Monday, November 22, 2010

Coming To A Crossroad...

I had this conversation with 2 people, was and still is weighing on my mind, and I just feel the need to write something about this.

Last night's conversation with a good friend of mine had me thinking a lot when my head hit the pillow. I feel that I am coming within extreme proximity of a Crossroad in my Life. I need to make some choices that will be frowned upon by several people (Which I REALLY Don't Give a Fuck, because this is MY LIFE and MY CHOICE). And with those Choices, my Happiness is at stake.

I'm Frustrated with what is going on as far as certain Aspects of my Life. I'm Frustrated with doing a lot, and not seeing any progression in what I have done.

I am SIMPLY, Frustrated.

Yeah, I can Kick, Scream, Yell, Beat someone down. Yet, all of that doesn't fix anything or move anything forward for me. I have done much, and more. And although many things were from the Goodness of my Heart, it's just a waste in my God Honest Opinion. I know for a fact that I can do ONE THING, and all of this Frustration will go away.

Yet, at what Cost?

My Integrity? My Stances on Life? The way that I look at myself?

*Frustrated SIGH*


Real Talk? I don't care who reads this. I REALLY don't. Those that spoke to me about this topic, knows what I am feeling; God Willing, Understands my Frustrations and Thoughts. My Dad and I speak on this Daily, and although it relieves the feeling for a while, it doesn't really do anything as far as getting what Needs to be Done DONE. Venting helps, but the same End Result occurs.

I'm REALLY not letting anyone in as far as this matter; I don't need a lot of people in my Business giving me Shitty, Sad, Embarrassing, Non Productive, Ear Bleeding, Vomit Inducing, Bowel Releasing, Vein Popping, Brain Exploding, Armageddon Bringing, Death Harbingering, End Of The World FUCKED UP Advice. This Vent is all I am giving. Beyond that...

Figure It Out.



whatever it is i'm sure you will make the right choices for you...besides you have to live with those and only you and God can work it out.

ABoyd378 said...

" have to live with those and only you and God can work it out."

Thank You for that, Angie. :-)