Sunday, February 24, 2013


*Sparked by  Reading Book Reviews as I get Mentally Prepared for the March 1st Launch of "WORDPLAY: Poetry for The Soul"*

When people write a Positive Review about a Book on a Reputable and Respectable Site, people reading said review are inclined to purchase the book.

When people write a Negative Review about a Book on a Reputable and Respectable Site, people reading said review are EVEN MORE inclined to purchase the book, to see how bad the book is truly.

"50 Shades of..." mastermind E. L. James is sitting on a Potential Empire with her writing; I Respect and Admire her Guts, Tenacity, and Ambitious Attitude in her Passionate Pursuit of being a Great Author. Hell, she is on the Esteemed New York Times Best Sellers List; a List that I PLAN to be on personally with My Poetry.

Some of those that have reviewed her book after purchasing have Raved about her Stories, and there were those that gave her a less than gentile combination Root Canal and Colonoscopy about her writings. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, and I Respect that; some opinions are much better kept to themselves, In My Opinion. For those people, I have a simple Question (esp. when they are the ones "Critiquing the Art of Others" for they have No Creativity or Talent in that Dept. themselves):

Can YOU Do Better?

If so, let's see it!

If not, do us all a favor, and Please Stop "The Crab in the Barrel" Mentality. Frankly, Jealousy is a Green Eyed Monster, and Envy is NOT a Great Look on You. "Hate" is in Grand Supply with those people, and it is sad to see people that are incapable and/or unwilling to give Props to a person who did the ONE THING that we ALL are capable of doing (yet everyone doesn't want to and/or desire to pull that trigger):

Staring Fear in the Eye, Spitting in said Eye, and Accomplish their Goal and Ambition as planned. To those that can do that (Myself Included), I pat you on the Back, and say:


For the remainder that cannot find it within themselves to be Genuinely Happy for those who crossed that line in the Name of being Successful in the realm of kicking Fear in the Balls and making Fear curl up like a Cocktail Shrimp:

Continue to be Spiteful, Hateful, and All Around Crabby. WE, The Ambitious, will Keep Moving in the Right Direction and Believing in Our Abilities.

~© 2013 Andrew Boyd~


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fuzzyHalo said...

People have a right to their opinion on anything they find or don't find particularly stimulating to their psyche...Andrew, you in particular are never shy about sharing your opinions on any subject...Why should this be any different? Everything isn't for everybody and that doesn't make any piece of work less or more valid to whomever produced it.
Who cares who critiques? You don't write for them, you write for yourself...People will always like what they like...Just celebrate the ones who took the time to read it, whatever their opinions may be.

fuzzyHalo said...

Oh, and "50 Shades of" whatever is a terrible least that's what I thought...Doesn't mean I'm a hater, just means I didn't like it.