Thursday, September 2, 2010

Controversy CAN Be Beautiful!!

*Looking up at the Award*


I never knew that there are Awards for being a Beautiful Blogger! I would like to Thank the Academy for bestowing this High Honor unto me.


I know my stuff is off the wall and off the hook at times (HA!!), but to see that a young lady, Kali M., thought enough of me to present this Amazing Award has humbled me to the tenth degree!

*Super BIG HUGS and KISSES for Kali*

Thank you!

I have also been instructed to write 7 Random Facts about myself. This, I can do:

-Although I am very active and vocal on FaceBook and other sites, face-to-face, I am LEGITIMATELY SHY. Those that are REALLY Close to me, know this Fun Fact. So now, you all know!

-I love a Good Debate. It is a sure fire way for me to stretch my mind as well as look into the inner workings of others and see their True Character and vice versa.

-I haven't had my First Date until I was 20. I was so engrossed into my studies that young women were not a Priority to me. Education First, and seeing how I can write a resume as well as fill out a Job Application now, I believe I did something right.

-I picked the name "Mr. Controversy" to compliment my Thought Provoking side. Many questions that I ask are interesting and tend to get me into trouble.

-Every time that I finish a blog, I play this song because it has a somewhat sweet melody (If you consider Death Metal a "Sweet Melody"), and seeing that I am a Pisces, I feel it deeply:

-I love to prove people wrong but secretly yearn to hear, "Andrew, you are Wrong." I go against the grain because my personality is that way and I subliminally pick arguments JUST for the thrill of Debate.

-Every night before I go to bed, I play "Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Reverse of Arcadia World Championship 2010." Don't ask me why. I just do. It's like asking why do Dogs bury Bones...

And now, I'll Award 5 Blog Masters that are ALWAYS doing their thing. Congrats to:

Kali AKA "Kween Butterfly" AKA "Kiwi" (All Blogs; Da Kween's Kaleidoscope, Passion Fruit, Words on Wings, and Da Kween Can Burn!)

Joy AKA "Almond Joy" AKA "Be Confessions" AKA "Bumble BE" (Both Blogs; Change One Thing, Change Everything, and Almond Joy's Sweetness...)

Caprice AKA "StarBrite" AKA "Preese" AKA "Preesy" AKA "Whimsy" (Both Blogs; Starr's Sanctuary, and Delectable Verbiage)

Angela AKA "Angie" AKA "LykeBudda" (Still Spillin' The Budda)

Chante (VySyn Photography)

~© 2010 Andrew Boyd~



Aww thanks Drew... I enjoy reading all ur "controversal thoughts" thanks for the blog shoutout babes

ABoyd378 said...


And I Thank You for reading the thoughts that come to mind while I watch the paint dry and grass grow as while looking at all the mess going on around me in this City.

Da_Kween said...

Wow...might you want to take off a chick's middle and last name? You got my enTIYAH gubment out there. LOL

You're welcome, Andrew.

...and I already knew you loved to debate. I'm the kween of that ish! lol

ABoyd378 said...

LMAO!! Noted, and I'll do that!

And yes you are, with all that Thought Provocation in which you do so well! LOL!!