Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Public Service Announcement...

Good Day.

My Public Service Announcement is as follows:

“If you cannot accept me at my Worst, what makes you believe that you are entitled to be around in my Life when I am at my Best?”

Oh. I answered my own question; a Sense of Entitlement.

My fellow Bloggers and Followers, has this ever happened to you? You know, where the more that we try to get ahead and do better for ourselves, the more the Stragglers want to come in and try to reap in the rewards in which we worked so hard for? Why do they feel that they are entitled to ride those coattails that we kept clean (or as clean as possible) as we struggled to capture and maintain possession of the Brass Ring in which we are/were attempting to attain? Are they REALLY Entitled to ride with us into the sunset after all of the effort in which we put forth? I am sure that we all have seen this at one point in our Lives. For some, more times than others. I have seen family and some people with whom I once called Friends do just that.

I am a HUGE Believer of the credo, “If I am Successful, then we all are Successful.” Let’s be mindful, there are those that DO fit in that credo’s category, and I am not jabbing them at all. As far as the Stragglers are concerned, I must honestly say, I have seen some of the most obvious Coattail Riders in my Life.

Perfect Example.

Someone with whom I have had a brief relationship with couldn’t handle my illness and couldn’t work up the nerve, let alone the Respect, to acknowledge that fact within them self and inform me of that fact. After my health took a turn for the Greater, they decided that I was “Good Enough” to return to their circle, as if they were doing me a Favor.

*Insert Blank Stare Here, followed by o_O*

Yeah. I hear you Loud and Clear, everyone.

The way that I handled it was a little conventional, and a little factual. Needless to say, that person ceased their communication with me. And I couldn’t be happier.

I just wish that the other ones got a clue with their individual circumstance that somehow caused them to feel Entitled to being in my Life when they certainly are not…

Thank You.

~© 2010 Andrew Boyd~

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