Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Illuminating The Darkness Within (A Caprice STARBRITE and Phoenix, The Reborn Duet)

Dark Rain creating a Bleakness deep within,
I Stand and Walk Alone Life's Black and Narrow Hall.
A Dismal Frame of Mind that is Comfortable as it suits me perfectly
For it reflects what is in My Heart.
I am a Machine; Unfeeling and Emotionless.
It's Non-Conformity at its best, making me Soulless.
I Love the Cold, for it keeps me warm.
Yet there is something inside of me, fighting to come to the surface...

Fighting with the strength of ten thousand minions
Scratching and clawing at my soul
Wondering if there will ever be any light that so many have spoken of
Draining me from life’s riches
Running from and to myself for refuge
I want to feel the light on my skin, basking in the greatness of its power...

I Keep Hope around my finger,
To Light my Dark Hours.
This is Illumination in its simplest form;
A Grand Force to be acknowledged by all.
You lit one candle in the Dark Room in My Head,
Showing me the Right Way Out of my Mindset.
The Black Clouds are lifting slowly
As the Light breaks its austere mannerisms,
Shining Brightly and Ushering in Blinding Utopia.

My Utopia is unmatched by the blinding of the darkness
For it is unforeseen by most that light can brighten the darkest of days
Emerging fully reborn from my cocoon
Stretching, reaching towards the powerful force
I don’t look back on what was, but what I am to become in the light
Using the light as my shield to guide me through
I will battle those entities that try and block me
Forcing me to see their wrath
Striking them with blow after blow
As I continue on my journey towards the light

The Darkness in the Light has faded;
A clear cut indicator that together We Made It.
Born anew in this World, the Lit Road is before us.
The Shimmer reflects on our Complexion,
As it Whites Out the Dullness of our Shadows.
I did not forget the Darkness; I am merely casting it aside
To see the Star Light Road that I wish to Ride.
A friend taught me to fight the Dark in order to see the Light,
For I can see a Brighter Future; Mentally and Emotionally Set things Right.
The Route is placed before me, It is now my Call.
Do I walk the Positive Trail, or traverse the Dark Hall?

Questions placed before me with answers already answered
I need not begin to question my path for I know where I need to be
Reveling and learning from the darkness is the only way to see the light clearly
Once you have opened your eyes to truly see, then you have arrived
Remembering and never forgetting
That the light and darkness go hand and hand
And guides us to a better understanding of self

~© 2011 Andrew Boyd~
~© 2011 D. Caprice Todmann~


LeeLee Aint Msbehavin' said...

Bravo Bravo!!!

Thee_Kween said...

You guys did a wonderful job. Light vs. Dark...a daily struggle.

Funny how I'd been meaning to read this and hadn't until AFTER I wrote my piece on light being the truth. Nice work babe...you and Starr rock! ;)

ABoyd378 said...

Thanks, Lee! :-D

ABoyd378 said...

Thank You, Kali! :-D

You are Such a Sweetheart! I'm just grinning from Ear to Ear and Humbled all at once!