Wednesday, October 24, 2012


*Tapping The Microphone and Lightly Clearing My Throat*

Good Day, Ladies and Gentlemen. I come to You All with one of The Most Passionate Blogs I will ever Write.

Very Rarely do I get Political in the Social Media Realm (Please Ignore the Posts about Mitt Romney's "Binders Full of Women" on my Facebook Wall, which I STILL Find Hilarious; DESPITE My Knowledge of what Governor Romney Truly Meant and what he Truly Meant to Say), yet I feel that there are a few things that I MUST Say during the last few short weeks before The 2012 Election between Governor Mitt Romney , and The Former Senator from Illinois/Current President Barack Obama .

*Please Note: I will be As Fair and Impartial As Possible*

Both of these men have Debated and are Debating Feverishly and Passionately in regards to their stance on a multitude of topics, BOTH Foreign and Domestic. Education, Women's Rights and Health, The Economy, Employment, Foreign Affairs, and War to name a few. They both Believe what they are Selling to the American People as far as their Policies and Ideas for a Stronger, Brighter, and More Powerful United States of America. I listened carefully and intently to their words and emotions as they attempt to convince We, The People. I watched their body language as they Differed in Opinions in regards to what the other was speaking. The tension between these two men was SO THICK, I Thought that I was about to cut into the Most Prime Cut of Porterhouse Steak (With A-1 Steak Sauce, a Baked Sweet Potato with Sugar and Butter, and Broccoli Medley)! I got excited when I heard Words of Encouragement Spoken, and I became confused when Questions were dodged like Bullets in the First Installment of "The Matrix".

On A Personal Note, Thank You Governor Mitt Romney and Mr. President Barack Obama for Showing Me Who You Are and What You Are All About. My Choice is Crystal Clear, and I Know Now Where My Loyalties Lie in This Crucial Election.


There is A LOT on the Line; More than what ANY OF US Could Ever Fathom. The VERY FATE of Our Nation (Which is, In ALL Actuality, The Native Americans' Nation; TANGENT, My Apologies...) Hangs in the Balance. The Extreme and Risky Views of One, going up against The Passionate and Compassionate Views of Another. Many will say that a Vote for Mitt Romney is a Vote Against Women. Many will say that A Vote for President Barack Obama is a Vote Against America. Our Nation is Divided even more than before! We, The People...

No. We, THE UNITED STATES FAMILY Must Choose Who WE Feel, Trust, AND Believe is Best Qualified, is Best Equipped, AND is Best Suited For The Position of Being The President of the United States of America, The Commander-In-Chief, The Head Honcho, etc.

I am not the first person to express How Important this Election is, (Just like The Elections of Old), and I WILL NOT Be The Last; I Can AND Will Guarantee You All that!

My Message is Clear, and My Message is Simple:

No matter who you Stand With, Go Out and Vote.

No matter the Color of the Skin of the Person, Go Out and Vote.

Even if you DO NOT Agree with Either Gentleman's Policies, Trust Your Gut, and Go Out and Vote.

NO MATTER WHAT, Go Out and Vote.

The Issue of Voter Fraud/Voter Intimidation/Voter Suppression is sickening to the point to where Words CANNOT Describe the Disgusting Deeds. With this going on, Certain Groups (*COUGH COUGH!!* GOP *COUGH COUGH!!*) would Love NOTHING MORE than to Keep Honest AND Registered Voters Away from the Polls.

Seriously? REALLY? Come On, Man!!! You Guys are WAY Better than That (GOD WILLING), and Do NOT get me Started on these Rape Snippets from The Delusionals... *SMDH*

To that I say, Go Out and Vote. Show those Bastards that You ARE NEVER Scared to Exercise Your Right, Your Privilege, YOUR FREEDOM To Vote!!!

For the Ones that are Choosing NOT To Vote this Cycle, THEN Complain about How the Country is going due to the person that is in Office, I have this Message for All of You:

#RealTalk and #RealShit. Know Your Role, and VOTE!!!

Bottom Line, Ladies and Gentlemen...

My Name is Andrew Boyd. I Wrote AND I Approve This Message!!


~© 2012 Andrew Boyd~