than forty-five seconds. For those people, Congratulations: I knew that you have AND had the insight that makes me smile daily. For those that do not get it, I feel bad for you, and embarrassed that I have to hold your hand and explain what this picture represents.

There are a few things going on in this picture. Let's start with the blinders on the head.

The blinders represent how people, in general, are only focused on what is in front of them; not caring about what is going on AROUND them. If it does not pertain to the wearer as well as their lifestyle, they could care less about the other man/woman/child.

Your vision may be 20/20, yet you STILL cannot see a damn thing.

These are the SAME PEOPLE that seek out the Insightful, Humbled, and Humiliated person(s) with their hands out looking for a handout because The Blind One's life is, in all actuality, in shambles as well as boring. Truth be told, Sucks to be the wearer; you BELIEVE that The World revolves around you and ONLY you. Seriously, you are no more different than from the rest of us. Only difference is, you do not care to see it, ere go the blinders.

At the same time, I am capable of giving a flip side and a fair shake for the blinders. It also means focus and "Full Steam Ahead". Nothing can stand in the way of someone that is determined and not distracted by outside influences. A sharp focus may very well mean Achievement of Goals and Ambitions.

Next up: The Carrot.

What I like about the Carrot is, the carrot represents Information, Knowledge, Wisdom, Strength, and Power. Without the carrot, what do we have for ourselves if we do not have something to reach for? Think about it:

Without Guidance and Motivation from the carrot, we are mindless and lame (weak; inadequate; unsatisfactory; clumsy); incapable of moving forward and getting to where we need to be.

At the same time, there is a negative to the carrot. It also represents things we Lust for: Pleasures of the Flesh, things that do not pertain to us in regards to the lives of others, etc. The carrot could be perceived as an unhealthy aspect within ourselves that we must get rid of. For some, this is a very difficult task to accomplish due to the euphoric sensation that is felt when we have it set in our minds. And for some, the feeling is SO GOOD, they want to have that feeling all the time, to where it consumes them, their logic, and their Productivity.

Namely, and especially, in the Gossip Department.

As far as the picture as a whole, I can translate in two ways:

I see someone who is driven, motivated, and determined to get to where they need to go and get to where they need to be so that they can achieve their goals, ambitions, aspirations, etc. and not be deterred or distracted from getting to their destination.

I also see someone who is so immersed in what is in front of them that they cannot see the harm that they are afflicting on those around them. And from my point of view, they do not care in the least bit, for as long as they get that euphoric sensation that comes with the destruction that they are causing; whether they know that they are the cause or not.

What do you see when you see the Blinded Man and the Carrot?

~© 2012 Andrew Boyd~

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Hypothetically, It Wasn't

I am sure that a number of you in Specific Groups on Facebook has seen my post yesterday:

I have a Hypothetical Question for you all:

A Young Woman is dating 2 Men. She likes one of the men a little more than the other. She Proceeds to tell the Man that she is a little more interested in that she is interested in the Other Guy; all in the name of getting a Desired Reaction from the Man she is more interested in. The Man that she is more interested in tells her that she should go with the other guy.

Is that Man Wrong for saying that she should pursue the other man?

The responses that were received were intriguing, entertaining, as well as informative. From the bottom of my Heart to those that have responded, I Thank You. Ranging from flat out "No", up to detailed explanations, I have learned a lot from you all and I cannot be happier. Some of the responses that I have received to the above situation are the following:

Chaya A.: Nope....just cuz she's feeling him like that doesn't me he feels the same.

William J.: ‎^^^Word!! Also I personally detest women who do that because its nothing more than an ego trip which I'm not willing to partake of. #deuces#

Claudia S.: Nope because she's trying to play games.

Amir R.: She is trying to manipulate one man to tell her what she wants to hear instead of asking him and being forward seems to not be her aim. Therefore,she needs to grow up or possibly get a man that will play the same games with her. She'll probably say,"men play to many games". lmao@those who do these things. Dude doesnt even want her "optional ass". lol. Been there. Her ass was sidelined. 
*whistle blown* get her outta here

Michelle R.: Not at all, he doesn't have to give into what she is wanting more. It is his life as well and his happiness..

Lashonya M.: hes not wrong, ppl play too many head games, he prolly dont wanna go thru drama, which sounds like what she may be very capable of bringing to his life

Chandra B.: She playin' games... If a man I'm dating tells me he's more interested in another chick he's dating, I'm movin' on. If that's the case, Im feelin like he's just wasting my time.. So even if this chick do tell him the "real story" he won't know if she's foreal or not.

Velvety G.: Nobody can make another person love them. I don't care how many games they try to play or how many lies they try to tell. It will all eventually backfire on the guilty party. If a person has strong feelings for another, nothing and nobody can change it. No matter how they may plot or scheme it, its time to move on.

RevDenni M.: Hell no he isn't wrong!! If she's playing games now, she'll always be playing them.

David S.: She was STUPID... Lesson 101 all males have EGO's, and want to be the TOP DOG! That is a normal response, She should have never said anything. If she wanted him to try harder she should have said something like ... DUDE Im loosing attention.. so step your game up... She done Lost Her FEMALE Players card. David Smith Its really both side, If people would just come correct Men & Women, Say what you want and mean what you say. And be true in what you want. When you put the physical in from of real life every day needs then you loose. Like I tell my daughters who want these bad boys, Bad boys are fun for a short thrill ride but if you want a constant thrill find one that got something going on for the long term, one with a career not just a job, one who can shine, there out there you have to be picky in your selection.

Michael F.: The man is at fault for nothing. The woman is shopping around and wants more from this "seller". He says nope. So she can take it or leave it. Her play failed, weakening her hand. The man sounds like he knows what he's doing.

Glen R.: He is CORRECT. If I know that a woman likes another guy more, hey go be with him. I refuse to have to running around all confused not knowing which way to go. That was not a good move on her part

Cy N.: Half deeez chicks done messed up from not gettin the DUDE they wanted anyway... SMDH

Angela W.: No he is not time waits for no one he probably thought he was the only one she was dating. i wouldn't blame him for not wanting to be "possibly" second string.

Jai S.: Don't ask questions if you can't handle all possible answers! She should have kept going out with both until she was positive. Then just drop the other. Though we are honest, classy women don't throw other men in someone's face!

Brian G.: No, if she was really interested she shouldn't have took that gamble hoping to get a certain reaction. She played a game and lost...

ALtariq R.: Nope, just because he responded in his answer wasn't what she wanted to hear. Doesn't make him wrong at all.

Malcolm M.: Nope, it gives him the power over her instead of the other way around plus, it is a "classy" thing to say and do.

Maria B.: Nope. You play pussy, you get fucked. She got what she deserved

ChaneAkwau J.: No, Chick kick rocks...No school house rock over here!

Once again, I Thank EVERYONE for taking time out of their day to respond to my post.

Now here is the thing.

As Amir R. pointed out, he himself has been there. He recognized the question, and he knew at that time how to handle the situation. I tip my hat to you, sir.

And I myself have been there. This Hypothetical Question is not Hypothetical. This actually happened to many people; for me, it was in the Summer of 2000.

I was speaking with a female friend a couple of days ago about this very situation that has occurred to me. That young lady felt that I should have made the opposite choice and gone along with what was going on. I defended my ground and took it one step further by telling her what I saw in that situation:

"What that woman pulled was a Power Move; I know a Power Move when I see it. And in seeing that, I saw it for what it was, and I REFUSED to go along with it. That was my choice and decision; I stuck with it. And I do not regret doing what I did. All I can say is this: If you like 2 people and want to be in a relationship with one of them, go with the second guy, for the simple reason that if you are REALLY feeling the first guy, the second guy would NOT have been an option to begin with."

*I was a LITTLE ahead of Mr. Depp at the time the event occurred. Great to see that he confirmed what I was thinking when I said what I said to that young lady in 2000.*

My friend didn't like the response and she stood her ground in regards to what I did and why I should have gone down the other road. I did not particularly like what she said, yet I Respected and Respect her stance.

Here is how this situation went down (from MY Perspective and from My Best Recollection):

I took the Amtrak train from 30TH Street Station to Millersville University on Friday afternoon. I met the lady of interest at the station, and we went back to her apartment. We had dinner after I settled down after the trip, and we enjoyed each other's company the entire weekend; going out, meeting her friends, and having fun overall. We kept in contact daily and liked each other. This was ongoing for 6 months.

One Friday Night, she called me, and she had something on her mind. She voiced that she was dating another man and she was liking him a little more than me. She wanted to know what I wanted to say to that. Without hesitation, I told her to go with the other guy. She was silent for about 2 minutes. She stumbled on her words a little, and came out with one Word to begin what would ARGUABLY BE the Worst Decision she would make: "Wow."

She then proceeds to say something along the lines of, "If that is how you feel, then I will go with the other guy! I thought you would have said something different."

After that, I haven't heard from her in months. I kept the lines of communication open, and placed her into the "Friend Zone". She called me about two years later, and she told me that she regretted what she did in regards to putting me into that position. She apologized for what she had done and has asked for my Forgiveness. Naturally, I was skeptical. At the end of the day, I told her that I forgive her for what she has done. After she told me that the relationship with the other guy buckled and faltered in 3 months or so, she asked if I was in a relationship. I told her yes I was in a relationship (I was in fact in a relationship at that time, and was the Happiest S.O.B. on the planet, too!). Her hopeful tone changed to a tone of sadness, as she said that she was happy for me and wished for the best.

This situation DOES fit in with the "Regretfully, I Am Not" blog that I wrote a couple of days ago ( The reason is a rather simple one:

She made a play she was hoping that would benefit her. Things did not go as planned, and she has and had lived with her decision. Would she desire a do over? I'm sure she would have, yet I cannot speak on her behalf. I tried to keep a friendship going with her, but it came to a head in 2007, and all communications ceased; things ran its course, and that was the end result.

What have I learned from all of this? Aside from you all giving a unanimous decision that mirrored my response, everyone is entitled to their Opinion; that is how we learn from one another and understand one's thought process. We may not particularly agree with what was or being said, yet we as People AND Sentient Human Beings should have a degree of comprehension in regards Respecting that person's opinion; no matter what that opinion may be at that time.

~© 2012 Andrew Boyd~

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Regretfully, I Am Not

Regret: a feeling of sorrow or remorse for a fault, act, loss, disappointment, etc.

There was a Question that I have asked a couple of my friends over the past couple of weeks, and I almost received the same response of "Yes":

"Do you have any Regrets?"

I have had this question looming in my head for a few years. And in those years, I have seen MANY People do things that they wish that they could do over. I seen them do things that ranged from small and easily avoidable, all the way to where The Devil would say "DAMN! Even I am Not THAT Evil!!!"

I myself, am in the same category of those people where I did some things that I regretted doing. I can list those things.

I Choose Not to divulge that information because I am not an Open Book. And I am Not Sorry for saying that. Why Should I be?

The more I thought about that question I posed to myself and others, the deeper I delved into my mind to figure things out. Aside from discovering several ugly truths, I discovered another item that put things into perspective for me, and I can explain it:

"NO ONE should have Regrets, simply off of the idea that at the time, it was EXACTLY what You Wanted and Wanted to do."

I say this for a few reasons...

One, if people took the time to calculate the Risks and Rewards of their actions, chances are there would be less hurt for the party/parties involved.

Two, Disappointment would be at a low (at least in this category, in my Honest Opinion).

Three, Life would be a little more simpler and easier to get along with.

Naturally, My Blog, My Thoughts, My Opinion. I am sure that there are going to be people that are going to have some words for this, and I welcome them as I always have. We can Agree to Disagree, Disagree to Agree, Agree AND Disagree; it is our Nature, and the Beautiful Relationship with which we Possess as Friends, Family, Colleagues, and Sentient Human Beings.

Will I regret what I wrote here? Not for a Second; not only is THIS what I wanted to do, it is something that I have been meaning to write. At the same time, a stimuli occurred that triggered me to write this out and to say something to the Parties involved:

I Apologize for the Hurt that I have caused and given at that time. I was wrong for what I did, and am wholly embarrassed for doing what I did. Even in making a Public Apology here, I completely understand if there is no reconciliation, or even worse: You see me in a totally different light.

Do I regret what I did? No...

I should have thought it through and made a better decision at the time.

~© 2012 Andrew Boyd~

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Poetik Enterkourse (An Andrew Boyd and Rashan Hairston Collaboration)

Let me Stroke those walls gently,
As you massage me with sensual vigor.
Stimulate my mind as I taste what you have to offer.
Show me what you have in store for me,
And I'll sniff out your deepest potential.
I wish and desire to listen to your pleasure
As you speak the words with which I seek.
I await your tongue to grace me with your linguistics,
So I may enjoy and indulge and get swept away in you...

With your sexy bare nakedness
Solid is your chest that is rock hard
A warm chest from where I felt your heartbeat,
Nipples erect, stiff and stout
All of which caused my panties to get moist
Beckoning is my navel to sensual serenity
The perfect center piece of my naked body symmetry
That is located right above the vulva, which is the remedy
Of calming the urge manifested in your center most extremity
Pre-cum juices giving the head of your shaft a sheen
Secreted upon visual stimulus, I made you cream
Then penetrating my centermost cavity, my vaginal source
Such is the start of our poetik enterkourse...

Words painting a Pretty and Delicate work of art
As you get a grip on the easel and brush being used.
Your body's response is priceless,
Like the greatest masterpieces of our time.
Your Creative juices flowing from every open orifice
As it pours out in ways that are favorably desirable
To my mind; nourishing my body as well as my soul.
Mentally Erect and Physically at my peak,
The slickness is felt in many ways.
The grip that you possess is of great strength and control.
Harmony is on the rise between us.
Inside ourselves, the Fires of Passion are just beginning...

Experiencing what I believe to be a sexual renaissance
With every thrust, bump and grind, I move in response
Delicious is the feel of my feminine rose
As we make love and recite to each other sensual prose
In comparison to the movement and feel, there was nothing else
The love faces I made alone, is as much of a turn on as the act itself
Seemingly choreographed...yet unrehearsed
As you make love to my body, I make love to your soul with each poetic verse
The lights down low, with a dimness to surround us
I held on, putting my arms and legs around you
Time passed, we both look down, to the goings on about
In my receptacle, you are churning in and out
To explain the feeling with words...I'm at a loss
As we both watch your shaft dip my pussy, like a lobster tail dipped in butter sauce
Tantalizing my pussy with a quiet fury and force
Tasty is the feel of our poetik enterkourse

Causing poetry to gush with an erotic clamor you held me all night,
A hold from which we wouldn't divorce and verbalized verses of rhyme,
Capping off our Poetik Enterkourse!

~© 2011 Andrew Boyd~
~© 2011 Rashan Hairston~