Monday, September 12, 2011

Two Faced (A Caprice StarBRITE and Phoenix, The ReBorn Duet)

A Demon lurks within Me; seeking a way out.
Feeling my True Form making its attempt to Surface,
My Eyes are like my Soul: Lifeless and Cold.
My Warm Exterior is adding more disgust to my Icy Interior,
To a point where I am prepared to do plenty of harm
To myself and those around me.
I have been Battle Tested and Scarred,
As My Gaze tells the Draining Story of Corruption and Deception.
My weathered consciousness is weighing me down daily,
For I know not what will be my Fate...

My fate lies in the hands of an unknown entity that I wish not to know
Yet I see the satisfaction at the reflection before me
Eyes stained red with the power I’m afraid to conquer
Yet at peace with who I really am
Could this be who I really am?
Feeling the blood course through my veins
My screams echo for only my ears to hear
Fighting within myself to stay true
But finding refuge within the darkness of myself
Anguish fills my soul as I continue to battle for that last drop of sanity

My outward Sanity binds and contains my inner Insanity,
As I try my hardest to not unleash the Havoc and Hell within.
A World unworthy of my Smile and Beaming Happiness;
I keep a strong grip on My Reality before it leaves its mark.
I am a far cry from a Fractured Fairy Tale,
And no where near a Shattered Dream.
Who I am, is the Raw and Real:
Damaged beyond Repair, yet seeking a Human Mechanic
To help me re-work my Internal and Mental Plumbing
So that I may have some Grounds of Configuration.
In having this, I can only Hope that I can be realigned.
Otherwise, there is No Possible Way of obtaining Liberation.

My realignment is conformed to fit my own precedence
Forming and constructing all the parts that bind me
Swimming relentlessly in unknown waters of my own melancholy
I drown in chameleon-like appearance as my sanity questions my existence
Trying to control the inner alter that has me cloaked
I remember that…all that is me…IS
But I fearfully lock away the creature that is ME
To save the world from its demonic torture that no one should endure
Standing faulty…almost broken…I firmly believe…that
I will not rest in slumber until the alter of ME is at peace

~© 2011 Andrew Boyd~
~© 2011 D. Caprice Todmann~

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