Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Once A Year Event...

I am opening the floor To You, The People, to ask me ANYTHING YOU WANT.

Yes, You heard me right: ANYTHING.

This is you Opportunity to get me to Blush with Any Question(s) You Have for Me.


NO Limit To The Quantity of Questions.

I said it before, and I will continue to say it until my Time Expires Here:

"I Fear No Question."


Da_Kween said...

What is your ultimate passion...the thing that if you'd turn it into profit?


what qualifications would your ideal lady carry?

ABoyd378 said...

@ Da Kween: My Greatest Passion is Writing. I Love doing alot of it, and It is very Therapeutic for me. If I could (And I just might), I would have Books published with my Blogs and Poems. That would be such a Surreal Feeling and Monumental Achievement!

ABoyd378 said...

@ LykeBudda:

The Qualifications of My Ideal Woman...

Single, Firstly.

Generous, Courteous, Compassionate, Patient, Ambitious, Motivated are a great start.

When it comes down to it: Loyalty, Faithfulness, Trustworthy, Truthful, Strong Minded, Strong Willed, Open and Honest. Someone who can Accept me for Me, with every Strength and Flaw within my being as I would do the same With and For Her.

mercivelli said...

If you hit the lottery. What is the first(3) things you would buy?

ABoyd378 said...

@ Mercivelli:

1. Any and all Finances will be Paid Off In Full.
2. A New Home For My Parents (They are SOOO Deserving of something Bigger).
3. Investments into Solid And Sound Shares to not have Riches, But a Legacy we call Wealth.

Anonymous said...

top 5 favorite songs of all time?
-Randy M.

Caprice Starbrite said...

You were asked this question before, so I'm going to ask this again because it's a new year (of course this question is one of many, but I'll go slowly-LOL)...

Do you have any crushes?

Caprice Starbrite said...

You were asked the ideal qualifications you find in a woman, but what is the ONE most important thing she must possess to get your initial attention and keep you coming back for more?

ABoyd378 said...

@ Caprice:

Fir your first question, Yes I do. I have a little more Crushes than last year, because I am seeing people more clearly now. Personal Growth is a Very helpful Tool to see who are the ones that are Worthy of my Crushing on them.

The above answer coincides with your second question, the KEY Element a Woman MUST possess. The most Important Quality that is an ABSOLUTE MUST for me would be the Ability to capture my Mind. If the young lady can Successfully Stimulate my Mind just as strongly as my Loins, she has a REAL SHOT with Me.

Caprice Starbrite said...

You say and I quote...'If I could (And I just might), I would have Books published with my Blogs and Poems. That would be such a Surreal Feeling and Monumental Achievement!'

As everyone tells me about my singing, What are you waiting for? What's the hold up? (I guess that's a two part question-LOL)

Caprice Starbrite said...

Would you be able to name your crushes without possible repercussions occuring?

ABoyd378 said...

To Be Honest about Questions 1 & 2, the answer is the same. I would like to find a Trustworthy Publicist where my writings and Art are safe and aren't going to be stolen by said Publicist, which is also why I have my items in the process of being Copyrighted. To prevent my Art from being stolen (And I am ETERNALLY GRATEFUL for the Advice from everyone).

Naming my Crushes? Yes I can. As far as Repercussions, I am not worried about repercussions towards me. If I name said Crushes and they Attempt to use that knowledge for their Ulterior Motives, I can Assure and Guarantee that they will know about themselves and my Crushing for them WILL be Gone and a Friendship in Jeopardy.

Caprice Starbrite said...

What do you mean by, you guarantee that they will know about themselves? That if, they didn't feel the same way then there wouldn't be a friendship because they wouldn't know how to act in your presence?

ABoyd378 said...

I had a Crush on Someone a LONG TIME AGO. I told her I had a little crush on her, and she used it to fuel her Ulterior Motives. Needless to say, I told her about herself (Meaning that I let her know that I didn't appreciate what she was doing with my Emotional State towards her and how she handled how I was feeling), and she was cut from my Life.

No argument with your 2nd part. A True Friend would know that if I am crushing on them, they wouldn't use that information in a way that would cause hurt to myself or herself because of said feelings.

Caprice Starbrite said...

I can't feel you on that!

Next question...(very tame)...who are your top 5 favorite authors and books?

ABoyd378 said...

Stephen King
Shel Silverstein
Mick Foley
Dr. Seuss

Oh The Places You'll Go
The Missing Piece
Mick Foley's Autobiography
Fox in Socks
Storm of the Century

Da_Kween said...

Ms. Caprice just went IN! LOL Thanks for answering my question. Cool...I pray you pull it off. :)

*reading and stuff*

ABoyd378 said...

top 5 favorite songs of all time?
-Randy M.

I cannot believe I missed this Question! My fault, Randy.

1. "I Can Make You Dance" Zapp and Roger
2. "Never Gonna Give You Up" Rick Astley
3. "We Made It" Busta Rhymes & Linkin Park
4."Dance With Me" Snoop Dogg
5. "Arrival to Earth" Steve Jablonsky