Sunday, August 26, 2012

A Few Words On The Art of Complimenting

*This Write is RAW Emotion: I am feeling what I am feeling and just simply putting it down. It is My Therapy, Bottom Line.*

"May You Live Forever..."

There is something about the above remark that tickles me to the core. The Delivery, The Sentimental Value, The Sentiment as a Whole.

In the Movie "300," Good Ol' King Leonidas (Played by Gerard Butler, pictured above) spoke these words to the Traitorous Ephialtes before His Highness and the Spartan Warriors met their demise at the hands of the Self Proclaimed God King Xerxes and the Persian Army with which Xerxes commanded (If you have not seen the movie, I sincerely apologize for the spoiler).

To say "May You Live Forever" to a Spartan, is to Curse them, for the Ultimate Goal of a Spartan Warrior is to Die during the Glory of Battle. To speak these words to a Spartan is not just only a Curse, it is also an insult. If a Spartan was to speak these words to another Spartan, it is to wish them to Live Forever with the Guilt AND Shame of Betraying the Spartans that they swore to fight alongside.

I am certain that a few people have misinterpreted those words when they were said in the movie; I know that I have. When I discovered the TRUE MEANING when I purchased the Limited Edition Collector's DVD Box Set with the Sweet Extras, I became enlightened and I learned a new type of Compliment:

The Backhanded Compliment.

A backhanded compliment is considered a genteel or polite way of expressing disdain. More commonly, it is an Insult DISGUISED as a Compliment.

Another Perfect Example is seen in the 2009 Version of "Star Trek", where Spock showed disdain towards the Vulcan Council President after he was told of his "Disadvantage"; his being Half-Human due to being born to a human mother. Due to his hearing this from the Vulcan Council President, Spock said with a tinge of "Go-To-Hell-Itis" in his tone: "Live Long and Prosper!"

Now, Why am I speaking about Backhanded Compliments?

The Simple Reason would be that I have heard plenty of them, and those words spoken has, have, and had been misconstrued and misinterpreted by many people that did not catch them (Myself Included).

The Truth of my writing on this topic is, there are a Select Set of People that are MORE than Deserving of catching a series of Backhanded Compliments from me.
Due to specific and recent events that have correlation to myself and those that are close to me, said Set of People believe that they are "Alphas of an Elite Group of People" that, in truth, have Nothing going for them in their Lives and they thrive on nothing but Gossip and Nonsense. To see these venomous individuals act and speak in the manner with which they are, from what I am observing as their speaking in this manner is recognized amongst them as "Accustomed to" (READ: They do not much care for Sympathy let alone Compassion for their fellow Man AND Woman), I find it very intriguing as to how they are able as well as capable of living with themselves in doing the things that they are doing.

Seems like there is a such thing as "Soullessness"...

I can go the usual way and say that Karma will bend them over and Fuck them for a Month of Sundays with No Lube, No Kissing, No Hugging, No Dinner Date and Drinks afterwards.

I will leave that up to Karma to handle; that would be best and it would please me.

Instead, my dear Readers, to those So-Called Acquaintances, I say the following:

-May they Live Forever,
-May they all Live Long and Prosper,
-May their Lives offer them Smooth Sailing during their Travels and Journeys,
-I Wish them Nothing Short of the Best,
-I Greatly Appreciate Who AND What they are and were to and for Me,
-Luck WILL be on their Side during many of their Difficult Times,
-I am truly Happy to see them in the Light with which they bathe themselves, and
-Best of Luck to each and every one of them.

Thank You Alphas: Your Generous and often available Insight will always be a Constant Reminder of what we shared during many ocassions. It will serve me very well as the days roll onward and continue to shape and mold me into the person that I am today.

~© 2012 Andrew Boyd~