Friday, December 31, 2010

My 2010 in Review (Closing Out The First Decade Of The New Millennium)

2010 was a year that went fairly expeditiously. There was a lot that happened, so let's get into it!

Highlights for 2010 is headlined with my meeting my nephew Noah for the very first time at his Christening, for I was invited by my Little Sister Latoya and her Fiancée Marvin. When I held his little body, I was HUMBLED!! Looking at him and feeling him breathe, seeing him smile and hear him cry makes me feel the Paternal Instincts kick into Overdrive. I look forward to seeing more of him!

Another Highlight Includes the Following People:


Without these above Friends, my Full Potential would have NEVER been realized if I didn't take that fateful trip to NY the weekend of March 19, 2010. Hearing Joy do her poetry at the Erotic Poetry Night, and at The Shrine where I met Synchronized Rhythm and sat with Kali as we all enjoyed the show, caused me to write my Signature Poem, "Transforming Us" in a record 30 minutes!! I also had the pleasure of tasting Danielle's baked goods, which caused me to hug her at the end of that particular night. She sure knows her sweets!! I have been to NY almost every month during the Summer, to see my friends and enjoy the shows that Chante and Caprice of Synchronized Rhythm had put together. And I Thank Caprice and Chante both for blessing me with the opportunity to open N'Tirzah's Performance Night with "Liquid Lyricals" at The Shrine; My very first poetic performance in 13 years! This happened during my trip in June after an infection that nearly stopped me from making the trip. I got reacquainted with Dennis, with whom I have met briefly in March, where he told me about his Poetic Group, Area 25. I was accepted quickly and warmly into the group. The Challenges that were placed in front of Area 25 pushed my Poetic Limits the likes I have NEVER had them pushed before, and rebirthed the Inspiration and Drive that was buried many years ago.


AND, as an Added Bonus, I have started a Series entitled "Red Heels Recess," inspired by a Fetish Challenge in the Area 25 Group. And seeing how it was so well received by not only the Group, but by the People of FaceBook as well, Caprice had one request:

"Keep Writing!"

I am already formulating MANY more Chapters as we speak (Thank you for closing out Chapter 5 for me, Whimsy!)

Low Lights of this year were very rough...:

The Deaths of My Cousin, My Grandmother and My Great Great Aunt; August, September and October, respectively. I can only pray that they are doing fine Spiritually, and are guiding the Younger Generations into our Futures.

Another Low for me this year was my Hospitalization in June, the same week that I was to go to NY in support of my friends. I felt that I nearly let everyone down by catching a Common Infection (NO ONE can tell me otherwise, and attempting to convince me of the opposite would be unwise; Taking Ownership for my discretions is how I see this, as well as helping in my Self Growth). I knew to be careful, but wasn't, and I paid for it as well as took responsibility.

Thankfully, I am wiser and stronger because of this.

What did I learn this year? Travelling IS FUN!!! NYC did wonders for my Complexion, as did my Kidney Transplant. To get out of Philly and have fun was the Best thing I have ever done! I learned that there is more to this Country than my own city. When I had the Meet and Greet this year, I was hoping that a few people would have caught on to that.

2 did. And DAMN Thankful!!

If you didn't like my saying that, Tough. Deal with it.

I also learned that there are VERY FEW people deserving of a Second Chance, especially after saying some fucked up shit in the Past. I learned that Forgiveness MUST be sought within yourself. For me personally, I NEVER Forget, esp. when someone says something so Horrid, that it scars your Spirit. There are about 6 people that did that. Certain ones got a pass by way of Atonement and Redemption.

My Advice for those few that received a Second Chance: DO NOT Fail Yourself on this Second Chance that you were fortunate to receive from me. You will not get a third.

While I was speaking with my Dad as I was doing dishes while listening to WDAS with Patty Jackson, I came to the realization that we are closing out a Decade.

Yet, this isn't just Another Decade: This is the First Decade of the New Millennium.

The first 10 Years of the 2000 Series was one where I learned a lot:

Love and Loss
Loss and Pain
Friends and Family
Motives, Inspirations, and Opportunities

I can go all day with this, but I'll keep it short.

Basically, what I have learned during these First Ten is this: Adversity doesn't build Character. It SHOWS your Character. And from all the Adversity that I have experienced as well as others Adversities that I have witnessed in the past 10 years, tells me that the people that are in My Life currently, ARE the ones I wish to have for the next 10 years.

Those that have stood by my side as I have stood by theirs from 2000-2010, I am VERY ecstatic to have you, no matter the tenure and/or the Circumstances. I could have been 2 years, it could have predated the New Millennium. Whether for a "Reason," or a "Season," you served a purpose in my Personal Growth. Whatever the case may be as it pertains to you individually, I have two words:

Thank You.

Thank You for being strong. Thank You for being who you are to Me AND Yourself. Thank You for being Consistent. Thank You for teaching me so much during the First Ten of the New Millennium. And Thank You for accepting me in Your Life.

In closing, I am going to share a quote that I came up with earlier this year. And seeing that you, The People, are a Sharp Bunch, you will understand what I am saying:

"Those That Fear Success, Fail. Those That Fear Failure, Succeed."

Happy New Year, and I Love You All!!!


Caprice Starbrite said...

Drew Drew...I am VERY humbled, honored and proud to call you my friend! Words cannot describe how much you mean to me! You've taken all my hits...LISTENED when I needed to vent and I THANK YOU for that! Years to come we will look back in revel in all the memories that were created! THANK YOU for being in my world! *HUGS*

Danielle said...

Thank you so much. I am truly FLATTERED. I wish you continued success in ALL you do for 2011 and beyond. Your writing is great. Keep up the good work. Look forward to reading them all.

N'Tirzah said...

Andrew, my dear brotha, thank you for including me in this post, I am honestly flattered, truly. I encourage you in all your creat. Be the Phoenix, keep rising from the depths, and soar into your Destiny. I'll be watching and cheering you on with every foot you climb....
God Bless you dear brother.Happy New Year!
N'Tirzah Ammann al Rephaim