Thursday, July 7, 2011

Kids Say The HONEST Things; Where and When Did Adults Forget How To Do That?

I LOVE Kids!

Anyone that knows me EXTREMELY Well knows that I cannot wait to have little ones of my own. Yes, you heard right: I have NO Kids, esp. seeing how rare that is in this Day and Age; Single Black Man, No Kids. Those 5 words are Even More RARE to Speak, let alone fathom.

But I Digress; there is a Bigger Topic with which I wish to Speak On.

The few pictures that I have selected for this Blog are Perfect Prime Examples of what I am thinking about; The Uncut, Uncensored, Innocent Honesty that only a Child could present in a Beautiful Package with a Big Pretty Bow. The kind of Honesty that'll put a Stutter in your Speech and Step. The kind of Honesty that would create Awkward Uneasiness and a Special Type of Uncomfortable Atmosphere that a Family Friend would be compelled to grab their coat and rush out of the door of your Home.

I remember one time, I asked my Dad something he may have done around my age at the time, and he never gave me a Clear Answer. I Guess he did it...

As we have gotten older, I wonder how many of us have kept that up or did we Conform to Society, where things are on a "Need to Know and Stepping on Eggshells" Basis?

*Looking up a this picture of Jeffy Speaking to Mommy*

I NEVER said anything like that to My Parents!!

But that is the thing! There are kids that'll ask, "Daddy, why was Mommy saying 'Oh God!' last night? Was she praying?" Typical Answer: "Yes. She was Praying." Child's Response to the Answer: "Can I Pray with Mommy before I go to Sleep? The Same Praying that she did last night?"

Tell me: What would your Response be then? Are you going to Have "The Talk," or Lie to your Kid to "Protect Them"? I'll throw in an Age for added effect: 6-years-old. Maybe because I am not a parent just yet, I'm saying as I write this that I WILL be Honest with my Child(ren) and tell them what is REALLY going on: "When Mommy and Daddy are feeling a lot of Love for each other, we express that Love in a Very Beautiful Way by having something called Sex." And from there, I'll answer whatever questions they have. It Is NOT That Damn Hard!

Now for my Adults (Parents or Not): Who has Lost Their Way in the Realm of Honesty? Meaning, did you gain a Soft Touch as you have gotten older, as your Tongue lost its Sting, or did you keep it and transition it into your Current Life Situations? If you did, I Applaud You; Standing Ovation Even! "Say What You Mean, Mean What You Say." Congratulations: You stayed True to your Non-conformed Self, and are most likely a Rebel that has been called an Asshole Several Times in your Life and was looked at even Worse because you REFUSE to Sugar Coat Bullshit Donuts.

All I'm saying is: I Can, Shall AND Will Respect You 10,000 Times More if you are Honest with Me and those that are in your Life. Personally, Hurt My Feelings; I rather you be Brutally Honest and hurt my feelings, as opposed to Sugar Coating Bullshit Donuts and hurting me down the line because you did that. At this Age of my Life, I cannot Bullshit People and I Will Not Bullshit People. I Admire and Respect People like My Dad, Ricarto, Caprice, Joy, Kali, Angie and Nickole: They are Gangsta with their Honesty. Yet at the same time, they do it Tastefully and with Class.

But if they need to Slit a Throat and watch the blood flow beautifully as the person is clutching the area as they gasp for their last precious breaths, I would grab some popcorn and enjoy the Show.

Just Making that Known, and Being Very Honest.

*Looking at this Picture...*

Now THAT Is Honest!!

*Bullshit Donuts is under My Copyright; I want $20 each and every time someone says it! LMMFAO!!!*

~© 2011 Andrew Boyd~


Humble BE said...

I keep it real with you and you keep it real with me. I wouldn't want it any other way. (((((((hug)))))))

ABoyd378 said...


I wouldn't want it any other way as well, Bumble BE.

Icnonlybme said...

I love this post! This is why Kali and I are SiStars! I know I will get it from her straight and I'll give it back the same way.

I find more and more friends of mine saying I love you, because you always say what's on your mind.

It took years to get here, because I was always taught to stifle your true feelings...BS

ABoyd378 said...

Thank You Icnonlybme for taking time to come by and read my ramblings. I Really Appreciate it!

Kali DEFINITELY Does That for Everyone! And, she has a Special Way of putting things into Perspective and shows a Different Angle to things (As my friend Caprice has pointed out and I 100% Agree On). Kali surely Says what She Means, and Means what She Says.

I am happy to hear that you have Transcended Yourself in the Realm of Releasing your Emotional Restraints. I am Very Confident that it will Serve You Well as the Days Go On.

Anonymous said...

Well sweetheart I have to say that I truly enjoyed reading this one! I laughed through the entire thing. Granted it was just as real and true as one can be. I have always lived my life as you speak of for it states in a spiritual book I once read that God expects us to come to him in a "child like manor" so why is it due to my "child like" personality my mother tells me well she asks my sister who lives 19 hours away from me "When is your sister going to grow up?" and yet I am a 34 year young woman living in my own townhouse raising my own 16 year old son on my own with no help to his father 2 year college student going for a BA's in Psychology/Real Estate but because I play the sims3 most of my day and I love to talk and entertain teenagers and I speak my mind and don't care what or how you take it (especially if you "ask" me) my mother says I am childish. I guess I dn't act like the 34 year old she wants me too...Oh well I am the woman God made me "outspoken", "real", "blunt", and "to the point" if they can't deal...then they can go "to the left to the left!" Thanks for the blog "I Loved It"....

ABoyd378 said...

Why, Thank You, Ms. Therapy! I so Appreciate your Kind Words and your reading my Random Blabbering!

I LOVE Child-Like Mannerisms, because there is a Silliness that is great. I also enjoy a Child-Like Wonder, where it is Pure and Innocent (Like Blowing Bubbles and watching them float away, and catching Fireflies with your hand while giggling).

When it gets down to it, when push comes to shove, people know how to straighten up and be solid when the time arises. And Honesty is a Key piece of that solidity that many people forgotten. I'm very happy that you are Who and How you are: Staying True to You.

Thank You again!