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RE-POST: Misogyny, Misogynism And Misogynists: Women’s ULTIMATE Nightmare

DISCLAIMER: These are my Thoughts, Views and Opinions on this Subject Matter. When I am given a Spark, I WILL Write Fire. I may lose you as a follower and/or as a friend. If you are offended by what I have to say, you are more than welcome to stop reading this Note, and hit the "X" on the upper right corner of the screen.

*This Blog is dedicated to EVERY Woman and Young Lady that I came across and did not come across. This goes out as a Warning to young women that Yes, there are Men in the World that are like this. I also write this for those Men and Young Men as a Wake Up Call that IT IS NOT THE FAULT OF THOSE WOMEN YOU DECIDE TO BE WITH that the circumstances of your upbringing were not the best.* Defines Misogyny and Misogynism as the following:

Noun: The hatred, dislike, or mistrust of women. Defines Misogynist as the following:

Noun: One who hates women.
Adjective: Of or characterized by a hatred of women.

This is a Hot Topic with 2 good female friends of mine, with whom their Thought Processes are VERY similar on this subject matter. Their views in certain areas mirrored PERFECTLY. As I was speaking with them both, we learned that many young women who are reaching or reached the Dating Age were NEVER TOLD about the different types of Men in the World. The general consensus of the women that I spoke with was, “Men are only looking for one thing, and you SHOULD NOT give it up to them Quickly and Early!!”

No argument there. Not one argument from me on this front (Just saying, I am more interested in getting the Mind, NOT the Panties).

But what about describing to your daughter(s) about the TYPE of men that are out there?

The Good Guys (Raising my Hand).
The Ones who WILL work hard to provide for their potential family (Raising my Hand).
The Men who do things because they are Sincere and Genuine (Raising my Hand).
The Men who will Step Up to the Plate and take on the responsibility of another man who was either unable to due to fatal circumstances, or the Screw up lied to you about the “Happily Ever After” (Do I even need to put my hand up? And Yes, I will even go there and say SIGNIFYING MONKEY!!).

But you know, not all men are like this. Let’s venture to the other end of the Spectrum:

The Abusers.
The Materialistics (YES!! SOME MEN ARE!!!!) who have Narcissistic Tendencies
The Men that aren’t about anything but what is on the corner, and REFUSE to Be Better by Doing Better in order to Have Better.

And then we have…

The Misogynists; the Chauvinistic Pigs of the Earth. “God’s Gift to Women” because what they say is the Gospel and EVERY MAN, WOMAN AND CHILD SHOULD BOW DOWN TO THEIR GREATNESS.


These are the types of ASSHOLES that make us Good, Hardworking Men look Bad. And yet, these are the guys who screw you over day in and day out about “How much of a Man they are by doing NOTHING to Contribute to the Household or Relationship.” Also, they look at your children from the previous relationship(s) you had and will look down on you because they have it in their FUCKED UP MIND that you couldn’t hold on to the man you had before him. The last guy who got you pregnant (Let’s make this PERFECTLY CLEAR, from my Point of View) is One Part Coward (for not stepping up and doing the RIGHT THING in putting a cap on it {CONSIDERATION OF AND FOR YOUR WELL BEING}), One Part Punk Ass because he ran when it came time to take on Responsibility, and a Whole Lot of Immaturity for not growing up and handling his business as well as the lack of Effort for not helping to make the relationship work.


I will say this ONE TIME…


I CANNOT Stress that enough. His upbringing is reflective of the person that he is today!!

And apparently, the way he was raised Was and STILL IS the Problem! Misogyny’s definition states the hatred, dislike or mistrust of women.

Let’s go in deep, Ladies and Gentlemen!! LET’S GO THERE!!!

If Misogynists are having such a HUGE Issue with women, let’s start with the one they REALLY Dislike, Mistrust and Hate.


*Please Re-Read my Disclaimer at the beginning of this Blog to clarify the following items in which I will be speaking on…*

Somewhere in their upbringing, their mother did some less than savory actions with one or more Less than Reputable people which caused in the process Physical, Mental and/or Emotional Harm to that young man. That young man looks at their mother and wonders Why they are hurting them so, and not Protecting them from harm. This, in the young man’s mind, will translate as well as transform into despising, loathing, disgust, distrust and all around HATRED towards their mother. This in turn trickles down to other female family members (IF they didn’t have their hand in the creation of this “Monster”) and potential future relationships with other women that had NOT A DAMN THING to do with those past actions.

We can also include the Fathers in this Misogynist Equation. By a show of hands, who is familiar with the phrase, “Monkey See, Monkey Do”? Yes!! Young Men do Emulate the acts and actions of the father that is present in their Life. Just like you have Good Fathers that can create Good Sons by acts and actions, there are Bad Fathers who Strike, Abuse, Belittle, Berate, Degrade and all out Decimate their lady. In this young man’s mind, he can gather that “If Daddy is doing this to mommy, then it must be the right way to act around and with ALL Women!”

Now in the same breath, there are VERY FEW MEN that have been through the same situation and have dodged that bullet COMPLETELY, resulting into their being better men and realizing that the Young Lady they have a relationship with IS NOT THE BLAME for their pain and disgust towards their Mother, and even Father’s actions towards their Mother (I know of a few Men that fits this statement, and I am VERY PROUD of them for recognizing and realizing this fact).

Now, the 2 young ladies with whom I had this discussion recently, both brought up some bullet points that mirrored each other, and caused me to write this piece.

Let’s examine and get to it!

• Lack of Socialization Skills
• Lack of Friends
• Potential Homosexuality
• Sense of Entitlement to Berate and Degrade ALL Women as well as Backing Down from the REAL MEN who Challenge their Thinking

First up on this short list is the Lack of Socialization Skills.

The one young lady with whom I had a very nice outing with recently said to me that while she was working with a former employer, several men who worked alongside her felt that they were entitled to being treated like Royalty because they are “Worth It.”

Translation (from the both of us), as far as those men feeling this way, “I am too lazy and cheap to actually put in the Effort and Work to make a Positive Impact in the young lady with which I have some Interest in. She should be GRATEFUL for the Opportunity to even be in my presence.”

Really, Cyrano? It’s like that? You mean to tell me the way to a Woman’s Heart is to be a Chauvinistic Pig, and have these young ladies wipe my ass after I take a truck-sized dump all over them about how they should be Grateful and Thankful for being in the same room with me as well as breathing the same air that I breathe? Is that the Grand Cycle and Great Plan of Man’s Life?

GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!!! No wonder you are Single! Your Dick grew inside of your head instead of a fucking brain!! Sit your Dumb Ass Down somewhere and Masturbate with your Punk Ass!!!

Next on the List is the Lack of Friends.

Now, we all know that friends are the Cornerstone of Fine Tuning your Socialization Skills as well as Overall Interaction with others. According to the 2 young ladies with whom I had this conversation with, they both agreed and taught me that the Misogynist Man either has no friends at all, or keep the company of others with whom they recognize as a “Mental Equal” to their Beliefs as far as the mistreatment and degradation of women.

These dudes must have a Club where they meet once a month without the Wife or Girlfriend (PROVIDED that they have one), and do what they do (I’ll speak on that in a minute) when they all congregate in a Motel Room. To have them in Public and Spout this Fuckery around the REAL MEN of these United States, they would be laying in a pile of their own feces after the REAL MEN teach them a thing or two about how to be a Provider, Protector, Up Lifter and Chivalrous to and for their Lady. The company you keep is a Direct Reflection of Who you Associate yourself with as well as being in Agreement regarding to the views and deductions of Logic in which they are Accustomed.

For the Slow Misogynists, I’ll say it like this:

You are sucking the sacks of the other guys that feel as you feel about mistreating the Ladies in the Lack of YOUR LIFE. Easy Solution: Get away from that thinking, and BE A FUCKING MAN!!!

Now for the next point: Potential Homosexuality

I have no Quirks, Qualms or Squeamishness towards Homosexuality. To each its own, you know what I mean? My 2 Young Lady Friends have brought this one up, and their eyes lit up from where I was sitting (Maybe they knew something I knew or didn’t know?) When these young ladies approached their mate (at that point in time) about why they were being treated the way that they were being treated, they did IN FACT ask their mate about their Sexual Orientation. Of course for me and the REAL MEN, we would flat out, I Repeat, FLAT OUT, Deny those Allegations! I LOVE Women, and those that know me know this Fun Fact!! I won’t go into details, but let’s just say that they will not have a hard time getting me to a location to spend coveted “Quality Time” with them.


It seems from their experiences with their Former Mates, they gave Wishy-Washy responses to those allegations. In their Opinion as well as my own, Yeah, you are Undercover. If you hate women that much boys, WHY TRY TO GET WITH THEM?! You are more Comfortable being around the guys who think and feel as you do, ere go the Meeting once a Month in a Motel Room (HMMM. Makes me wonder what they are doing in those said Rooms…)

Come on, Misogynists!! We won’t judge you! You like Boys!! It’ll help explain a lot about why you hate women so damn much!

LET’S BE PERFECTLY CLEAR! I am in NO WAY, SHAPE OR FORM Attacking the Homosexual Community. I am talking about the Men who are Misogynists; the Assholes that feel that they have a…

Sense of Entitlement to Berate and Degrade ALL Women as well as Backing Down from the REAL MEN who Challenge their Thinking

I have a few people that I can throw under the bus with this point. But, I only have one person that I will use as My Example: James H.

Let’s examine James H., a man who does Video Blogs in our dear FaceBook Universe. My female friend suggested that I listen to 2 Video Blogs that this man posted. The first one wasn’t too bad. I actually agreed with his points. She gave me a second link to watch. Something inside of me wanted to NOT watch it. Reluctantly and Hesitantly, I clicked the link and started watching his second Video.

I was NOT pleased. First off, this Video Blog was entitled “Warnings Make Women’s Panties Wet,” declaring from his trash talking mouth and in his WARPED MIND that, and I Quote (TO THE BEST OF MY MEMORY), “When a woman expresses interest in a man and chooses to be with him, from that day forward, what ever happens in that relationship between those two IS THE WOMAN’S FAULT!”

*Insert Disgust for this Statement Here. *I DAMN SURE DID!!*

Here is what he said (to the best of my knowledge) about Khloe Khardasian, her “Love Interest” and their son:

“Khloe Khardasian chose to be with this Asshole man and she winds up pregnant with his child, which was born a boy. This means that there will be another Motherfucker who will grow up to be just like him…”

After that remark, I stopped the video blog and started my Debate with him about his choice words for that situation. The following is what was said between us:

February 28, 2010

Andrew Boyd
From 0:55-1:41...
I have to argue that time frame when you referred to the child that was birthed.

Seeing that I am a Product of a "PURE D ASSHOLE," I am nothing like him. I actually was fortunate enough to be raised by Good Parents and not become his Doppleganger. Basically, ASSHOLE Sperm Donor VS. Dad who is not my blood and treats me as if I was a product of his own body.

I cannot stand Khardasian Fuckery, but I hope Khloe K. can find a good example for her child in a father figure (who is WILLING {OPERATIVE WORD}) to step up and take on this Responsibility and teach the little boy who was NOT ASKED to be born, mind you, to be a Fully Functioning and Respectful Human Being as he grows up and matures.

After thinking a little more as I calmed down:

March 2, 2010

Andrew Boyd
P.S.: To call their Newborn Baby a "Muthaphucka" when the child did not ASK to be conceived, birthed and born is Out of Line.

Keep in mind, we all WERE NOT asked to be conceived, birthed or born. Someone could have called you that. And if you have children, how would you feel if someone called them that? You'll be ready to F@ck them up.

James H.’s Response? It is as follows:

March 2, 2010

James H.
Andrew, quit being Captain Sensitive.

FaceBook Universe…


Those that TRULY KNOW ME, knows for a FACT that I could have went into Assault Mode on this dude and Verbally Fucked Him 5000 ways to Sunday for that BULLSHIT he said to me!! I came at him intelligently those days and I struck a Chord within him that warranted his reaction in this fashion. This NIGGER (’s 2nd Definition Describes the word Nigger as Slang: Extremely Disparaging and Offensive. A person of any race or origin regarded as contemptible [Deserving of or held in contempt; Obsolete], inferior, ignorant, etc. {The RIGHT terminology as well as Spelling with the context in which I am using this word}) DID NOT know who the FUCK he was talking to IN THIS MANNER!!!

I calmed down, within 60 seconds (LITERALLY) I responded:

March 2, 2010

Andrew Boyd
Correction. Captain Considerate.

March 2, 2010

James H.
Whatever, bro.

I can tell you right now, I smelled Misogynist on this dude like a VERY RIPE Diaper. I told this story to a number of people (My one good female friend with whom experienced and was subjected to this trash, my parents as well as the young lady who watched this video), and they all saw the same thing that I saw and exposed within him:

He IS a Misogynist who COULD NOT back up his own BULLSHIT! That conversation that I put up there actually happened! I called him on his Bullshit, and he couldn’t argue it!! The reason is very obvious and a very simple one. He NEVER went up against a REAL MAN who could successfully challenge him on his words (Especially seeing that I come from Both Sides of the Spectrum). My dad said it best:

“If you believe in your Heart of Hearts that your words are the Truth, you will defend them Tooth and Nail to the Bitter End.”

Remember that Status I posted that morning of March 2, 2010?

“I LOVE IT When I Make Strong Points, And People Cannot Challenge Me On Those Points. I Am A Debater By Nature; Taught By The Best, And By The Experiences In Which I Was A Part Of...”

I WAS TALKING ABOUT THIS NUT!!! This is the IDIOT Misogynist I was referring to as far as this Quote!! Sharon, Rhonda, Lamont, Lisa and Lykena ALL Agreed with that Status! Hell, Lamont Called Me “Senator” And “Counselor” Boyd!

I am just a man who saw an Opportunity to Debate a piece of wording that James H. used as HIS example of how women make Bad Decisions about the man they chose at that point in time that felt right to them, and he got PUNKED BY ME!!! He didn’t have a leg to stand on, as he tucked his little tail between his legs and ran like a SCALDED DOG that was beaten like a GOVERNMENT MULE!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen of FaceBook Universe, I wrote this Blog because this NEEDS to be Exposed and Said As a Public Service Announcement. Parents of Young Men and Women that are on the Precipice of Dating (which is where this Actually Starts):

PLEASE sit your child(ren) down and have this discussion!! There are Good People in the World, and they can find them. Educate them on the Warning Signs of Misogynists Beforehand. If they discover that they are with a Misogynist, I sincerely hope that your teachings will help them make the Right Choice.

My Name Is Andrew Boyd, And I Approve This Message!!

~© 2010 Andrew Boyd~

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