Sunday, April 25, 2010

My P.M.S.: Profound Mental Stimulation

DISCLAIMER: These are my Thoughts, Views and Opinions on this Subject Matter. When I am given a Spark, I WILL Write Fire. I may lose you as a follower and/or as a friend. If you are offended by what I have to say, you are more than welcome to stop reading this Note, and hit the "X" on the upper right corner of the screen.

I’m going to keep this short, sweet and straight to the point (Yeah, I know. My stuff tends to run on and on, but I’ll keep this under one page).

“I Enjoy Asking Questions. It Gives Me Insight Into The Minds Of Others. I May Not Get The Answer That I Am Looking For, But At Least I Get An Answer.”

That line is indeed very true when it comes to me. I enjoy seeing and examining the Mental Workings of others with whom I interact with on a regular basis. I often wonder, “HMM! How would you react and respond if I ask this?” I have the Balls to ask (and DAMN PROUD to have them), and I fear no answer as well as no question ( is proof of this statement). Let’s examine, for example, a question I asked almost 2 weeks ago:

“If I Wasn't A "Good Enough Guy" Back When You Knew Me, What Makes Me "Qualifiedly Attractive" And "Good" At This Point In Our Lives? What Makes You Think That You Are Worthy Of Someone Like Myself? Also, If You Didn't See It Then, What Makes You Want It Now?”

I was told that I should have directed this question to those that it was “Specified For.” I Understand where those people are and were coming from. I say, why not have everyone take a crack at it? I put the question out there as a General Question so that everyone can educate me on it.

Now, I know a lot of you out there were looking at this question and was wondering if I was speaking about you. Honestly, If I was, I would have put your name on Broad Street and more than likely got reamed as well as getting called 10 types of Arrogant MotherFucker and whatnot. I put that question out there because I am comfortable within myself to Need to hear your response to that Inquiry. If I can be Honest within myself to accept that I Need to hear the Truth, then in my mind, You should be Honest within yourself to be able to answer this and many other SEEMINGLY Difficult questions.

My logic is simply this: Look Deep within Yourself, and the toughest questions can be the easiest questions. Also, if you cannot be Honest within yourself, how do you expect to be Honest with others? (OOPS!!! I put a question into my Logic! But, wouldn’t that be a logically questionable statement?)

Bottom Line is this: The more questions you ask people as well as yourself, the more likely you will be Enlightened, and the more likely you will be THAT Much More Knowledgable of Yourself and your Peers.

~© 2010 Andrew Boyd~

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