Wednesday, February 27, 2013

My Leap of Faith

Hello Everyone!!

Today is a Landmark Day for Us All, because today is THE DAY that I Officially Became a Self-Published Author (with A LOT of Help from Blessed Hands and Hearts that made this day possible, as well as Create Space and their Frustratingly Fun Site)!!

This day, according to many of my Friends and my Family, was a Long Time Coming! To have put in so much time, patience, love, and a ton of emotion into all that I have written ONLY to see it Published for all to experience is nothing short of Amazing and Humbling. I know for a Fact that I WILL have a Damn Good Cry later tonight!!

"WORDPLAY: Poetry for The Soul" is Available Now on Create Space, Barnes & Noble, as well as Amazon Kindle; Price and Details about My Book is on the page. 

This day also coincides with something I wanted to talk about since last night, and this picture pretty much sums it up:

This is a Scene from Seth Macfarlane's cartoon "American Dad!". This particular scene is from the Episode "The Most Adequate Christmas Ever". Stan Smith (with the gun) died from the crushing weight of "The Perfect Christmas Tree" which was given "The Perfect Cut" by Stan and filled Stan's lungs with "The Perfect amount of Blood". Stan goes to Heaven, and goes to Trial so that he may receive a Second Chance at Life to Right the Wrongs that he committed to his Family. Stan takes his Lawyer Michelle hostage as they Storm the Pearly Gates to go to Jesus Christ's Birthday Party. Stan finds God, and they have the Following Dialogue:

God: I'll just cut to the chase; I'm not going to help you.
Stan Smith: What? Then just help my family. You can't let them die. 
God: Look, everything happens for a reason. 
Stan Smith: What reason could there be? 
God: Stan, I'm gonna level with you. If your family is allowed to live, Stanford's tennis team will go 0 and 8 in conference play. 
Stan Smith: What?
God: [laughs] I'm just messing with you, the point is mysterious ways, have a little faith, I'm in the details. Now c'mon, you can be triceratops. I know he's your favorite. 
[Stan draws a "Heaven Gun", which can kill anything]
Stan Smith: We're out of time. Now, send me back so I can save my family!
God: Not gonna happen.
Stan Smith: You have to!
God: Okay, so you know better than me, is that it? You're all-knowing?
Stan Smith: No! Yes! I don't know!
God: Exactly! You don't know, so stop trying to control everything.
Stan Smith: I don't do that!
God: Stan, you're holding a gun to God's head. I mean, I can't even think of a metaphor that's better than this. And I'm a published poet. Now, come on. Put it down.

Arguably, one of the more controversial dialogues I have heard in my Life, yet there is a lot of Truth behind this dialogue. Allow me to explain:

God pointed out to Stan that he (Stan) is trying to Control things in the World to conform to his fit, as opposed to having a little bit of Faith and letting the chips fall where they may. A Small example of Humility was all that God wished to see from Stan Smith in order to show that Stan INDEED has Faith in Situations that call for Faith and Humility.

I know WAY TOO MANY People In General that is this way. It is frustrating to watch people walk around with a sense  of "I WANT WHAT I WANT WHEN I DAMN WELL WANT IT!!!", and then go to Extreme Lengths and take even more Extreme Strides to get what they WANT at that point in time.

Some accomplish their mission with that mentality, most crash and burn; Life is Funny (Screwed Up, NOT Ha Ha) that way.

Here is the Simple Math:

Faith is VERY Important in this Day and Age. MY Definition of Faith is Believing in the Ability of Self and Others to where You have Confidence in your peers, the World around You, and self that things WILL Work Out for the Greater Good.

I have had Faith since I was 8-years-old; when my Family and I first discovered my Medical Condition. I had and still have Faith in my Dynamite Medical Team, Family, and Friends. While I was writing "WORDPLAY: Poetry for The Soul", I had doubts and concerns.

I was Petrified and Scared SHITLESS thinking about how it would be received by everyone!! By having Faith in My Abilities, Talent, and what my Great Friend Ricarto Brazela calls "Blessing with Pen and Paper", I pulled the proverbial trigger, and let "WORDPLAY: Poetry for The Soul" go Public.

Seeing the Outpouring of Support and Love from My Facebook Friends and Family (Online and In Real Life), My Faith has been tempered to near Indestructible Levels! I am in Shock, Awe, Amazement, Humbleness, and Humility as to the HUGE Amount of Support and Endorsements from everyone who shared My Book's Link as well as Purchasing My Art.

*Taking a few steps back, and simply staring...*

To Tell the Truth, You All are FUCKING AWESOME!!!

My Faith has been Uplifted and is Flying High Now, and it is because of You All! A Little Bit of Faith CERTAINLY goes a Very Long Way!!!

~© 2013 Andrew Boyd~


No Labels said...

Congratulations! I'm so happy for you! Kali did a wonderful job on your book cover!

ABoyd378 said...

Thank You! :-D

Yes, Kali Certainly Did!! ;-D

Reggie said...

I'm gonna look for your book Andrew.

ABoyd378 said...

Thanks, Reggie! I Really and Greatly Appreciate You!