Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Dark Knight(s) is/are Rising (No: NOT Batman and Robin)

As I said hours before the Government ShutDown in my Facebook Status, ""If the Government Shutdown occurs, IT DOES NOT MATTER if you are Red or Blue. If the Government Shutdown occurs, we were let down."

Heading into Day Nine of the Shutdown, I watched a little bit of Headline News, and they spoke on a Neiman Marcus gift that is popular for Christmas: a $1.85M Diamond Experience. In short:

"At $1.85 million, the ‘‘diamond experience’’ is this year’s most expensive fantasy gift. For that sum, the buyer gets a 25-carat rough diamond from which to make a personalized ring with the help of jewelry designer Maria Canale. The package includes a trip to De Beers’ headquarters in London and to Africa to trace the stone’s origins."

Reading, thinking, and listening about this reminds me of Bane's Blackgate Prison Speech in the movie "The Dark Knight Rises":


As you saw and heard, A LOT of shit has gone down in those four plus minutes.

I truly feel that if the state of this Nation were to continue on the course that is being traveled, an Uprising WILL happen. Bane's words as to what he has foreseen and has come to fruition in the movie will come to life in Real Life.

I personally feel (READ: MY OPINION AND MINE ALONE), that those involved in the writing/making/production of "The Dark Knight Rises" captured the sad state of affairs in this Nation perfectly. People are not happy with those in position of power (albeit their voting or lack of voting put said people into said positions), and they are sick, tired, and fed up. It is an Absolute Wonder that NO ONE has come out of the Darkness and begun implementing the very things that Bane has implemented in the movie.

Perhaps, they are picking their spots and opportunities...

Also, let's call a Spade a Spade Ladies and Gentlemen:

The ShutDown is ALL BECAUSE of The (Bi-Racial) President of the United States is TRYING to give the Citizens of said United States something that other Countries/Nations are giving their People: Universal Health Care (UHC). In said UHC, it isn't about the President TRYING to give UHC to the Nation, it is about the COLOR of the President's skin and how Congress has a BIG Problem with said color of the President. I would Respect those who are holding up progress SO MUCH MORE if the say that they have a problem with an N-Word President TRYING to do his job: Protect the Best Interest of the Citizens of this Nation, and do what is Best Overall.

Let's be VERY REAL. That is how they see Mr. President Barack Obama, yet they are too scared to say it because they will be outcasts to those who hold the Most Power in this Nation: US.

The 99.9999999%, held hostage by The 0.0000001% (YES: I did The Math)...

Dated June 28, 2012, Here's a Map of the Countries That Provide Universal Health Care (America's Still Not on It).

I have noticed that when the 2012 Election, people were crying about how they were going to run to Canada to get away from ObamaCare.

We (MEANING They) forget, Canada IS on the List for Places with UHC, Same-Sex Marriage, and Legalized Marijuana (another blog for another day).

At the End of the Day, ObamaCare (The Affordable Care Acct) is Law; The Republicans are 0-44 in trying to repeal the ACA. It has been implemented, Mr. President Barack Obama's Legacy is going to be cemented/sealed with his Vision of Health Care for all whether Congress or a group of disbelieving individuals like it or not.

I have two items (in closing) that  I would like You All to ponder:

-A Happy worker is a Busy  Worker.
-A Healthy worker is an Efficient Worker.

If you are concerned about your OVERALL Bottom Line, be concerned for the Well-Being of your workers who are hauling in YOUR Bottom Line.

Otherwise, The Dark Knight(s) WILL Rise.

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