Sunday, June 20, 2010

New York, New York...

I can see how their merchandising gets the Respect that it earned as well as deserves.
I can see it in the way that this city is Aggressive and a Go-Getter.
I Love New York.
The Big City with an even Bigger Lifeline.
Passionate, Beautiful and Vibrant at every turn.
A Power House that shouldn't be upsetted by anything.
An Excellent and Exalted Metropolis that I take Personal Pleasure in seeing, experiencing and visiting often.
I left my heart in San Francisco? HELL NO!! It's in New York!!

And I have my dear girl friends to prove it!! Such a Lively and Energetic group of Ladies with whom I Love to my very Core because they personify what Women and Ladies are.


I saw some Bullshit Fuckery that PISSED ME OFF TO NO END!!! And oddly enough, it seems that a few of my girl friends informed me that this behavior is the norm in their great city. And I'll start with a question:

"What the FUCK is with you Men of New York?!"

I'm talking about the Non-Chivalrous, can't hold the door, REFUSING to get up for a young lady to sit down on a crowded train or bus ASSHOLES!! These individuals are lucky that I didn't pack any gloves (INSIDER) and proceeded to Pimp Slap the teeth out of their mouths!

You know something, Ladies and Gentlemen? I stand for non violence like Dr. King. But DAMMIT, I was about to step out of character this weekend, and it was right after I got off the Greyhound Bus when I entered the Port Authority!!!

I Saw these Alleged "Men" not engage in the following:

-Holding the door for the ladies so they can walk through
-Standing up for the ladies to sit down from a hard day's work, which they would have appreciated and been reminded that there are DECENT Men in the city, if not the World
-Stimulating conversation that would have broaden their horizons as far as getting to know a young lady better (KEY ITEM FOR THE SINGLE GUYS)
-Excuse themselves for bumping into a young lady as they were going to their destination (Esp. when she is holding a child's hand or holding bags, whick irks the FUCK out of me).

I can provide examples as far as how a MAN should act.

When I went to NY in March and met with Joy and Kali, I made it a point to hold doors, have them sit before I sat, sat on the outermost seat (Where if a server were to spill something, it would hit me and not them), walked on the curbside (in case a driver was feeling overzealous that day), had them get into the cab before I did (despite their insisting that I sit in the middle of the cab), and most of all, BE COURTEOUS AND RESPECTFUL OF THEIR PRESENCE.

This past weekend, I held the door for Caprice, went to the Shrine and stood up as the ladies went to sit down, THEN I sat down. When N'Tirzah was at the table in which we were occupying, I got up, and escorted N'Tirzah to my seat and I stood up for the majority of the evening (Even if I was taking 400+ pics, it was still the point that I was Man Enough to stand my narrow ass up, just so a young lady could sit down and rest).

I am not looking for Brownie Points, plain and simple. I am Old School, Old Fashioned, was and still am being Raised Right. The way that I acted, is a Prime Example as to how Men all over SHOULD be acting. I saw Caprice's point when we spoke on this:

Me: "I can see why the women here do not Respect the Men here."
Caprice: "Yeah. They are going out of the city to find a Man."
Me: "Hi! I'm Andrew. Nice to meet you! How are you?"


"Men" (And I use that word LOOSELY) of New York:

Step your game up, and reclaim your Masculinity and the Role in which was bestowed upon you when you were born and being raised. Don't make up the pathetic excuses of "My Father wasn't there! I had no Role Models! I don't know any better!"

Read My Lips: FUCK YOU.

You had positive Role Models; You chose that your way was the Right Way, and that is why you are fucked up now and cannot find and sustain a healthy relationship with a GOOD WOMAN.

And YES!! I CAN SAY THAT SHIT!!! I know what a Man looks like in Public as well as in Private and I know FOR A FACT how they act, because...

I was raised by one, and taught by many.


Caprice Starbrite said...

You are an upstanding gentlemen in all forms of the word, but remember, don't be TOO overbearing in your quest of being a gentlemen! Especially to a woman who is independent! You must keep balance of a gentlemen...

ABoyd378 said...


You gave me something to think about. Thank You. :-)