Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Please: Just Spit It Out!!!

Just Say It; Spit It Out.
Do you need a hand to the back of your brain,
To get a head start on what is on your mind?

You know Ladies and Gentlemen, I have an Issue with people that do not know how to speak what is REALLY on their Mind. As I have gotten older, I learned to "Say what I Mean, and Mean what I Say"; Get out frustrations, thoughts, dislikes and likes. Most of the time, they are at someone's expense (And I DO Address them Directly; I LOVE doing that!), and I am at a point in my Life where I REALLY don't give a Flying Fuck about that person's feelings; I can sleep Very Well at Night after getting what I need off of my chest. I EXPECT the Same Courtesy (And I REALLY Mean That Shit! I'll Respect you THAT MUCH MORE if you can Call Me on my Shit, and Confront Me on Subjects, Topics, and Issues).

This blog comes in where I have had a Great Conversation with a Great Friend of mine this past weekend about how a certain person was calling me while I was out of town. My thing is, WHY is the person in question calling me for things that they can do them self? Speaking with my friend, she stated that the person in question Likes Me in THAT Way, and suggested that I should call her on it (Trust AND Believe, by the time this is posted, I WILL have my Answers to a Line of Progressive Questioning: Dependent on the Answer to a question, the line of questioning continues until an understanding has been met by both parties).

I JUST DON'T GET IT, and more than likely, I NEVER Will. If someone wants me to make a move, fine. Thing is, if I am Feeling someone like that, I'll MAKE That Move. Otherwise, I'll treat that person like anyone else: Keep them at Arm's Length.

My Apologies, I misspoke; I Get It:

I'm suppose to be Mind Reader, because that is what WE Men Are! Here's a Brain Teaser for those that Believe that we are Mind Readers:

If we are to be Mind Readers, can you do us Men a Favor and Fly WITHOUT A Jet Pack, A Hydro Propelled Jet Pack, an Airplane, A Glider, or ANY Flying Apparatus of ANY Kind?

You cannot do that? Awwwww, That's Too Bad.

You see, I don't Expect you to Fly, just like you should Expect me NOT to Read your Mind. I don't do that unless I lock onto your eyes for a Good 10-15 Seconds, then I ASSESS, Not Judge. Not everyone is Keen, Astute, or possess the Mental Acumen to differentiate between the two. That's another Blog for Another Day (I Wonder how many of those I have to do...).

Bottom Line, and Fact of the Matter, there is a Controversial Sentence that I will Speak that is of Ignorance for the Narrow Minded, yet it is a Sentence of Truth for those that know me EXTREMELY Well:

Open Your Fucking Mouth, and TELL ME What the Fuck is Floating in Your Head If AND When I ask You, "How do you Feel About Me?"

I'm sure that there are many people reading this now that are not feeling what I had to say. For those people, I Thank You. This Level of Adversity is Revealing to Me your True Character.

On this Topic, Issue, Situation, etc., I already know My True Character. :-)

~© 2011 Andrew Boyd~