Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Public Service Announcemet: It NEVER Ceases to Amaze Me...

I woke up this morning to a surprising inbox from someone who was in my past, and once considered an acquaintance.

It started out simple enough: exchange of pleasantries, concern of my receiving of her message, and contemplation of if I was going to respond to the message. I responded back, thinking that there was an anticipation of a Clean Slate as well as Personal Growth on both of our ends as far as not communicating for 4 years due to certain circumstances (which'll be explained soon). What followed from there is what I would classify as "Bizarre Behavior":

*Click the Pictures to see the Full Size Version of the Conversation. Name and picture has been covered to protect this person's identity; I still have A LITTLE Integrity to care about that...*

At this point, (and given previous experiences and history with this person), I can safely say that ANY attempts on her end to befriend me will NOT be welcome. I am far from interested from contacting her and/or looking to have tea and biscuits as we discuss the news of the World and Life overall.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am going to say something that may not sit well with many. At the same time, I know me, and am comfortable saying this:

I may be Dumb, but I am NOT Stupid.

There are several things in Life in which I am dumb; no problem with acknowledging this fact. I have missed cues of all kinds when it came to key points that could have very well turned the tide in my favor. And for that and from those experiences, I learned and grew (and STILL growing).

I am, also, FAR from Stupid. Whatever the reason for her "reaching out" to me is concerned, she should have kept her distance. There have been a few instances where people have "reached out" to me, only to further their own agenda (NO: this is Not a Conspiracy Theory conversation. This is a Personal Experience of mine and you JUST MIGHT learn something conversation).

I smelled an Agenda on the horizon in this morning's exchange. Not sure what it is/was: MAYBE, looking for a rekindling of acquaintanceship which could lead into something more (Been There Done That on more than one occasion), or to see what my "situation" is currently and go from there (Been There, Done That on more than one occasion), or she was REALLY trying to be sincere and genuine in her reaching out to me ( Been There, Done That on more than one occasion).

Whatever the case, I gave communication with her a try, and the above was the end result.

I find it amazing that some people in general try to act as if things in the past did not happen and attempt (MISERABLY) to act as if the past actions never happened.

A little truth as far as me and this individual:

The last time that we conversed, she received an email from a Nigerian Scammer. She asked me to read the email that she received from this person and give her my Honest Opinion.

Now you all KNOW that I was going to be straight with her, just as much as I would be with you all. So I told her that this person was a Nigerian Scammer and to cease all communications with him (short summary: he (at the time) was "in the military", traveling between the U.S. and Nigeria in order to take care of his sick mother, which is BULLSHIT to me. Even the email that I read was pure bullshit; NOT ONCE mentioning her name. Calling her "my love", "honey", "baby", "sweetheart", etc.). Her response?

To the best of my recollection, citing that this was back in December 2009, she pretty much blasted me for not being happy for her about "finding Love" overseas, COMPLETELY oblivious to my warnings and advisement of not interacting with this person. NEVER MIND that I had her best interest at heart and going into Protect Mode when I smelled the rampant bullshit (as I would with ANY of you on this topic).

Bearing witness to her sheer ignorance, I made the decision to stop communicating with her. January 2010, she reached out; the "relationship" fell through, he WAS in fact a Scammer asking for money from her; money that she did not have (YES: I CAN say that). She couldn't humble herself to where she could admit fault and take responsibility for her actions. She gave a quasi-apology; not REALLY saying that she was wrong, and offering a half-baked, half-assed acknowledgment of the actions that occurred.

My philosophy on this and other matters is simple:

Admit your wrongs, learn, and grow. If someone has/had your best interest at heart, appreciate and respect their concerns without the bullshit coming out of your mouth along the lines of, "I know more than you, and you are wrong!". That person that you dismissed, will most likely be the same one you will crawl back to when things in your life go straight to Hell and you have no ice water on hand.

~© 2013 Andrew Boyd~


No Labels said...

Well, you're doing the right thing in that regard. I have a feeling she was up to something and was trying to get back in your good graces.

ABoyd378 said...

Thank You, No Labels.

My gut has NEVER been wrong, and that day was No Exception. It just didn't feel right, and my skin was crawling...

fuzzyHalo said...

I don't know if she was up to something sinister...Sounded like she was trying to say hey, but I don't know here well, that's just what I see right there...I doubt if she will be calling on you again though...Seems as if she found that you still had that lovely feeling she remembered.

ABoyd378 said...


Yeah, seems that way...