Sunday, October 17, 2010

Individual Results May Vary....

I enjoy Rorschach Paintings; it gives me some kind of insight as to my thinking and thought process.

Actually, the best part of these types of paintings is the simple fact that I can interpret it in one way, whereas others can interpret it in another fashion.

That is the ONLY Best Part of this.

To be perfectly Honest and Blunt, there are a few people out there that Want... No. DEMAND that you fall into their line of thinking and see what they see. VERY RARELY do you find individuals that will not discredit what you see and interpret in these pictures. Your interpretation is your OWN interpretation of the picture that is in front of you.

Just like with what I see in the above pictures, in my mind, what I see is Just and Valid. It shouldn't be discredited, shunned, casted aside or anything of the sort, JUST BECAUSE I see something differently from another person. Instead, try learning something from someone's individual interpretation of what they see. You may be surprised with yourself as well as that person.

Like how we define and interpret things in our every day Life; the way the day is going, how we are feeling, as well as with whom we interact in said Life. To Reference Hiatus: Chapter 2...

"The way I see things in this World, Everything and everyone that we interact with I see are Spices. We can all agree that Variety is the Spice of Life, and we are the Main Course on our Menu. The Life we Live is our Spice Rack and it is stocked with the Spices we encounter every day. This includes, in where it is not limited:

Lovers, BF, GF, Husband, Wife
Former Friends, Exes, Lovers

These particular Spices can either make Us (the Main Course) better or worse, depending on their level of involvement.

I feel that Labels are necessary so we know who is who on our Spice Rack. We have the Good Spices, just like we have and/or had the Bad Spices. It is all of those Spices that help influence Us to be a Better Dish for when the time arises for us to be the Featured Dish on the Menu. Why Spoil your Quality with Bad Spices, where there are Perfectly Good Spices that are on our Spice Rack that are capable of making us all the more Appetizing to stimulated eyes? The 5-Star Restaurant in which we live on has nothing but the Absolute Best to offer as far as Main Courses."

We discussed labeling in that Blog, so that will not be revisited. My thing is the above extraction; how I viewed the World and my Life, which was another aspect that I touched on at that time. With my seeing Life in this fashion, it shouldn't make it any less valid in the eyes of others; no matter who is viewing said Life through the Looking Glass.

My qualm comes in when someone comes along and says, "That is a bad interpretation of how you look at Life and it isn't the proper way to look at Your Life."

Mind You: this is how I look at MY Life. Not how I look at yours, or the other person's. I associated My Life in this fashion, and it is comfortable to me because a lot of things in My Life are Metaphorical as well as Philosophical. Another's Life could be a Limerick. The next person's Life could be a Riddle. It is how we look at things and how we look at Life, that makes us unique and special.

Just because one doesn't agree with how we see one thing, doesn't make it any less valid, significant, sentimental or right to the person that is seeing that item in front of them.

~© 2010 Andrew Boyd~


Danielle said...

Very enlightening.

ABoyd378 said...

Thank you for reading, Danielle.

I try to fire off a few like this every now and again.

Caprice Starbrite said...

Love it as always! :)

ABoyd378 said...

Thank you, Whimsy!

A few things had the gears turning last night as my head hit the pillow. I felt the need to rock that one out.