Wednesday, October 27, 2010

It Is Only Your After Life...

I told my parents that a Viking Funeral would be great for me. Put me on a Beautiful Boat, push me out into the Atlantic Ocean and when my body gets to a decent distance, have an Archer shoot a Flaming Arrow at my body to set me aflame. And to Accelerate my body's burning, dip my underwear in Gasoline. Afterwards, have a BBQ.

We all had a great laugh out of it, as they know that although Spectacular and somewhat Morbid and Disturbing, I don't want to go out that way.

That, and the fact that the Catholic Faith Frowns upon this Idea (WILL NOT stop me from REALLY considering this as a means of going out in this world), based on this practice being a Pagan Ritual, along with other facts which could be found here:

Seeing how my family is burying my Great Great Aunt this Friday, I have been doing a lot of thinking pertaining to my Final Arrangements when my time to leave this Plain arrives. Life Insurance is a must for me, for with my Medical Condition, my Life isn't guaranteed.

I already know that I am trying to live My Life to the fullest, with travelling to see friends and interact with them as much as possible, interacting with Family as I receive Pearls of Wisdom from the Elders, and patiently seeking for a young lady with whom I would Love to be in a Relationship. Sadly, seeing how Many of my Family Members are passing on (Majority of them: SINGLE AND BROKE), few had Life Insurance to cover their Final Expenses. This worries me, because my parents seem to be the ones who not only handle the Final Arrangements (I am watching, listening and learning so when my time comes to bury my parents, I'll know what to do), they at times, are coming out of their pockets as well as other extended Family Members to cover those expenses due to the deceased not taking the initiative in handling their business which would have made those Arrangements a bit more easier.

I am looking into at least 3 Life Insurance Companies with whom I would like to have my Life Insurance handled. Life Insurance is very Vital as well as Essential to the amount of coverage with which I need to cover all Funeral Expenses when it is my Time. Seeing how my Kidney Transplant is over a year old, I should receive a pretty decent quote as I compare prices with them, and see with whom I will most benefit.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Life Insurance is very critical and a very important item to possess in our Life. Our Life isn't guaranteed tomorrow, or today for that matter. Any and Every Thing can happen, and the one thing that we should be mindful of is making certain that when the Bill for out Final Arrangements comes across our Family's Table, we are able to cover the Tab.

Here are a few Life Insurance Websites that may interest those that need to look into this topic:

For My More Seasoned and Mature Readers:

Please. Obtain Life Insurance Coverage, if you do not have Coverage already.

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Caprice Starbrite said...

OMG...could please talk to my mother about Life Insurance!? I've telling her about that for years and she hates to talk about it because she feels that if she does, she will pass! SMH GET IT DONE! NOW!! Once my finances get into a stable condition, that is one my to do list for sure!

ABoyd378 said...

Thank you for reading, Whimsy!

I'll sit and speak with her the next time I am up your end.

Better yet, link your Mom to my Blog, and have her read it. HOPEFULLY, it'll sway her to make that move.

And I'll patiently wait for you to say that you too, are Insured. :-)

Da_Kween said...

Yea, this is very important. I've had this convo with my mom and I keep telling her, WRITE IT DOWN! She's got insurance, but even her wishes are important...and to clear things up so that we don't have to do battle with her super important.

LMAO @ the Viking send off.

Um, you also might get arrested on a few charges in this modern world...

--destroying a corpse
--gasoline spillage on the water

lmaoooooo (lawd,'s almost 3am and I'm dying pun intended)

Butterfly Effect said...

Wow!! But, you are right. It's just me surviving in this life is at the top of the list and that takes precedence right now. Hopefully, I will get around to the life insurance thing. The way I want to be put to rest doesn't require loads of money. I don't want anyone worrying about one dime.


Good information Drew...years ago when my granny died when doing preparations for her funeral we discovered it wasn't fully covered by her life insurance and had to add over 5,000 to the bill me and my uncle handled it tho. My mom told me after the funeral to cremate her and use her life insurance for her homegoing celebration and our kids she doesn't want us going into debt burying her. I feel her and I might go out the way too. Its very important to have things in place even in ya 20's or 30's u never know when its your time to be called home.

ABoyd378 said...


So Happy that you got a Great laugh off of my Last Rites, Kali!!

My Mom is so very Adamant that my brother and I are Insured, for we don't know what may happen. And to have a conversation with your Mom about her Final Wishes is Beautiful. My parents and I already have a Deal:

As long as they have on BRAND NEW DRAWERS, they are Good.

Now see here, Younger Kali! *LOL!*

My Soul is inhabiting this here body, and I'm gonna do what I feel I wanna do wit' it! If I wanna cook the dang thang, I will COOK the dang thang! LMAO!!

Your Listing of Consequences is Very Greatly Appreciated, and gives me more reason NOT to do it. ;-)

ABoyd378 said...


Thanks for reading and Good for you, Joy!

I can sense that you are getting right on it, and I am certain that a Company will stand out and take good care of your Policy (Policies, if you include the Babies).

And to have Family scramble for Money to lay you down, as many would agree, is a bit Selfish. I am having that conversation with A LOT of Extended Family Members; Hopefully, they are listening. And to tell the Truth, I am not coming out of pocket for anyone if they didn't take care of this themselves.

ABoyd378 said...


Thanks for reading, Angie!

As far as your Granny goes, I am glad that she had Some Kind of Insurance on her, as opposed to none at all. I definitely know how expensive it can get to bury a Loved One (On Average these days, $8,000-$10,000).

I commend your Mom for having her Requests and Arrangements in order so that you and your Babies aren't left with the Bill afterwards (Well, to be Honest: When the time arrives, Undertakers and those involved in the process WILL have their hands out EARLY).

And we all are Definitely on the same page. Tomorrow IS NOT Guaranteed, let alone Today.

Da_Kween said...

I'm sorry for laughing at your last rites. I was silly with sleep. lol

LOL @ you keep calling me "Younger Kali" *smh*

ABoyd378 said...


It's cool, Kali. I did it for my Family, in order to lighten the Mood from this Past Friday's Funeral. So to see AND hear that you laughed about it makes me Smile.

And Yeah, I DO keep calling you Younger Kali! LOL!! If you are not feeling it, just let me know, alright? ;-)

jeneice47 said...

Whew!!..You had me for a minute Andrew..I'm glad you didn't wanna go out like that..We have had so many ppl in my family die and didn't have insurance..I don't get it..I refuse to leave my kids scrambling for money to bury me.I have insurance on all my kids as well as myself..No worries there and they already know how I wanna go out..It's called taking care of business..

ABoyd378 said...


Thank you for reading, Sharon!

NAH!! I wouldn't dare try that Exit! LOL!! And that is the BIGGEST Point in regards to Insuranec that we all can agree on: Refusing to have Family scrambling for Money. At times, there isn't ANY money available, and what do they do then?

And it is always a great idea to discuss how you want to go out if and when that time comes. I'm making sure that I document my last rites very soon.

K said...

Some people rely on the life insurance provided by their employer, but if one loses their job, so goes their life insurance. Getting your own policy is important. By the way, you do not have to take a half million dollar policy. Just one that will cover your final expenses.

ABoyd378 said...

Exactly, K!

And that is sadly, a big problem. And with how the Economy is going now, Job Security isn't guaranteed. And what you said is right on the mark; "but if one loses their job, so goes their life insurance."

I can only hope that many people take heed and consideration as to taking the necessary steps to have that Key Item in their Life.

Thank you for Reading!