Tuesday, November 16, 2010

FullMental Alchemist (Alchemy Pertaining To Self And Life)

Saturday Nights, while I am FaceBooking or on IMVU, I turn to the Adult Swim programming on Cartoon Network Around 11PM. Around the 12AM time slot, it is straight Japanese Anime until 6AM or so. During that time frame, a show entitled "FullMetal Alchemist" comes on. To tell the Truth, I tend to become entranced by the show; Action, Comedy, Romance, Science (In EVERY Aspect, which I will touch on in this writing) and best of all, POLITICAL.

Here is the "FullMetal Alchemist" Opening Theme Song. Yes, seeing that it is Anime, the song will be in Japanese:

As written in the second definition found on Dictionary.com...

Alchemy: any magical power or process of transmuting a common substance, usually of little value, into a substance of great value.

The premise of the show, is a relatively simple one:

The above pictured Protagonists, Ed (the Blonde) and his little brother Alphonse (who became Living Armor with a Soul), are looking for the Philosopher's Stone; to return Alphonse to his Human Form and to resurrect their deceased Mother as they uphold the Integrity and Values of being State Alchemists (A State Alchemist is an alchemist employed by the Amestrian State Military as part of an elite government mandated program; Simply put, the boys are Military Men).

*More on Who and What a State Alchemist is as well as their Duties, please click here: State Alchemist

The show has explained Alchemy, as well as the Law of Equivalent Exchange:

"People cannot gain anything without sacrificing something. You must present something of equal value in order to gain something. That is the principle of equivalent exchange in alchemy."

Very true; when was the last time ANYONE saw something created out of thin air, WITH THEIR OWN EYES?

When we think about it, Simple Alchemy happens every day. It does happen all around us:

-Simple food Ingredients to create a Meal
-Vocal and Visual Stimuli to create Thought, which then transitions from Multiple Thoughts to Ideas and Actions
-Leaves on a tree changing colors (we already know that it is chlorophyll and the lack of that due to the lack of Daily Sunshine causes the change, but stay with me)

Sadly there is a bit of Alchemy that we, or they (The Show), has not yet figured out: Re-birthing the Deceased, which is the plan of our above pictured Heroes. The show begged one more question, and I am sure that once you read it, you will think about it as well:

"The Cost of Re-Birthing the Dead; What are you willing to Sacrifice to bring back the Loved One that is Deceased?"

Anyhow, that is the show that I watch and enjoy. Check it out, if you Like! You just might like it as well.

*I'm going to find and Buy That Pocket Watch!!* LOL!!

Alright; right to the meat of my Blog. I chose to speak on Alchemy because there is a question that is swirling in my mind that I also had the pleasure of speaking with 2 young women with whom I have ALWAYS had great conversations:

"If I were to be in a situation that would benefit my Future, what would I wind up Sacrificing in order to attain that Future Situation?"

I'll speak in Layman's Terms: If I were to be in a Relationship, what will I give up in exchange for that?

When I had this initial thought, A few Sacrifices would be obvious:

-Single Life
-Not Answering to Anyone
-No Arguments (If any were to arise, yet we ARE speaking on Relationships)
-No Breakups (HUGE Selling Point)

Then I thought and dug a bit more into the question. I soon realized that there is ONE Item that I know, if I were in a Relationship being all "Lovey Dovey" and Incredibly Happy, would suffer the Hardest and Greatest and makes me Who I Am:

My Ability to Write.

Before anyone says that I am Delusional for thinking that, let me give a little History:

I was with my Ex from January 2002 up to the last day in May 2007; DID NOT Write a thing. First time I wrote was AFTER we Broke Up.

The young woman I was with from May 2008 up to Election Day 2008; Wrote ONE TIME about her and I being together DURING the time. Wrote for the first time around January 2009 (and I REALLY did not want to write about that break up, yet NEEDED to). I am still getting the residual out.

My writing has suffered greatly in relationships because my brain was STUCK ON STUPID. I don't know what happened at those times.

Maybe touching It caused a Brain Freeze, then a Coma. I don't know...

I know that whenever I got into a relationship, or something CLOSELY resembling a relationship, I go blank mentally. I am so swept up in the pageantry of the situation, that I forget my Individuality (which, HONESTLY, is what a majority of people have an issue with, and I DARE ANYONE to tell me otherwise). Something about a Relationship causes me to lose the Ability to write. Maybe a Shift in Priorities? A Renewed Focus? I'm not really sure...

At the same time, if I am not in a relationship, my Ability is intact, yet I run the risk of being alone for a very long time. As we already know (DESPITE what Others may Think or Believe), we are meant to be paired and mated in order to live as Full a Life as possible.

My Belief; you don't like it? Stop Reading, and Move On.

For those that have stuck around, please continue reading.

I spoke with a friend of mine last night about this writing, where it was suggested to me that I can write about "Happy Things" that are going on with me in the relationship.


Sorry, my dear; that's a No-Go. Because for myself, writing about "Happy Things" going on in a Relationship is the Proverbial "Kiss Of Death." That was what happened with the 2ND relationship (IF, you count 6 months a Relationship). Yet at the same time, I do Thank You for your suggestion. It's just not my Style to put that aspect of my Life on Display, and now I see why.

So, the Immortal Question which a lot of people should ask is: Are you willing to Risk losing something that makes You who you are, in exchange for something that could make you That Much Greater in your own Eyes down the Road?

All in all, I MUST look at the Basic Fundamentals of Alchemy: "Take something of Little Value (in this case, my being Single), and making it into something of Great Value (a Relationship, and possibly more, if Time, Effort and other variables permit)." I am Comfortable with myself to say that my being Single is of Little Value, and could CARE LESS if someone says otherwise; "In One Ear, Out The Other." Plain and Simple.

For myself to acknowledge things within me that I know Full Well Needs Improving and Improvement, I'll call MYSELF on it. And when I do that, I have the Power to write it, and not care about who thinks what about that item. I Write And Post For Me.

P.S.: If you didn't notice, I was speaking on the Human Mental Science; the Science I referred to at the beginning of this Blog.

~©2010 Andrew Boyd~


Sarcastic Intelligence said...

Couple of things...

1) GREAT TITLE... should have seen it coming when I commented on FB

2) It's not being "stuck on stupid" but I think when we enter relationships our thought processes begin changing. Our focus becomes less about the things we paid attention to, and more about focusing on this blossoming connection.

3) I don't believe in writing about the relationship either. Especially when it's "relatively new". The foundation isn't diamond hard yet (cuz rocks {as in rock solid} do crumble) and I think for a good year or so, things should be kept private.

4) Excellent post my brother

ABoyd378 said...

1. Thank You. :-)

2. I understand what you are saying.

3. Yeah. For me, I just don't write about it at all; I'm EXTREMELY Private, and don't want my Relationship in the Public Eye and become and Eventual Three-Ring Circus. Know what I mean?

4. Thank You. Been holding this one in for a good while. It needed a Hand and a Voice. Thank YOU for reading!